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“Double 11” shopping carnival After a curtain, “Double 12” immediately wants to activate everyone’s shopping desire.

Many people say that after each online shopping carnival season, in addition to receiving countless express packages, those packaging cartons used to install express will be piled up in the hill, throwing a pity, take it to sell it. It has to make a certain amount, so it can only be stored at home, and it feels quite a place, but also wasted.


Recently, readers said in the Hours of the Het News Backstest, in SF Express, I saw a very special new express box, no tape packaging, through magic stickers, can also be reused.

What baby is this?

Today (November 28th), the hour journalist took everyone to meet.

Express circulation box “π-box”, 10 seconds can be assembled, the load-bearing capacity is better than the carton

In the SF Express Phoenix, the way of business, the early morning, the express brother is busy in the outlet.

Everyone is busy packaging the express mail, which except for the traditional paper packaging box, there are still many silver-gray boxes, which is the new express delivery box.

The little brothers are proficiently folded with a silver gray folding board, 2 steps fold, 4 steps … less than 10 seconds, a box of approximately computer host boxes appear in front of you.

The hourly journalist learned that this courier is also a special name called the express circulation box “π-box”.


“Π-box” also has a size.

For example, a little “S” number, size is 25 * 20 * 15cm, which can be used to install some small electronic equipment, books and other items. “No. 5” box belongs to the slightly large model, the size is 40 * 30 * 20cm, this size, and the insulation box of the rear seat of the takeaway brother electric car, used to install some fruit, head A slightly large gift and other express, it is not there.


“When this box is unfold, it is not a space, and it is also very convenient to assemble, and all use magic stickers, there is no need for tape, very environmentally friendly.” Shunfeng Express Phoenix will be responsible for Zhang Li said.

It is understood that “π-box” has been put into use for about 3 months in Fengqi Road business, and more customers choose more.

“When customers come to send delivery, we will recommend them to them, and we also have packaging in the front desk. Many people will be curious, and they will try to use this box after I have asked.”

Zhang Li said that the average number of users in their outlets has 30, and when there are more than five or sixty, “almost a third of the total, and the remaining two-thirds of customers will still choose a carton.”


Do you have any requirements for sending express delivery using “π-box”?


Zhang Li said that the basic carton can be sent, “π-box” can, and the load capacity is better than the carton. “So far, our outlets have not received a complaint using this box. There is a situation in which things are damaged. A lot of customers will continue to choose.”

“Π-box” can be used to recycle more than 70 times, how do you reclaim? What if the courier is going to put the courier and collection point?


Many people are curious, since “π-box” is a box that can be recycled, how is this recycle implementation? Zhang Li gave an hourly journalist for a closer introduction.

Generally use “π-box”, it is more advocated that the customer’s face sign is, that is, the courier is submitted to the customer. After the customer is confirmed, the courier takes out the package, and then bring the box back.


It’s hard to do it, it’s not possible to use “π-box”?

of course not!

“Every time, we will use waterproof bags to put on the wrapped set, then put it into ‘π-box’, wait until the express delivery, the courier will contact the recipient, if People can’t sign up, asked the courier to temporarily put the express package in the express delivery cabinet or the delivery point, the courier will take the inner packaging in the case of the recipient, and then post the “π-box” on the “π-box” On the waterproof bag in the inner package, the parcel is temporarily stored, and the ‘π-Box’ is retracted. “Zhang Li said.

SF Express staff introduced that the express circulation box “π-box” is based on the first generation express circulation box “Feng-Box”, which is currently developed, in September this year, and took the lead in Hangzhou, Pilot application of Shanghai and other places.

“According to the laboratory test, ‘π-box’ can be used to recycle more than 70 times, and 96% of the full box material can be recycled, and it can help companies achieve the efficiency of this, safe and reliable, can also help realize green low carbon.”


It is understood that compared to the first generation circulation box, “π-box” is more easily recycled single material PP honeycomb sheet, easy to clean, and anti-stamp performance increase 100%, which greatly protects the safety. The easy-to-operate self-locking structural and full box magic adhesive mode is eliminated, which is eliminated in the use of rubber belt paper, zipper and other consumed materials.


At present, “π-box” has launched 6 specifications, and the sender can choose to use according to the actual size of its own needs and the items, and the price is consistent with the previous paper box.

Since the investment in September this year, SF has a total of more than 25,000 “π-Box” in Hangzhou. 20,000 people have been used in the month. As of now, the cumulative use is 88,000 times.

The hourly journalist learned that in order to promote express packaging green governance, Hangzhou Postal Administration promotes the express packaging green transformation in accordance with the overall idea of ​​”ban, limit, minus, follow, down”, and actively urge the company to use cycles, foldable packaging products And logistics distribution appliances, encourage “new materials” research and development manufacturing enterprises and express delivery companies, continuous innovation and rich recycling methods of cyclic courier (box).

Next, the Hangzhou Postal Administration will continue to encourage delivery enterprises to establish sound corresponding working mechanisms and business processes, steadily enhance express packaging can be recyclable, and continue to increase intelligent recycling terminal facilities, continue to promote our city with city parts express packaging Circular work.

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