Jincheng Wushen N3B, generally wearing N3B’s value is relatively high

N3B is a classic military cotton suit, and in the fashion circle is also a classic model, many trend brands are going abroad N3B cotton clothes, many stars have passed, and this site also introduces the military versions, and the Chinese N3B cotton clothing.

During the decades, I didn’t think that N3B didn’t do. I didn’t write it. However, I recently received a 300-gram of padded soft shell fabric of CQB, very interesting. Getting the manufacturer and three guarantees whether I wrote me if I wrote me, I really want to talk to everyone.

This cotton suit maintains N3B’s classic style from the appearance, which is more close to the original version than a lot of tide names. The main features are as follows:

1.300 grams of filled

2. Down + 3M cotton mixed filled, 7-layer structure

4. Internal and external elastic shell fabric

挑战最轻最保暖的棉服!CQB N3B 300克重填充棉服

5. Added internal waist windshield design

挑战最轻最保暖的棉服!CQB N3B 300克重填充棉服

The CQB N3B version and the military version does not have much difference, chest jug, suitcase, and arm pen bags. The outer layer uses the elastic shell fabric, thin and soft, no duvet common partition, because it is a double-layer filled, outer filled 3M fiber cotton.

挑战最轻最保暖的棉服!CQB N3B 300克重填充棉服

The adjustable structure of the hood, this metal buckle and cotton belt are very feeling. I think it is like N3B, M51 these retro clothes, try to get close to the tradition from the texture.

挑战最轻最保暖的棉服!CQB N3B 300克重填充棉服

The disadvantage is that the wind has no iconic fur collar, but this row is in the dark, I don’t know if it is reserved. If it is detachable, what is the fur collar of the wolf in the North American wolf, I will go to the bold fur collar, and I will wear the garlic girl.

The interior of orange yellow is also an elastic fabric. The interior can be seen in the down jacket, because the down filler layer is in the inside, which does not affect the appearance of the outside.

The manufacturer’s filling structure is schematic diagram, the manufacturer is obviously wanted to do a down jacket, out of the outer level, and prevent the down collapse, and filled 3M cotton in the outer layer.

To do the first reason, the down comfort and the level of conjunction are much higher than the new Snow Patter, which will put goosevet in a side of the body is more comfortable and strict. In the second reason, the Classic appearance of N-3B is very familiar, and the down jacket is a row of quilted printers. If you don’t add the new snow-saving cotton, the honing printed is easy to see, this will Destroy the overall appearance of N-3B. In order to ensure comfort, the 7-level fabric from the inside of the coat is all elastic fabrics, which means that the liner fabric is also stretched, very soft, and the new snow has also played a certain support.

The inner layer filled down is the 800 fluffy white goose down. Everyone in the down jacket is very familiar, but what is filled in the down jacket, it is very big, the best is whitenie down, whiten goose velvet is the European white goose and the North Beauty velvet, as for the Canada Goose’s down jacket only huh.

挑战最轻最保暖的棉服!CQB N3B 300克重填充棉服

The N3B of CQB is that the total filler reaches 292 grams. This is the most exaggerated and heavier filler, even if Karensia’s ECIG is extremely cold climate cotton clothing, but also 150 grams, more cotton clothes Less than this gram.

挑战最轻最保暖的棉服!CQB N3B 300克重填充棉服

So what is the number of horrible fills? In the madness suggesting that the glaciers in our movie “the day after tomorrow” are coming? Still encourage us to visit Arctic?

Another big feature of CQB N3b is to increase the internal skirt. I used to see this design in TRG. Directless cotton clothes may be fill from the lower part, the skirt can be effective in windshield. Usually, you can fix the wind on both sides on the clothes and convenient to wear.

When you face big wind, you can deduct your skirt, and pull the cotton clothing. This design is very effective as I use TRG’s experience.

In short, CQB N3b is a metamorphous cotton suit, regardless of price, if you plan to go to Xuexiang, the Arctic touch, I feel that my body is faint, I believe he will not let you down. w