I will share a loose old trousers today. It is thin. For this thin section, because this loose style, it is too thick, very cold, wearing this style is not warm. If the baby is made into open trousers, it is really a wind, the pants are simply ornament. ~~~ So, I want to do a little bit bigger, and the children who can seject


Although I don’t want to wear the current weather, I still want to do it, prepare in advance, I don’t want to worry.

Come look at the style, is it very cute, I want to do it.

Today, I will share the 90-yard cutting diagram, which is a little baby who is more than one year old. The big point can also wear 100 yards, look at it slightly.


The other number type can be pushed according to the difference between 4cm length 5cm per-conditioned 1.3cm

The waist is used in the laminar tight waist, the length of the elastic band can be subtracted from the length of the 4cm in the net.

Trimming chart unit is centimeter, I use the size of the clothes, cutting the chart is a net seam, cropping the clipping edge needs additional addition


If you want to learn the children’s clothing and push plate, you can click on the circle card below, enter the circle from the most basic children’s clothing autologous prototype.

(Add a circle card here, please see the headline client today)

Sewing process and sewing process


The selection of fabrics, the fabric of the cotton, the litter of the fluff.

Sewing process: pretty pants preamble top patch

Then seam the front and rear sections, and do a good side sewing pocket, I did a pocket. It is not to look like.

The waist is folded directly to Libu, the panties are also the same.


Production is still very simple, as long as it is tailored, do one in twenty minutes, there is no problem.

Ok, today’s share is here.

If you like to try it, you can go to the comment area if you don’t understand.

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I feel that I share it is also practical, you can praise, forward, to encourage, thank you! ! !