Because of the disposable gloves according to the material can be divided into nitrile rubber gloves, PVC gloves and natural latex gloves. So what is the difference between them?

First, the material is different


1. Nitrile rubber gloves: material is NBR a butadiene rubber, the main component is acrylonitrile and butadiene;

2. PVC gloves: material is polyethylene;

3. Natural latex gloves: Material is a natural latex mattress (NR).

Second, the characteristics are different

1, nitrile rubber gloves: nitrile rubber check gloves left hand and right hand can be worn, 100% nitrile rubber natural latex production, no protein, reasonable prevention of protein allergies; key characteristics are durable, acid and alkali-resistant Water-resistant washing; slumbeam surface treatment, preventing slipping of the equipment during application; high tensile strength prevents tear when wear; after powdering, it is easy to wear, and it is reasonable to prevent allergies caused by powder.

2, PVC gloves: weak acidic alkaline; low ionic components; excellent coordination skills and feel; suitable semiconductor materials, LCD screens and computer hard drives and other production process.

3, Natural latex gloves: natural latex gloves with wear resistance, resistance to piercing; strong acid, plant grease, steam diesel and a variety of organic solvents; have universal chemical properties, good resistance; natural Latex gloves features different finger screw design programs, which greatly improves the property, reasonably avoid running.

Third, the main purpose is different

1. Nitrile rubber gloves: key to diagnosis, pharmaceutical, environmental sanitation, beauty and body and food industry, etc. in practice.

2, PVC glove: Applicable to clean room, computer hard disk production, high precision electronic optical, electronic optical electronic device, LCD / DVDLCD screen production, biotechnology, instrumentation, PCB packaging printing and other fields. Widely used environmental hygiene inspection, food industry, industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, paint paint industry, printing and dyeing plant, agriculture, forestry, forest fruit industry, farming, etc.

3, natural latex gloves: can be used as a home, industrial production, diagnosis, beauty skin care and other fields. Suitable for mechanical manufacturing, rechargeable battery processing and manufacturing; glass steel anti-corrosion field, airport installation; aerospace industry; natural environment cleanup and clear.

Nitrile rubber gloves must be payable:

1, can not carry rings or other jewelry in your hand;

2, the nail should be cut on time, can not be too long, to prevent the integer tip leads to harm;

3, avoid sharpening, such as needle, wooden sign, etc .;


4, off-hand sleeve is to gradually take off the back of the wrist, can not be involved from the region of the finger;

5, should pay attention to the specification when picking up, and it will lead to the smoothness of blood, very easy to fall;


6. You must do regular maintenance. If you find that damage is made, it is no longer available.

PVC gloves application FAQ:

1. The disposable PVC glove does not have heat resistance and dielectric strength. Not available for outdoor workplace, certainly not allowed to be used as an insulating glove application.

2, once the disposable PVC glove product is broken, it will not be applied to the actual effect of safety protection.

3, disposable PVC gloves should maintain natural ventilation and dry when storing, avoiding return tide, longhower.

4. When the disposable PVC glove is applied. It is strictly forbidden to touch corrosion chemicals.

Natural latex gloves FAQ:

1. It should be to prevent the organic chemistry such as acid, base, organic solution. 2. If you solve the infectious chemical substance, powder pollin gloves with low protein should be selected. Powder powder and low protein natural latex gloves can reduce the risk factors of skin allergies. However, the natural latex gloves whose low skin allergies can’t reduce the risk factors of latex allergies, and only allergic symptoms caused by organic chemical additives in natural latex gloves.

3. Resolutely implement the work norm to reduce the opportunity of natural latex damage. like:

1) Do not need to apply oil-soluble handedent or toner when wearing a natural latex glove, which will cause the decline or destruction of natural latex gloves.

2) After taking off or remove the natural latex glove, to wash your hands with a soft soap, and completely wipe the arm.

3) For the lost natural latex gloves, it cannot be worn repeatedly (because the gloves may have lost the ability to defend the harmfulness of the defensive power).