Speaking of waterproof materials, we will first think of waterproof coatings, and then think of waterproof coil, but put waterproof plates for forgotten in the corner. Liebi Xiaobian estimates not a few readers say what you know? In fact, the waterproof plate will always be used in life. It has many categories. Let’s take a look at Xiaobian.

What are the waterproof sheets?

First, PVC

PVC should not know? This is the “appetizer” of Xiaobian to everyone, is it a kind of PVC is also a waterproof plate? The PVC board is a plate with PVC as a honeycomb mesh structure. This sheet material is light, the price is low, can prevent mite, heat preservation, waterproof, is a waterproof plate with high usage. This sheet is not Who knows what should absorb water? This is also the principle of waterproof.

PVC sheet


Second, color steel plate

Color steel plates believe everyone is not strange, if you don’t know, then if I said it is the roof of the board, should you know? This sheet is an organic coating on the steel plate to achieve waterproof and corrosion resistance. Even if the color steel plate is directly exposed to the outside, it will not rust in the season of rainy rain. The special coating outside the color steel is composed of silicon modified polyester or bias diofluoroethylene and a plastic sol, which is very durable, and the shelf life is generally in 10 to 15 years, and as long as it is sprayed once every 10 years, then The average life can reach more than 35 years.

Color steel plate


Third, EVA Waterproof

EVA is actually very common in our lives, but can you specifically use it? Our sneakers wearing sneakers, most of which are EVA soles, it is very light, and it has the role of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, and buffering. Torch, the plates made of EVA hot melt glue also have the same qualities, light waterproof, and the price is not high, and it also has insulation performance.

EVA Waterproof

Fourth, anti-para-special

The name of this sheet is really “separated each word, it is a”, the anti-fixtures are the composite sheet of the melamine resin coating, and the phenolic resin is suppressed in high temperatures. High durability and waterproof. It uses special techniques that can not only resist the general water splash, but also in the humid environment, it is also possible to maintain internal drying, and will not affect the mold or corrosion of the internal material. In addition, it also has superior self-cleaning capabilities, and the general dirt is difficult to attach, and it can be flush directly with water.

Anti-special plate

V. XPS extruded board

This is the extruded polystyrene insulation plate, which is the third generation of hard foaming insulation materials. It is added to the polystyrene resin as a raw material to add other raw materials and polymers, and mixed into the catalyst by heating through special processes. The hard foam plate produced is then continuously extruded. It is characterized by high-intensity compressiveness and good insulation. Since the polystyrene molecular structure is not absorbed, the molecular structure of the sheet material is stably, and there is no gap, it is well solved the frost, leakage, penetration, condensation and other problems.

XPS extruded board


If you want to ask me how the waterproof plate is best, I can only say that there is a thousand autumn, and they have their own most suitable places, so choose according to their needs. I have passed, just like it! More exciting information

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