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Winter is here, and the temperature is greatly reduced. In addition to keeping warmth on the body, we also transition from single shoes to cotton shoes. For children, the environment of winter is relatively special, and long -term low temperature will inevitably affect health and development. Therefore, helping children do a good job of keeping warm, which has become what parents must do after winter.

The baby’s early cycle ability is not so strong. In order to ensure the warmth of the feet, parents will put cotton shoes for their babies. However, not any kind of cotton shoes are suitable for the baby to wear. Warmness will inevitably affect development and health.

4 kinds of cotton shoes are “blacklist”, many parents pile up for their children, don’t let the baby wear


Second -hand cotton shoes

I believe that every parent has experienced the situation of second -hand clothes and shoes from relatives. Although it is very money to wear second -hand, it is not distressed, but this kind of shoes worn by others will inevitably affect children’s development. You know, each child’s walking habits are not the same. There are differences in the degree of wear of shoes. If the wear does not meet the child’s habit, it will affect walking and leg development. In addition, cotton shoes have a certain thickness. After wearing it once, it will inevitably leave some traces inside the shoes to make the warm material of the shoes affect the warmth effect. Not wearing it.


High -top cotton shoes

Parents will choose this type of shoes, mainly for high shoes. The shoes are relatively high, and they can keep warm and protect the ankle. When they encounter windy weather in winter, the high shoe gangs can use the ankle to the ankle. Protect to avoid cold air irrigation. However, there is a certain danger of this kind of shoes. If the shoe is too high, it will cause restraints on the child’s ankle. If the foot movement cannot be carried out normally, it is inevitable that the stomach or even falls during the walking process, which will easily cause the child to hurt.


Pine cake cotton shoes

The pine cake shoes are still more popular in recent years. It is characterized by a thicker sole. While helping people’s invisible increase, it can also reduce the negative impact of rain and snow weather. However, this kind of shoes is not suitable for children to wear, and the soles are too high, which will affect children’s mastery of balance. The younger child does not have a good balance in itself. In addition, wearing loose cake shoes like stilts will inevitably fall and be injured because of unstable standing.


snow boots


This kind of shoe is a cold -resistant artifact in the eyes of the northerners. It looks good, warm and convenient. Any style of winter clothing can be matched. Many adults are worn, but the only deficiency is that it is not suitable for children to wear. The internal structure of snow boots is relatively large. Because it is full of warm material inside, it is heavier than ordinary shoes. Children wearing such shoes for a long time will affect lower limb activities. Change and even affect leg development.


Not all shoes are suitable for children, especially in winter cotton shoes. It is recommended that parents choose their children’s health and development when they buy cotton shoes for their children. Meet the child’s physical needs. Don’t let your children wear old shoes of others. Only shoes suitable for feet can promote physical development.


Parents, have you bought these shoes for your children? Some of the family should pay attention.

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