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Sunshine Seaview Haoyuan

Bay Bay

District business district

Science and Technology Park


阳光海景豪苑 VS 百丽湾在深圳谁更胜一筹?

Community address

High-tech 4th and Nanhai Avenue Junction

Nanshan Hao Bay Piece District Dongbin Road South

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Property company

阳光海景豪苑 VS 百丽湾在深圳谁更胜一筹?

Shenzhen Flower Year Production Management Co., Ltd.

阳光海景豪苑 VS 百丽湾在深圳谁更胜一筹?

Property costs

2.8 yuan / square meter · month

4.5 yuan / square meter · month

Community supporting facilities PK

The cell is not, the resident water 2.3 yuan / cubic meter sewage treatment fee is calculated according to the water consumption of water, the civilian electricity is 0.68 yuan / degree, the pipeline natural gas price is 3.5 yuan / cubic meters, Songli elevator, 3 ladders 12 households, capacity 10 people For 24 hours patrol, the garbage disposal fee is 13.5 yuan health service fee, the parking space is: more than 240 parking spaces.

The parking space is: 151 parking spaces.

Peripheral supporting PK

Transportation: Bus: 101 Road, 113 Road, 123 Road, 19 Road, 204 Road, Bus 210, 210 Road, 21 Road, 223 Road, 230 Road, 233, 234 Road, 245 Road, 301a Road, 310-315 Loop, 311, 324, 327, 338, 350, 36 Road Subway: Line 1, School: Emperor Jingyuan Kindergarten, Xiaobi Kindergarten, Golden Childhood Art Kindergarten, Shenzhen Nanshan Liangxiang Middle School, Nanshan Experiment School, Nanshan Experiment School Primary School, Kirin Primary, Shenzhen University, Shopping Mall: Renren, Wanchang Department Store China Resources Wanjia Hospital: Nanshan Hospital Liancheng Community Health Service Center, Nanshan Hospital Bank: China Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Development Bank, Everbright Bank Other: Near Mountain Park, Zhongshan Park

Transportation: 201 Road 204 Road No. 210 Road Short Line 226 Road 234 Road 301a Road 310-315 Road 323 Road 331 Road 332 Road 338 Road 355 Road 367 Road 368 Road 395 Road 42 Road 78 Road M200 N11 Road Airport 10 School: Nanyi Yang Kindergarten, Haihai Kindergarten, Jiajiahao Kindergarten, Haishu Great Wall Kindergarten, Binhai Window, Nanshan Kindergarten, Beibei English Kindergarten, etc. China, Second Middle School, Shekou Middle School, Shekou Primary School, Shenzhen University, Shopping Mall: Coast City, Tianhong Shopping Mall, Wal-Mart Shopping Plaza, Haiya Department Store and other Hospitals: South Oil Hospital, Shekou Hospital, Joint Hospital, South Houhai Residential Area (21-01 Blocks) Planning has a comprehensive hospital for a bank: construction bank, China Merchants Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, etc. Other: Metro Line 2 is opened in 2010

阳光海景豪苑 VS 百丽湾在深圳谁更胜一筹?

Sunshine Seaview Haoyuan

Sunshine Seaview Haoyuan

Bay Bay

Bay Bay