Since its debut, the popularity can be said to be high, and through the modeling of character modeling, let us see the noble breath of the thousands of snow, according to the original description, thousands of snow is also the goddess of the drama. I. This is also in two different positions. If you say that the little dance is a pure type, then the snow should be biased towards the charm.

Everyone knows that the animation version of the thousand Snow is also better to restore the original beauty, one of the golden long hair, plus the overall golden clothing, and also puts out the nobleness of thousands of snow. In addition, there is a lower body of the long leg here, although there is golden armor bond, but it does not hinder the legs of the thousands of snow or aesthetic.

Of course, these are just the model of the animation version, then in addition to the animated version of the thousand snow, I don’t know if you have seen the game version of the game. That is wearing pure white


Silk cloth

The thousands of snow, and the high heels are also white, and the overall costumes are dressed up, they are mainly made by white.

In other words, the animated version of the snow is mainly golden tone, and the game version of thousands of snow is based on white, two kinds of looks also are in two different styles, and the game version Thousands of snow seem to have a taste than the East Lake Edition?


Game version thousands of snow

Let’s take a look at the game version of thousands of snow, from above, we look at it, the game version of thousands of snow is still in modeling, but also to restore the style of the animation, but when dressing is dressed Different, the overall costume is based on white.

In addition, the careful friends may also find that the hidden clothes on the snow are relatively low, it seems to have certain charm.

In addition, the design of the skirt is also very taste, the upper part of the clothes have a small skirt, the lower body is used as a decoration with a long skirt, but the front of the skirt is directly naked, leaving the left and right sides. The skirt is set as a embellishment.


Of course, observer friends should also find that there is a faint white stockings in the skirt revealed, and it is still the type of stockings, not one wearing. In fact, this type of stockings are certain charm, and it is quite compliant with the style of the snow.

Thousands of snow white silk detail


Let’s take a look at the white silk details of thousands of snow. From the above picture we can see that the game version of thousands of snow do not restore the animated version of the kind of stockings, but changed to pure white silk. .

Thousands of snow, there is no modification, some are just pure white, which makes people feel that there is a kind of pure and innocent beauty, it seems to be a bit of a charm of the snow?

As for high heels, the upper is based on white, and the foot below is a bit like the animation version of the taste, all of which are gold. Overall, it is also quite good, and the leg shape is very perfect, and it seems to be thinner than the original version? I don’t know if it is a white silk?


In general, the game version of thousands of snow, with white tune before everyone’s vision, and the animation version is also in two different flavors. If you change it to you, you think that it is a game version. The thousands of snow looks good, or the animated version is good? Let’s talk about your opinion.