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Miqi human body engineering reduced pressure waist pad


I pushed a few times before the brother.


Every time it is very hot,

It is sufficient to prove how popular it.


A friend who missed last time,

淼 哥 简 简 简 介 介 介 介

Miqi waist is now divided –

Generation classic version and second generation pneumatic version

Their biggest difference is:

Second generation increases a pneumatic function


With this feature,

Everyone can use their own weight,

Adjust your waist to your most comfortable support angle.

The waist is completely firm, and the back is completely close.

More convenient, more flexible,

The support is more stable and more powerful!

Please note the red circle part of the picture below.


The drum is the “pneumatic” section.

So, generation is used as follows

The second generation pneumatic version is used as follows

Everyone can use their own actual situation,

Select the appropriate type.

In summary: Protect our waist!

In fact, it is not preferential driver.


Programmer, editor, e-commerce, etc.

It is easy to appear “waist problem”.

It’s better to come together to see a picture:

Has not think:


Sit, “tired” than the station.

The more you feel comfortable, the more tired of the spine.

Because your “waist” silently shared the pressure.

In other words: You are at the expenditure of the waist injury.

Many people are young to have a lumbar disc herniation.

Pain, I am weak, like a scaffold.

And the low back pain is not a condition like those who take medicine.


Once it appears, the recovery is extremely slow, mostly rely.

So, we really need it –



The body sometimes lying

Human engineering will not lie to you

Speaking of the waist pad,

You may say: I have one.

I guess you are picking up pillows.

To know, the general soft waist pad is just “soft”.

Can make you feel comfortable.

This “comfortable” is the body to lie to you,

If you believe, it may be a long-term health.

Because the soft cushion does not “support” at all,

It is used for a long time to accelerate the deformation of the spine.

The curve of the human body is the most complex curve in the world.

So even a small waist pad,

It also needs a precision design.

Can in line with ergonomics,

Simultaneously achieve “comfort” and “health”.


Miko, from China, Germany,

Several ergonomic scholars in the Netherlands jointly founded.

They concentrated the ergonologists of more than 30 countries.

R & D has been developed a pair of backpack.

This waist pad is designed with both sides of the ring.

The double back leaf can be different from the perspective of the force.

Do the corresponding angle adjustment.

It can make the back pressure distribution uniform,

Lumbar pressure can be reduced from 140% of the general chair to 75%.


The principle is that the back of the waist pad is buffered spring,

Two waist pads can achieve 30 ° open,

The corresponding support is followed by the pressure.


When people sit, the waist will not hang up.


Two back pads automatically adjust the opening and conjunction according to human sitting positions.

When I sit, I feel that the waist is stabilized to hold a pair of hands.

Comfortable and practical, the whole person is relaxed.

And don’t divide fat, different sitting, no matter how you move,

Both the waist can be combined with the back pad, tightly being tight.

After the second generation added aerodynamics,

The practicality of the waist is stronger, more flexible,

Everyone can use their own preferences,

To adjust the support and support,

How is it comfortable?

Long-term work,

If there is such a waist pad,

Even if you take it for 8 hours, you won’t feel too tired.

Long-term use, you can correct sitting posture,

Prevent a variety of lumbar diseases!

People who have long-term driving experience know that


Drive for a long time, people will back pain.

But a Miqiao wafer may solve this problem.


Pregnant mother is also a fragile population of waist,

Because the abdomen increases the weight,

Pregnant mothers in order to maintain their body balance,

Have to keep your shoulders and heads backwards.

This posture will cause excessive fatigue in the back.

Come to a Miqiao Waist,

It can effectively relieve the symptoms of pregnancy.


There are still many children,

Small age becomes “hunch back”.

It is also caused by poor sitting.

Equipped with a Miqiao pad for your child.

Not only cultivating your child’s good sitting,

Also prevent myopia.


Material environmental safety

Simple and convenient use


There are a lot of waist pads on the market.

The filler is a thick sponge.

It is not only breathable, but it is not convenient to clean.

However, the Miqiao pad main body is adopted.

It is an integrated environmentally friendly ABS plastic, which is very strong and durable.

And considering that the waist pad is always in contact with the human body.

Very important in breathability,

So the designer is intimate on the two back pads –

166 breathable holes were designed.

On the fabric, Miko uses


Double layer 3D mesh cloth

Not only breathable, elastic, and support is excellent.


It also environmentally friendly non-toxic, moisture-proof anti-mites.

Even in summer, there is no hot sense.

It’s not afraid of staining.

Easy, you can remove it.


In addition to removing,

Miqiao pane has a convenient place – adjustable.

Traditional waist pads are generally low, and they are fixed.

But everyone is different,

Different seats are different,

Therefore, the practical is a big discount.

Miqiao pane is fully taking into account this,

Therefore, “10cm” 5-position adjustable space is designed.

Can meet the needs of most people.


The adjustment method is also very simple.

The waist pad has a height screw,


Just loose, pull, and tighten,


It can be easily adjusted.

In fact, the initial height and angle of Miqiao back pad design,

Is suitable for most adults,

Get your hand, you can use it without adjustment.

And there is a stretch belt behind behind.

Set on the back of the chair to secure the waist pad, very simple.

In addition to office seat, home sofa, wheelchair,

And most car seats can be used.


One person says it is blowing

Many people are using it true

In fact, the importance of the waist pad knows that

What you need is just a reason for “Miqi”.

In addition to the advantages mentioned in the above article,

淼 哥 还,, 公司 公司 公司 公司 公司 公司 公司 公司 公司 公司 公司 公司

Google, Tencent, Hunting,

It can be an Internet company.

The programmer grabs a big hand.

Standard Workmanship in the disaster area.


But they all chose Miqiao pads.


Almost became the standard of each employee!

It can be seen that this waist pad is more useful.

Now I believe that the big gods must sit comfortable,

There is a very high work efficiency!

Do you want to come one such a waist pad?

Miqi people work hard

The waist is supported, and the driving will be more stable.

Original price: pneumatic version 299 yuan

淼 brother preferred activity price:

Pneumatic model: 199 yuan / month


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Miqiao gas waist pad

¥ 199


Miqi human body engineering reduced pressure waist pad