Characteristics of casseroles. Cassess is burned by materials such as clay and fine sand, larger than the soup, with a pot. The casserole has acid, alkali, and slow-heat-dissipating, especially suitable for use in cold. The casserole set cooking utensils and tableware can be used to make vegetables, can also come to a dish, a piece of a piece is directly on the table, which is convenient and practical.

Casserolement should take precautions. Casserole is due to clay soil, improper use is easy to damage, may also result in personal accidents, so you must pay attention to the following points before use.

For the new casserole, brush it over again with a brush, and put it for 5 minutes, then clean it. You can cook a water or a porridge, which can block the tiny pores of the casserole to prevent water.

When making a soup stew with a casserole, the casserole must be put on the water, and then put the casserole on the fire, and then the fire will be fired. In the stew process, the soup in the pot is hore, should add hot water or warm water, avoid adding cold water to prevent casserole frying.

The casserole is crispy, and it is easy to use. The casserole that just left fire is preferably placed on a dry wooden mat, a wooden desktop or placed on a iron frame. Do not put a wetland of water, on the cement floor, otherwise the temperature inside and outside the casserole will cause the casserole to fry.

The casserole is special, and after using the casserole, after the casserole is completely cooled, then clean it, do not use the cleaning agent to soak, clean the good casserole, etc., then put together and put together, wait for the next use.

Casserolement is over. Don’t forget to add a attention.