How to do the seasons, how to do, there is a sweater everything OK!


The autumn festival has passed, and it is time to come to the summer and autumn. The morning and evening gradually turned cold, the weather is cold and cold, the sweater is the necessary single product, the light breathable is still very comfortable, single wear or use, it is suitable, easy to help you with the season.

Short-sleeved knitted tabs are thicker than the hot sleeve thickening in summer day, and it can be wear when temperate in the morning and evening. Long-sleeved knitters are not very hot now.

Liu Wen


Gigi Hadid


And jeans is simple and refreshing, and the Chic is full.

The tight-fitting sweater is equipped with a skirt, which is simple and elegant and temperament.


Ivanka Trump

If you want to show a good figure, choose this short sweater, outline the exquisite curve.

A word-collar sweater is soft, and the concave shape cannot be less.

Song Qian


Red Velvet member Joy


Kendall Jenner

When Guri Naga was attending Fendi event, the upper body was tied to the horizontal stripes to tender short-sleeved sweater, and the lower body was mixed with a black high waist skirt. The foot wears high heels to take high stockings, sexy and beautiful, highlighting your body.


The knitted sweater of this collar is now very popular, but the girl with a thick neck should pay attention to the lightning.


Bella Hadid

Top: Mandkha

Pants: Miss Sixty X Elizabeth Sulcer

Shoes: Balenciaga Package: Fendi

The loose style of the knit sweater is also a good choice, comfortable, and there is not much limited limits. Zhou Dongyu wears a red V-shaped short-sleeved knit sweater, under the lower body wearing a Carven denim skirt, foot black thick-soled shoes, hands with white woven ring bag, pure and energetic.





Shoes: NIKE




Top: streesese

Skirt: SJYP


Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Package: Chanel

Put on a sweater with perspective elements, show your fashion care machine.


Scenes are wearing a black perspective in the knitted tape, wearing a black skirt. Feet wear Dior canvas shoes, back Dior shoulder bag, fashion cool and lose women.

Qiao Xinyin wore Alexander McQueen’s black and white grille perspective knit shirt, with a skirt and small white shoes, pure girl felt the face.


Knitted hay with jeans or skirts, more sports.


Gu Li Naza


In addition to single wear, the knitted sweater can also be used out. A long-sleeved knit sweater with a cardigan in a short sleeve or vest. It can also make the whole need to make a better level, elegant and charming.

Karlie Kloss


Li Feier


Package: gucci

Shoes: Balenciaga


Jin Chen

Package: Goyard

Brand: Sundry

Current price: ¥ 1307

Brand: M missoni

Current price: ¥ 2182

Brand: Comme des Garcons Play

Current price: ¥ 2088

Brand: Another A

Current price: ¥ 619.39

Brand: Yuppe


Current price: ¥ 395.88

Brand: uRAGO

Current price: ¥ 289.12

Brand: rail

Current price: ¥ 470.38


Brand: Cushnie et chn


Current price: ¥ 4485.11

With the improvement of gentle temperament and thin breathable sweater, is it no longer worried about what to wear?

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