Source: Nanjing Children’s Hospital

Summer has just begun, Nanjing Children’s Hospital emergency room admissions to Dingdinglise a glass marbles “bear children.”

It is reported that children four years old, on the same day in the afternoon wearing pants playing at home, out of curiosity to a small 2-3cm marbles Tintin stuffed foreskin. The child was having fun, then I stuffed one.


Soon, the foreskin began swelling and pain, but still self-voiding. At this point, parents finally found abnormal, the child’s small Tintin obviously two projections. After repeated inquiries, but also to see the surroundings and toys, before we know the two children went into the glass beads.

7:00 children are sent to Nanjing Children’s Hospital, Wang Jun urology physician immediately arranged emergency surgery. “Fortunately, no glass beads into the urethra and bladder, but is stuffed between the glans and the foreskin, the foreskin edema caused by foreign matter incarceration, edema simply cut the foreskin, the beads can be removed.”

After the full communication and their families, while circumcision. The operation was very successful, two glass beads was successfully removed, there is no postoperative infection and swelling.

Like body stuffed something down “bear children” is not only a variety of urinary tract foreign body, foreign body vagina will occur, and often not easy to be identified, delayed treatment. Some children even remove the foreign body, it can also cause irreversible damage to some extent.

A 11-year-old case-magnetic beads


11-year-old boy more than a month ago, out of curiosity to 12 magnetic beads squeezed from the urethra. Magnetic beads 12 are closely linked in the bladder, urine stones and adsorption, is formed with an intermediate hard “stone” of larger cyclic foreign matter. The bladder remove the foreign object can only cut open.

Case II · 10 years old · fishing


10-year-old boy two years ago stuffed a period of about 7-8 meters of fishing line from the urethra. Under sufficiently accumulated inside the stone, forming a large clumps. Ultimately can only cut the bladder bladder remove the object under open.

Case III · 7 years old · plastic suction cup

The lower body stuffed in a plastic suction cup when 7-year-old girl playing house. Parents until a year later, the child has vaginal discharge, perineal swelling and other symptoms only to find foreign objects.


Case Four · · 6 years old screw shell, toy parts ……

6-year-old girl’s vagina out of 10 large and small foreign body includes screw shell, toy parts, stones, plastic beads and so on. These are foreign bodies should be stuffed after another, the duration of about 1–2 years.

Case 5 · 4 years old Battery


4-year-old baby girl, while playing alone in the single button battery into the vagina, resulting in bleeding, vaginal erosion. If not removed, the battery leakage occurs, have greater chemical resistance, even affect future have children.


Similar cases are common in children, parents must pay attention to. In particular the following points, whether at home or male and female Bao Bao, be sure to do it!

1 hot weather, try to avoid giving young children to wear pants.

Pants foreign body injuries to children planted a lot of hidden dangers. Genitalia exposed for a long time, the child will consciously or unconsciously play, filling them things, dirty things with easy access to the urethra or vagina.

Two pairs of school-age children should be positive sex education.

Correct understanding of their own bodies, know how to protect the body, to protect the privacy of children is very important.

3 intensive care, do not ever leave a child alone.

4 to observe the child’s physical and health condition.

If a child has frequent scratching situation genitalia, bleeding, pain, etc., should promptly bring the child to a regular hospital, so as not to lead to serious consequences.

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