“The toothache is not ill, hurts and really

In fact, the pain is only a problem with the problem of teeth, the teeth color, gum bleeding, and the teeth cleaning are related to the health of the teeth. In addition to daily brushing, we should pay more attention to the depth of the teeth. As a brand in China, the brands entering the oral care field, Bo Hao has always escorted with deep cleaning tooth and effective gum health efficiency. In recent years, Bo Hao combines the needs of Chinese people, optimizing the product experience, and creates more

Fitty for Chinese

F30 mini intelligent screen


LED display size is small and lighter

Unlike the dupidaver on the market, Bohi F30 mini dummy has increased

LED display, full visual operation

You can display power, four cleaning modes, 1-10 custom gear display, no longer push the teeth.

New products have

正畸好物:博皓F30 Mini智能屏冲牙器测评

珐琅, cherry blossom powder, quiet green

Three color colors, weight only 222g, smaller than the iPhone 13 PRO, girls can operate in one hand, or put it into the bag, convenient to carry. Unique

200ml telescopic tank

, Small volume seconds becomes large, and the oral cleaning can be satisfied once.

Water tank removable

Do not accumulate more sanitary. Details,

Water injection port

It can store standard water spray, unique dust cap design, convenient to use.

正畸好物:博皓F30 Mini智能屏冲牙器测评

1400 times / minute high-frequency pulse + 360 ° rotatable nozzle teeth cleans net no dead angle

正畸好物:博皓F30 Mini智能屏冲牙器测评

Don’t look at it is small, but the dresses are very strong.

正畸好物:博皓F30 Mini智能屏冲牙器测评

0.6mm focus water column with 1400 times / minute high-frequency pulse

It can deeply clean the residue and plaque, the gums, and the teeth, such as the mysterious part, and the cleaning force, and the teeth are deep into the black technology products.

正畸好物:博皓F30 Mini智能屏冲牙器测评

Cleaning the interior of the gums,

New U-shaped nozzle bond, 360 ° rotatable nozzle

It can easily clean the inner part of the teeth and completely no residue. For friends who correct the teeth, you can choose a orthodontic nozzle, which has a good effect on the cleaning toast hoop. In addition, standard nozzles, tongue scraping nozzles, tooth week nozzles to meet general teeth clean, tongue cleaning, and teeth, cleaning needs,

Four cleaning modes (gentle, clean, dot, customized)

With the 10th file adjustable water pressure, the oral cleaning habit of different people has solved the full-family cavity cleaning needs, and the pregnant women and the elderly people who are equally applicable to sensitive groups.

正畸好物:博皓F30 Mini智能屏冲牙器测评

3 seconds gradually difficult to bleeding, novice easy

Boho F30 mini smart screen Chong teeth made a new upgrade in the experience experience,

Power on 3 seconds, water pressure from weak

, Comfortable is not easy to bleed, suitable for sensitive people in gums, is also suitable for friends who initially use the twin. Ten the essence of 10x concentrated fragrance, remove the mouth, and lasting.

Bohi F30 mini smart screen uses USB charging,

4 hours fast charge, 90 days

Thanks to the small and lightweight design, the long life is convenient for business trips.

Bo Hao is in the field of oral health for 15 years. In general, this dummy is small and portable, with a smart display screen function, which can display power, mode, gear in real time, and use more convenient to use. Its revolutionary increases the black technology custom model that adjusts 10-speed water pressure. This feature has broken the boundary of the portable fluteter, so that more stomatological sensitive elderly, pregnant women, children can also use, let The twin is more nationalized.

New product listing, now enjoy

The discount is 319-70 yuan, after the coupon to 279 yuan, send a 79 yuan mouth cleaning kit,

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