▶ “Personality requirements, tailor-made.” In the trend of traditional consumption upgrades, the concept of “all-housing customization” in the furniture industry is increasingly favored by consumers. However, due to the lack of standards, custom furniture is hot while hiding a lot of traps. Nowadays, Zhengzhou has consumers to customize the “Bai Sheng” wardrobe, and find that the wardrobe has cracks, but the right road is long.

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[Complaint] The custom wardrobe has no resolution for two years.

On the morning of March 14th, Zhengzhou citizen Feng Shiwei reflected this newspaper: In 2015, he passed the Internet in Bai Sheng officer flagship store: Bai Sheng in Zhengzhou has a store, one of the addresses: Zhengzhou Phoenix City South City building. In November of the year, he went to the Bai Shenghe South Zhengzhou store, customized two sets of wardrobes, after the on-site measurement, the total accounting price is: 28,417 yuan. At that time, the written conventions were installed before the Spring Festival 2016.

“Money is very fast, I will sit and wait.” Feng Shiwei said that no personnel were installed in the Spring Festival in the Spring Festival in 2016. Through Baidu, I found that Guangzhou Bai Sheng Jiaju Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bai Sheng), the head of Henan, the head of Wujin, and promised to urge the installation as soon as possible. Probably in March 2016, the cabinet was installed. In May, one of the cabinets had cracks, and there were multiple cracks, and the other cabinet panel was uneven. Feng Shiwei said: “In June 2016, there were after-sales personnel to my home repair, in August, the crack cabinet was re-cracking, and there was a deformation of the door. Subsequently, I contacted Wujin, promised to repair, just disappeared This is more than half a year. In April 2017, Wei Jing (later knew it was a Bailu winning dealer, in February, Bai Sheng has contacted me, saying that Wuyi small holiday will be repaired. Such a one is still the month, July, Wei Jing and others have arrived at my house, saying that the company re-replaced me.

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Later, I went to my house and took away the purchase list, saying that I need to report the company to re-create procedures. Since then, I will not contact Wei Jing. “After I contacted the manufacturers many times, January 31 this year, Bai Sheng sent a lawyer Yao Tao, the Regional Manager Zheng Zhengfang, the brand department representative and the female staff who called Zhengzhou dealers negotiated with me. At 8 o’clock on the evening of February 1, Bai Sheng’s representative came to my house.


Bai Sheng factory representative, the regional manager Zheng Zhengfang believes that the living room wardrobe of 18417 yuan is fake, the bedroom wardrobe worth 10,000 yuan is true. “Feng Shiwei said,” The factory representative has given several processing programs: 1 worth 18417 yuan of the wardrobe retreats three, worth 10,000 yuan of the cabinet passage replacement repair. 2 Scenario 1 overturned, only responsible for replacement. 3 two wardrobes worth 28,417 yuan, retreat one. I am disappointed.

On February 5, I flew to Guangzhou Bai Sheng Headquarters, manufacturers arranged different representatives to communicate with me, and gave replacement and compensation in Guangzhou. “Custom furniture in Zhengzhou Bai Sheng store does not stop Feng Shi Wei. Yesterday, the reporter took Feng Shiwei to the Red Star Meikailong Mall. Feng Shiwei said: Here is a hundred Sale Dedicated store, later turned to other dealers. Here, the reporter met Ms. Meng and Mr. Meng, Zhengzhou, who came to defend.

Ms. Meng said: In August 2016, she was in the Red Star Meikailong Mall, which was located in the southeast corner of the Zhongzhou Avenue and Shangdu Road, cooked two sets of wardrobes and more than 30,000 yuan. When the wardrobe is sent home, it is found that the cabinet packaging label is inconsistent with the cabinet package. “Bai Sheng manufacturers sent me the order of the shopping mall to the manufacturer. I found that the mall will send it to the manufacturer’s order, only the cabinet, no cabinet door, and note the ‘cabinet door by merchants. This. I felt that I was cheated. “

It turned out that after Bai Sheng Wanner dealer booked a wardrobe in Meng Men, he only set the cabinet to the manufacturer, without custom cabinet door, but he found someone to do the cabinet door. As a result, this wardrobe is no longer the original brand wardrobe, but a “counterfeit goods”. Mr. Lu said: His 50,000 yuan of Bai Sheng furniture also has a fake. Manufacturers are willing to replace the custom wardrobe for users

At 11 o’clock in the morning, business people came to the Red Star Meiyan Mall in the southeast corner of the intersection of Zhongzhou Avenue and Shangdu Road. Ms. Meng said that industrial and commercial personnel, Bai Sheng store staff, she and the mall personnel negotiate their rights protection. “The final promised to give me a customized problem wardrobe to be replaced.” Ms. Meng said.

At the Red Star Meikailong Mall, Ms. Zhang, who is a dealer, said that she is also a victim. This is not the goods she sell, it is sold by the dealer, but she actively contacts the manufacturer. We will help solve the situation. For Feng Shiwei Wei’s right, at 11:40 am yesterday, the reporter got in contact with Bai Sheng Legal Adviser Yao Law. Yao Lunie told reporters: he has communicated with Mr. Feng (refers to Feng Shiwei) for two months, he can turn to the company (Bai Sheng).

Mr. Feng bought a custom wardrobe for a determination is produced by the company (referring to Bai Sheng), and an unable to determine the quality of the source. More than 300 dealers in the company (Bai Sheng), management may have a lack of place. For Mr. Feng (Feng Shiwei), I should find the original dealer Wei Jing, the company (Bai Sheng) is also willing to actively resolve. When I heard that Wei Jing lost, Yao Lie said: they have actively realized the address of Wei Jing. “For Mr. Feng (Feng Shiwei), we originally think that it is replaced with its custom ‘real goods’. You (reporter) asked Mr. Feng (Feng Shiwei) Willing? If you want, I can march to the company (Bai Shou Sheng) In the report, the two cabinets of the custom shelters were given. “Yao Lunar said, in addition, they also received two three consumers complained in Zhengzhou and complained that Bai Shengyuan dealers involved in counterfeit and shudder. He suggested that these consumers were processed by local industrial and commercial, public security and other departments.

For the reply of Bai Sheng Yao, Feng Shiwei questioned: “I have been in contact with Bai Sheng staff when I have purchased, I haven’t informed it in the door to repair, and why do you still have a fake? In February 2017, Bai Sheng has terminated with Wei Jing, why did he still represent ‘Bai Sheng’ to after-sales? In the case of macro encounter, fraud should be retired, why only give me replacement? “


How to defend the quality problem of custom furniture? 2017 Henan Industrial and Commercial System “12315” rights situation analysis report pointed out that the complaints of furniture were 19.4%, mainly quality, contract and after-sales service issues, such as furniture materials non-solid wood, odor, cracks, and merchant after payment Delivery, furniture has quality problems and merchants do not return to replacement. According to industry insiders: Custom furniture has no unified standards, and the rights protection is more difficult. Professionals believe that a custom contract should be signed with the merchant, and the production materials are provided by merchants, which belongs to a contract. As a contractor, the merchant should be at least: (1) Finish within the appointment period; (2) The work must be completed by the contractor; (3) Delivery work results; (4) accept the caller’s inspection, work results The requirements of the caller; (5) properly keep it before delivery.

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Shanghai All-House Customized Wood (System) Furniture Group Standard March 15th Implementation Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee The formulation and introduction of relevant standards, for effective specifications for goods and service requirements for all-house custom furniture. In this regard, “All House Customized Wood (System) Furniture” Shanghai Group Standard has been developed. At present, the standard has been reported to the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and will be implemented on March 15 this year. It is reported that Shanghai’s total house custom wood (system) furniture group standard is the first in the country.