[Yibang Power Network News] On the 11th, the news today, Sen Ma e-commerce said to Yubang Power Network, this year, the double 11, its total sales is 650 million yuan, the total order is more than 3 million. It is said that the Sen Ma brand has obtained the 2nd place in Tmall men’s (Barrabara brand).

It is reported that in this year’s double 11 activities, Sen Ma e-commerce sales is 7 minutes to billion yuan, 21 minutes of breaking 200 million yuan, 7 hours over 15 years of double 11 all day performance of 396 million yuan, eventually breaking through 650 million yuan .

Sen Horse said that this year is double 11 activities, the Sen Ma ordline volume exceeds 3 million. In order to solve the problem of logistics shipping, Senma has cooperated with more than ten logistics suppliers, and has prepared more than 3,000 operators and more than 2,000 temporary workers. Plus the O2O store with delivery, planned more than 3 million single within 6 days. Distribution task packaged.

It is said that Sen Ma is also prepared for 1,500 temporary customer service employees, distributed in Changsha, Hangzhou, Jinan, Suzhou, and self-service as a “customer service advisory” in advance. In addition, Senma also introduced “robot smart customer service”, the response speed exceeds 10 times the artificial customer service, and it is expected to solve 20% of consultation during the double 11 period.

Shao Feichun, general manager of Sen Ma E-commerce, said in the summary meeting, the biggest harvest in Double eleven is not just performance, but a very good training ground, is a pressure test of the company and team, through the double eleven can greatly enhance the team synergy ability. Every year, the double eleven makes many new people to participate, they have experienced the second year of the backbone, support the rapid development of the company.

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