Painting type

Comprehensive creative course



7-8 years old


90 minutes


Tool material

Jam, vegetarian paper, water powder or watercolor paint, marker pen, watercolor pen

Course Concept

There are many kinds of ornamental fish, and they are colorful, lively and lovely, very loved. In the usual daily life, many people will prepare a fish tank to add infinite vitality and vitality to the room. Which fish do you know? What fish do you like? In today’s class, let us know a beautiful fish – it is fighting fish. Fighting is a famous ornamental fish, and the wide tail has a beautiful color. It seems like a swing in the water, many people like it. Today, in the classroom, we are in the painting object, to show its beautiful shape and bright colors. Of course, in the classroom we also need to design a beautiful fish tank for it and create a beautiful environment in the fish tank.

Scenario description


You see, what is this fish? Its color is so bright, it seems that nature gives it the most beautiful colors. The wide tail has a smooth line with a smooth line, light and elegant. It is the aquarium fighter – bucket fish, as a colorful tropical fish, its personality is fierce and fierce, the ribbon is generally fed, color dividend, white, green, blue, blue, and more elegant. As its name is general, it is easy to inspire their fighting when the male fish is put together. Why is this? It turns out in animals, all majestic loves to find their beautiful, with this to get a good sense of females, there is a kind of jealous jealousy than yourself or as yourself as yourself. For the fighting fish, if you see yourself in the mirror of the underwater, you will also fight the nose and you don’t know why. Is it very interesting? Today we will draw a picture.


Division of teaching is 1, showing the shape of fish tanks and fish.


Appreciate and observe the material picture of the fish, summarize the shape of the fish, and perform the details, exercise and observe the ability; and design different fish tank shapes, add a rich housing to the fish tank, show your imagination.


2, add a rich color to the picture.


The fighting fish is not only beautiful, and the color is also very beautiful. Avoid coating, contrast color, gradient, and colorful methods, showing rich color changes in the fighting fish, and simultaneously forms a distinct contrast with the main body of the picture through water powder or watercolor.

Reference material

Reference tutorial


Prepare a sketch paper

Design a fish tank on paper

Cut the fish tank to paste the fish tank on dark jam and design a rich scenery in the fish tank


Use oil painting bars as an object in the picture


Add different colors

Preparing water or diluted watercolor pigment


Rendering background color for fish tank

Prepare another paper with oily marker

Add a rich line to draw a rich line to prepare a watercolor pen or a macker to add a rich change in tuning

Cut the fish and paste it in a fish tank

Skating after class

1. In the classroom, by appreciating pictures about the fighting fish, the children have a certain understanding of the color and modeling, and do a good job in the painting, inspiring the painting of children. 2, the boyfriends express the basic profile characteristics of the fighting fish. They also showed the meticulous observation capabilities of the children. At the same time, the colors used in color were different, each has Features, fully played its own creativity and color performance. 3, on the shape of the fish tank, the children designed their favorite shapes, and launched a colorful idea to the shape in the fish tank. By watercolor, the background has been dyed, and the color contrast of the picture is full, full of childlike.