Telling, I usually go shopping Shopping, but every time I open a sound, a book or a treasure video,

I have a brain to buy it with the curse.


“This little pillow is good”, “the new lamp is really good”, “half price? I want to buy!”,

The last half of the expenditure is outside the plan

This behavior is called “impulse shopping”.

Almost 20% of the purchase decision is based on logical and demand, and

The remaining 80% is actually based on emotions

Decoration is from zero to the whole, and it is easy to generate impulse consumption.


I don’t understand what my needs is, I don’t know about relevant knowledge, and I will add the business of the business, 100% super budget.

New year, still hopes to remind everyone:

Money can make it to spend, but it is.

(Full 24K pure cargo, wall clearance suggests collection, praise and watch!)

Hardware main material, don’t buy

When wearing clothes, we all know that the long-distance avoidance, the legs are short, and the shoulders are avoided; the decoration is the same,


Do not install a large chandelier at the low level, and the space bureau has urged a sufficient storage space …

Familiar with the structure of the house, know the advantages and disadvantages of the house, can spend every penny to the place.

Hard clothes don’t feel

To consider

Post-maintenance and maintenance cost

Hardware, sanitary ware, hydropower project, switch socket

These frequent uses, it is difficult to replace,


Buy brand products

In addition to a more comfortable experience, more advanced technology, there is a quality assurance of brand commitment

Tiles, wooden floors can directly use data to clearly measure good and bad

Just like a single product.

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Ordinary people decorate buy a flat-priced tile, go to a treasure to buy more colors that can pick

Imported tiles are expensive in color design, and there is no difference between quality domestic ceramic tiles and imports.

There is no need to pursue imported goods.

Source: a treasure buy a family show


Van Nonchalla

The most expensive floor is the surface wood, the more expensive, the more you use the surface wood.


The more stability of the wood, the threat of heating is deformed,

Multi-layer composite and enhanced composite floor stability is best, no expensive

Enhanced composite floor

Most of the whole house customized brand will only take environmentally friendly


But truly


The distinction between color and internal functions, these brands are not as good as Item


Volkswagen listening much imported latex paint is fried, and the price is large in the price of the brand value.


Broken bridge aluminum window focuses on aluminum, real hardware, broken bridge is a factor in determining the value of windows.

The measurement and installation of the window is still important than the window itself.


, This is the reason for everyone to find local manufacturers.

After all, there is a big chance of tempered glass in transportation and installation, and it is very troublesome to return to the factory.

Poster and hands-free door prices will be twice


In fact, it is the same, but only


The paint is better than painting.

Door no sound, mainly watching the door

, Pick a good soundproof bar, the cost is more than a dozen dollars.

Flower money to change the door is not as good as spending money to buy lock, thief does not smash the door, the lock is also cheaper than the door;


The old iron door does not install the C-stage lock, then it will be casually changed to the ordinary point of security door is not afraid of thief.

The custom wardrobe should ask clearly the pricing method, according to the projection area, or according to the deployment area.

Although the pricing method is different, the total price is almost the same.

Don’t spend time compared to, the most important thing is to ask what you have in this price, no packages

Look at the plate hardware,


Especially try to make a few drawers, the drawers of the package are definitely not enough, add the drawer to add money, the cabinet wardrobe is

The cabinet is more than the delay, but

Every quarter of the quote is × meter, it is not the total price, the hardware installation, and the lower basin processing fee, etc. may be added.


If you don’t ask in advance, you may have a budget of 30,000 seconds.

Bathroom products


In addition to the toilet itself, we must consider it.


Installation fee, rope valve, hose, seal, glass glue, etc.

cost of

The building materials market for home renovation is quite mature, and there are very few “revolutionary” products.

Many new products and brands are the concept of blowing out

Generally involving the words “except formaldehyde”, “purification”, “negative ions”, eight nine, not left ten, IT tax.

Mainstream products we all said,

Search for searching for fan children

Common materials, including many large brands, basically can be found.

Some people have never heard of new building materials, they have never heard of it, and they are too lazy to check the information. If you don’t listen, you will not have any losses.

Electrical appliances also have to see installation


The new wind and the floor heating system are earning is to install service charges.

You buy a brand of new wind hosts, wall-mounted furnace, then to some auxiliary materials, find a posting master can also give it.

that is

The time is more expensive, and the effect is not professional design.

Whether it is a gas water heater or electric water heater,

In addition to its own price, pay attention to the installation fee, install the accessories price

Gas water heater “high price” installation accessories fee

It is already an unspoken rule.

So online shopping must be bought along with the installation service, other electrical appliances.


3000 ~ 4000 yuan budget

Give the play device,


I want to choose a TV,

You can buy 75 inch for maximum;

I want the screen election projection,

Easy 100 ~ 120 inch;

Budget 10,000, you can tangled it is to buy a laser TV

(Ultra short projection)

And the 85 inch of Changhong Hisense,

After all, the gap between 85 and 100 inch is not so big, but the brilliance of TV will be much better.

20,000, don’t hesitate, 98 inch 100 inch TV.

Source: Qing and One Space Design

Don’t look at the number of air conditioners, watch the number of air conditioners, the larger the wattage, the better the cooling effect.


According to 1m2 / 150 ~ 200W, it is 100W of air conditioning.

If the west or top floor is a little higher

Press 1m2 / 250w.

Anyway, buy a big bought, on this basis,

The higher the energy efficiency level, the more power is saved, and it can also be understood that the quality of the air conditioner compressor is better.

Furniture soft pack first purchase essential

If environmental and security is the necessary consideration for decoration, then

The texture and comfort are the needs of the upgrade.

It can feel different in the selection of furniture and soft packages.


First purchase essential furniture, the most important thing is to meet the needs of living

The simplest home can only have bed and clean toilets, or even do not build a multi-function area directly.

After you will slowly purchase a good quality furniture, as well as the painting, ornaments, and plants.

Lighting does not necessarily require a large top light, you can choose a cheap, then strengthen local lighting.


Fan children homemade

The sofa really doesn’t have to buy expensive, buy the sofa and mattress,

The more expensive sofa, the more the materials are, the more soft, the thicker the seat frame, the main thing is the package

Not necessarily suitable for everyone.


People with bad cervical vertebra, a high back armchair

However, it will be more suitable for you than the sofa of tensivity;

The family is not necessarily to use the big sofa.

One person is a single sofa, and then prepares a few chairs to guests.


, Comfortable and concurrent.

Source: Swyed creative design

Curtains this type of fabric product,

There is no technical content,

Don’t go to the physical store, don’t need a big brand.

Furniture is not much more, starting from practicality,

Classic master design is the least easy

There is an original complex, you can pick a well-known middle ancient furniture store


,for example

Beijing’s “Back to 20th Century”, “Concept 101”, Shanghai’s “Hand Warehouse”, “Vish Experiment Shanghai”, etc.

You can also find their online store on a treasure.



Budget is limited, you can also find a relatively high quality compliant

, Online product price is uneven,

To ensure quality, try not to choose the low price.

Online OR line purchase

The electrical appliance is on the online line to buy or very different,

Online models are very probaborated is low in the line.

If you want to pick a good style or go offline, look at it.

Merchant does

Just to ensure the passenger quantity under the line, the properties of the product have not been discounted


The best way is to compare,


See the difference between Taobao and IKEA on the same kind of furniture, then look at the second-hand furniture you can accept

Don’t forget to take the online shopping shipping and the free fish on the door.

A lot of things, all from 1688

, Things are exactly the same, the price can be much lower,

The most worth buying must be the daily necessities

Although the unit price is low, the contrast Taobao is also a cost-effective high.

Most daily department stores, the freight is still equivalent to being five fold, at all, there is no need to wait for 618 pairs 11 large amounts.

Switch socket, tile, coating, latex paint, all recommended online shopping; door, basket online shopping, lights all online shopping.

Online shopping lights, remember to buy together with the installation service


If you don’t have any call, you can ask the engineer to help, usually according to the size or number of charges.

Floor online shopping and online purchase can,


Pay attention to the cost of the floor, the buckle fee, etc., the solid wood floor is still long bone

Bathtub, the toilet line experience after online shopping

Toilet, brand special models, bathtub is good enough, quality is no problem, the price is very cheap.

Soft furniture and electrical appliances are recommended online shopping.

But the sofa must go to sit down; the mattress must go to sleep himself; the water heater is going online with the small kitchen treasure, there is a discount.

Cheap and nice furniture soft pack is high,

Remember to buy a shipping insurance, apply for a return

, More than the buyer’s real shot map for the evaluation.

The cabinet is not recommended online shopping, it is best to go online in the store to buy

This type of thing is very dependent on service providers, basically

Half of your spending is to give the installation service.

Avoid “Chongyang Mei Dai” style Haitao,

The European and American fascinating organic products, the Japanese boasting the craftsmanship, is the intelligent tax disaster area.

Good-looking packaging, BiO standard organic natural plant ingredients, Europe and America in recent years


The goods are equally easy to use,

“Oxygen clean” in a cheap big bowl, 30 large boxes of Clin

Not better than what European cleaning artifact


Avoiding the most important point of impulse shopping, it is to clarify the true needs of your life now. If you now use it, you don’t have to replace and consume in advance.

Unless it feels uncomfortable, it is realistic to update the demand for replacement, and then find the corresponding solution.

Do you have a trip to consumption? Come and leave a message to share!




























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