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Yueyang Daily Full Media (Peng Zhan) Balling Polyamide Co., Ltd. After the Irradiation Polyamide Device 90 Process Technicians Peng Si Ni, the Preparation of Polyamide 6-Polyether Elastomide and Its Application in Nylon 6 Combination “Research on the topic, for the problem encountered in the application process of nylon 6 products, using the” one-step “successfully prepared a polyamide 6-polyether amine elastomer with nylon 6, significantly improved processing performance, solving downstream The demand for modified customers has good application prospects in the nylon 6 blending field, which can produce terminal products such as lampshade, base, bearings, gears, seals.

On December 2, Peng Ji Ni released the above research results in the finals of the Ninth Youth Science and Technology Paper Competition in Baling, won the first prize. 10 youth scientific research and technicians with her, issued special scientific papers, show new results of company youth scientific and technological innovation.

To carry out young scientific papers competition, it is one of the specific measures of Baling Petrochemical implementation talent strong enterprises, build an innovation platform, and motivate youth scientific research technicians to participate in the specific measures of scientific and technological innovation. At present, the company has launched this event in 9 consecutive years, and the accumulated collection of the theory is connected to more than 530 papers, and 10 will be released each year. This final release paper, screening from 63 patersessions.

Xu Yuxia, the company’s resin-based epoxy resin, and team members launched the “Development and Application of Carbon Fiber Replenishing Plates”, and developed the epoxy resin system for carbon fiber replenishing plates. Carbon fiber replenishment plates produce two composite sheets that meet national standards. The application results show that the system has low viscosity at normal temperature, long-term curing speed, is fast, suitable for fast pultrusion formation, excellent overall mechanical properties, satisfying carbon fiber replenishment plate performance requirements, can be used for large span structure Strengthening, plate-resistant reinforcement, reinforced concrete bridge reinforcement and other projects. She released this topic of the project, and also took another first prize in this Youth Science and Technology Paper Competition.

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