In modern society, love is also very important for the choice of jewelery, and you can also display its different identity value. Sometimes a string of fashionable jewelry can reflect a different identity. At the same time, the efficacy of jewelry will help itself. Here, there will be several noble and non-identified jewels for reference.

1, tourmaline

The tourmaline bracelet is color, like a beautiful world. The price of tourmaline is very fluctuated and will appreciate each year.


High quality tourmaline is calculated by gram, and the cheap tourmaline price is also more than 100 yuan. The fascination of the tourmaline is evil, rights, wealth and happiness.

Color tourmaline

2, Brazilian grenurium

Brazilian garnet has red and purple, of which the purple pomegranate is also known as “purple tooth”. The garnet is considered a symbol of faith, firm and simple. People are willing to have, wear and worship it, not only because of its aesthetic decoration value, but more importantly, wearing a garnet bracelet has an incredible magical force, making people fierce, urging, and can be Honorable.


3, powder crystal


The crystal represents the symbol of love in the jewelry, wearing a powder crystal can enhance the pink light in the auto field, which can increase the opposite sex in the emotion, and it is also valid. At the same time, you can soothe, irritated emotions, keep your mood calm.

Powder crystal


The jewelry is still a lot, but the most important thing is to choose a gifted ornament that is suitable for a mood. It can also make the mood comfortable.