Editor: “Dream Factory” Disney’s latest IP Ling Naiber can be a red and half, this pink small fox has got a mother powder with a boutocular shape, which is an adult. Dreaming fairy tale. However, there is no strong background support, can Lingna Bay continue to come out? The author of this article is focused on the virtual IP, and is recommended to read it around the virtual IP.

Who is the legendary “Lingna Bayer”?

It is only for more than three months on the line. The Ling Na Ber has become a new year of Disney traffic, and it is also defeated the top of Beijing Global Studios. “Wei Zhenti”.

The rise of Lingna Beli is a new era, a dream fairy tale belonging to adulthood “big friends”, accurate point is a fairy tale that takes the money!

The Ling Naibei’s ability to succeed under the economy is so angry, and the strength does not lose the star love beans of the entertainment circle. A series of industrial chains derived from Lingna Beer, a “Red Sea”.

First, the Disney family ushered in “new top flow”

The gods of “Chuansha Sui” are held, which is the most popular female star in Pudong.

What is the little fox of Ling Na Ber?

In fact, before the birth of the IP of Ling Na, Disney has already had an idol Tianzhi “Dafi family”, including Dafi, Xueli, Star Duo, Jeradi, Can Qi’an, Olympics Lemilla six IP images.

On September 22, 2021, the new member of the Dafe family Xiao fox “Lingna Baber” is officially unveiled in Shanghai Disneyland, which is the world’s first.

At this time of this face, as a cure, Ling Naibei can be described as the peak.


Has a iconic powder dumpling and perfect facial features, innocent big eyes like a flashing sapphire, with a furry big tail, it is simply a minute to capture fans.


With high-quality appearance, Ling Naier is even more difficult to be interesting souls and character.

The virtual people have been given a fresh personality, shaping a curiosity, love adventure IP image, plus Disney staff, a series of manicing actions, and enjoying it in one fell swoop.

When such a stupid pink little fox is brushing, the fan is unrestrained when thrilling, the fans have no resistance, and they can cure all unhappy. So everyone is willing to pay for it, and will send Ling Naiber “to”.

After Ling Na Ben, the surrounding products followed the fire. After the debut of the Disneyland in Shanghai, the official immediately went nearly 30 peripheral products.


Ling Nabier is located in the three selling points of Shanghai Disneyland. It was officially sold at 11 o’clock on the sale. At 9 o’clock in the morning, the fans have already rushed to the long team, and the plush toys and keychains of Ling Naibier will sell. Break the goods.

The queue is less than a few hours, but the fans are naturally unwilling.

So Ling Na Bi will also burn fire to the second-hand market, a original price of 219 yuan of Ling Naibier plush doll is fried to thousands of yuan, it is four to five times the original price, and even the blogger is willing to get 8 to 10 times higher. Price inquiries.

In a few months, the voice of Lingna Beli has been high, and the fans have come thousands of miles, and they will be willing to interact for more than two or three hours.

There are also netizens online “Yun nursery”, claiming to be mother powder, calling “I want to stare at her to see a whole day”, “brush a few hours and video is not enough.”

However, “people are not many”, and recently, the argument of the “Ling Na Ber” is more intensified.

For example, Tucao, the big name does not cooperate with the fans, and the sorrowful female fans take the initiative to close the male fans. When the tourists want to bless the blessing, they also felt the kisses on the ground.

A large wave netizen began to criticize the IP image is not professional enough, and it has said that it is black, but another netizen means that it is hard to understand the hardships of the player, there is no perfect person!

When the fans were highly hilarious, they were instantly pushed to the wind of public opinion. How familiar pictures, can’t help but think of stars and nets whisper controversial for personal image.


Can you continue to be fire or being “headed”, the fate of Ling Nabier floats in the public opinion.

Second, the flow magic treasure under the cute economy

The Disney IP of a birth in less than half a year can be fired to this extent, and it has to be admitted because it is because of the Ling Na Ber.


The “Look” era under the economy, gave birth to many high-value cute IP images, such as bubble mart, line friends, pickupu, bear Ben, Pig Porch, Disney’s Dashi and Star 黛 等, etc. .

“The value” also became an important factor in building an explosive IP, the more cute and sprected people, the greater the chance of bursting the explosion model. Meng economy is selling “Meng” to make money, consumers are more willing to choose IP-related goods, pay for cute and pay.

Such a consumption preference is actually related to people’s instinct. When people see these Mengmeng IP images, they follow the innocent babies, puppies that shook their heads, and the powder of the powder is a truth … … At this time, people’s brain will secrete a large amount of dopamine, which makes people feel happy and enjoyable.

And the reason why Ling Na Ber can completely conquer everyone’s heart, because this fantastic “girl” is too cute, she will not only sing birthday songs to fans, but they will be full, walking and jumping Therefore, the fan crazy powder is Ling Naibei.

A series of “Meng Economics” under a series of cute ecosystems is rising, and there is also a big relationship behind this and a new generation of consumption upgrades.

When 90, after 00, it became the power of consumption, second yuan culture, rice culture, etc., and the prevalence between the collected winds between young people, all have created a good soil for the IP economy under Meng culture.

# 娜贝儿 sees the handsome guy’s reaction #, # 娜贝 儿 长 长, # 娜贝儿 裙 skirt # 等 话 上 热 热 热 热 热 热 热 上 热 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 热 上 热 上 上 上 上


Chasing Ling Naiber is not only a kind of emotional demand, but also a social demand.

Disney’s “Star Plan”! A series of operations and entertainment circles to create a topic to create traffic stars, and the common values ​​of the fans of Lingna Bayer’s fans, interested in hobbies, formed exclusive circle culture.

Disney also has a strong marketing resource, it is even more convenient to help with the net red and stars. Before Disney launched the surrounding products, there are many stars to come out and the Ling Nabier plush toys.

Ling Na Ber This “new star” is so powerful, and it is easy to get a continuous heat, and it is not a difficult thing.

Since Ling Niber, the online boom has not stopped, first is a cute expression to cover the sky, followed by various interactive videos on the short video platform, also frequently boarded the hot search, open the full network “cloud suction “The pattern of Ling Naibier, even a group of specially followed the record, live the blogger of Ling Nabier.

In particular, under the mainstream trend of short video, spread fast, small cost, and short video is very compliant with the use of fragmentation. Take this Dongfeng and accelerate the spread of Ling Nabier.

The current social pressure is large, and modern people are generally lonely.

When launched with pink love, swaying the big tail of Ling Na Ber came to you, the fate of the cute appearance, with a dynamic music, so short video is very cured.


Line on the line on the line, the traffic is double harvest. After the red, Ling Naier not only promotes the sales volume of Disneyland, but also a plush doll, pendant, and bag. It is more soldier.

All kinds of pseudo-surroundings such as mobile phone shells and masks are more ready to move, in order to meet the fan to give Ling Na Ber’s dressing match, some hand-made merchants even diverted the tricks, providing dresses, JK uniforms, cloaks and other derivatives Doll clothing. There is even hand-sewn “transplanted” business, identification of authenticity on idle fish …

Ling Naiber can take a “Nugget Road” with a “Nugget Road”, let Disney and related derivatives earn a lot of money.

Third, how do you make more money in Disney IP?

Of course, Ling Na Bier fire, the most profitable, of course, is also “Dream Expert” Disney.

In the industry, Disney’s creation and marketing of IP images can be called a model, if it is second, no one dares to row first.

Since the birth, Disney has not only created a lot of popular global IP, but also through several huge acquisitions in these years, the IPs of various world-class influences are included in their hands.

According to TitleMAX for 2019, there are 8 IPs from Disney.

They are Bobxian, Mi Mouse, Star Wars, Disney Princess, Mourner, Spider-Man, Mobilization, Toy Mobilization.


According to the 2020 trial statistics, the accumulated economic value of this 8 major IP is as high as 355.182 billion US dollars.

Disney has been in front of the IP economic development, and in the early years, I explored a unique IP changing path, which is to create Disney Theme Park, which is the important business components of Disney.

In 1955, in Arnheim in California, the first Disney theme park in California, was born in this time, and won the praise at the time. After the taste of the sweetness, Disney is considered this mode, and the Disneyland will then push Disneyland to various cities around the world.

Domestic Shanghai Disneyland is open in 2016. According to official data, the number of visitors in the first year of the resort is more than 11 million, which can be seen that Chinese fans have obsessed with it.

Disney Theme Park can impress consumers around the world because Disney’s IP image makes this paradise fresh, which is also the core competitiveness of Disneyland. Most of these IPs come from Disney explosive animations, even if they experience the sedimentation of the years, they are still red.

And these animations and movies’s box office income are also a more important sector in Disney business.

From the early years, “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs”, “Mi Mouse and Tang Lao Duck”, “Little Bear Viet”, to “Skull”, “Ice and Snow Qiyuan”, “Toys”, “Crazy Animals” City, “Flying House Ring”, Disney animation is continuous.

Many classic Disney IPs we are familiar with are coming out of these classic animations, this is completely different from the “horizontal” of Ling Nabier.

It has to be recognized that the trend of global epidemic in the past two years has created a certain blow to the business of Disney theme parks around the world. Even the classic IP will not rescue the performance of the tourist sector. Although at present, some national and regional park business have recovered, but the operating capacity is significantly reduced before.

For domestic Disneyland, 2021 is also a key year, which belongs to its formal end in the era of China’s monopoly theme park, and ushered in a powerful opponent.

Beijing Global Studios officially opened in October this year, this is the third of Asia, the world’s fifth global studio theme park, its IP lineup can not be underestimated, and the heat after opening has not been reduced.

Today, Beijing Global Studios and Shanghai Disneyland is full of gunpowder. Fortunately, “The Children of the Selected”, the Ling Na Ber appeared in time, only for Disneyland, I went back to a game!

In addition to the theme park reception in the tourist business sector, Disney’s IP authorization, derivative retail business is the most solid and stable source of profit.

Many old IPs still create unidenton myths, especially the three major IPs of Winnie, Mi mouse and Disney Princess, according to relevant data statistics, the economic value contributed by its authorized goods exceeds 90%.

The old IP scenery is not subtracted in the year, and the new IP of Lingna Beibei is also the rise. Sure enough, theory is playing IP economy or Disney is more in!


Fourth, “there is no story” precipitated IP, how long can you?


For all, Disney built a complete value link with “content production-IP-all-round change”:

Explosive animation takes a new IP, Disney will authorize IP to all manufacturers, and cooperate with major brands, and set IP people to restore the movie scene to the theme park, let tourists enter a immersive fairy tale. on site.

But now the time has changed, the change in the Internet’s environment has led to the logic of “stars”, which seems to be “the road to the stars”, but in fact, there is a potential crisis.

The reason why Ling Na Ber is called “There is no story”, because she is not coming out of animation and movie story because of the animation story of traditional Disney IP image.

About her birth, the official given the plot is very simple, Disney is introducing her, only a little story: one likes the pink little fox who is expelled, holding a magnifying glass in the forest, helping the lost Dafu Successful back Home, then became a member of the “Dafi family”.

There is no complex animation production team and box office to smash, only to sell a new era, “Hua Road”, which is among the “top flow” C bit of Disney family.

However, what will Ling Na Ben in the future? Is it a “short-quality network red”, or the strength of the fire?

Such an ip without story is indeed defeated the old IP of Disney to operate for many years. But there is no story and plot support. It is an advantage for Ling Na Ber, and this dispute is currently relatively large.

Disney to build IP is often accompanied by high-cost animation effects, and the “Dafi family” represented by Lingna Beibei is the image itself, and the developed social media flow is boosting.

Of course, this is also a certain luck ingredient inside.

So there is a sound of singing and falling. It may be difficult to do so long-term fire like rice mice, Tang Duck, and Winnie Pooh. Because the film is missing, the mental connotation and memory point are relatively weak.

This point of view is not completely unreasonable, such as a series of IP images such as Briends in Line Friends, similar to the “Dafu family”, but also dedicated to the cute image itself. After a while in the hot, in recent years, because there is no rich content, it has been supported by a new IP, and the name is not as good as before.

There is also the star of the Disney’s “Dafe family”, and is often compared by everyone and Ling Naiber. The rabbit of this dancer was born in the Japanese Disneyland in April 2017, in 2018, in 2018, in Shanghai Disneyland.

Like today’s Ling Na, the bunny is not in any animation and movie. But with a dreamy lavender skin, and the innocent big eyes, since the “debut”, it has become the fastest growing IP of Disney in the past few years. In 2020, Disney Company shows that Star Jean is the fastest supply of sales growth.

With the “airborne” of Ling Na, the famous arrogance of Starpan is instantly by this pink small fox, becomes “new love beans” of thousands of girls.

Therefore, when the next Disney “New Star” is born, will Ling Na Ben face the same ending?

But there is no need to be too pessimistic. With the evolution of commercial IP gameplay, the IP image can go to the road, such as the brand cross-border, IP derivative, the game blind box, the collection-level hand The direction.

Just as the bubble mart of 2010, fire for so many years, it is called a lot of money molly little girl, but there is no plot element support, but with the core track “blind box” game, all the way to the landing Hong Kong Stock Exchange Listed.

And now bubble mart is not willing to be a blind box company, will gradually develop theme park and content business.

Ling Naier still has more trouble to explore in the background of the new era, and the value of IP is unlimited. Even if it is currently being compared to the plot and image settings, the future will force the animation market to identify the drama of the drama, and the interests are not possible. It is not possible. Everyone can wait and see.

However, Ling Naber’s chaos of IP surrounding products, is still quite serious, preventing pseudo IP products from flooding markets, moderate balance between supply and demand and hunger marketing This is indeed concerned about Disney’s current attention.

I hope that Disney can always be happy in the future, build love with fairy tale, and turn love into money.


In the real world, there is no real fairy tale in the world, in fact, in every big child in Disneyland, in your heart, you should answer.

Behind the furrow, is it a true “Ling Naibei” that is no longer important, guarding the sincere and simple innocent and belief, and is it not precious?

The 66-year-old Disneyland is like an old grandfather with magic, and the childhood memories of a generation of generations.


This may be the mission of Disney: Even if each child has to grow into adults, as long as Disney has not stopped dreaming, then you can always believe in fairy tale, believe in Disney.

Author: Yuan Guobao, Internet Trend observers, well-known financial writers, new distributors, senior media people, new media marketing and brand communication experts.

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