We work hard, strive to make money, to give yourself, give your family a better life. In the case of a house, the house may not have high requirements for the residence, or it will not spend too much time to decorate, because it is true for others.

However, when the house is yourself, I want to lay it into the way you want! Furniture is the best concentrated building at home! If you have trouble, you will be against it! At this time, simple furniture can alleviate visual fatigue in tension.

Simple is not implicit monotonous and blanking, but the maximum role in functional practicality, simple, but absolutely not simple!

There are many solid wood furniture brands on the market, and the marketing promotion is dazzling! In fact, Yuan’s wood, federal furniture, Qu-American home, double-leaf furniture big brand good products often do not need too much propaganda!

氏 木 语

Qi’s wood speaking simplicity to the ultimate, Tmall Mall is a pure solid wood furniture to far more than the second solid wood furniture brand, whether it is sales or cost performance.

Yuan’s wood is the next show, and its products fully reflect the essence of “simple”. Such as the source of the woodbelry TV cabinet.

This series selection North American FAS-level white wax wood as the main material, New Zealand pine wood is auxiliary material, white wax wood high-density structure is stable, tough texture, not easy to deform, 100% pure solid wood, no skin, no finger, unmanned panel, Reduce glue use as much as possible. And use plant wooden wax oil, does not contain harmful substances, showing white wax wood abundance texture, retains its natural touch, solving formaldehyde problems from the source, and is more durable.

The source of the Wood Belle TV cabinet is called practical and color. The long wire hole hole of the TV cabinet is suitable for multiple data lines, unscrewing the black round heads and pulls the board to pull the board to pull the black back panel, not limited to the wall socket position, closely rely on the wall, fully Meet people’s needs.


The source of Wusi Beibei can be combined with a TV cabinet or a snack cabinet next to the sofa. 105 cm high design, do not have to be bent to take items, the highness of the table is also just right, and the use of comfort is improved. In addition to the spacious, the counter is more skirting, which can prevent items from being rolled, and the articles are also placed. The edges of the surroundings have also made a sharp stronthetization, preventing daily bumper injuries, saying that it is not overwhelmed by the suitable temperament.


2. Federal furniture

Federal furniture is one of the earliest and original furniture designs of the industry, and the product matrix is ​​huge, the product quality is not good.

Such as the federal northern European style solid wood bed, the bed is strictly selected from the southeast Asian rubber wood to create, wood hard and corrosion, clear texture, its skeleton is made of jennel production, the wood is tough, the bending resistance, and the wood Enjoy comfortable sleep.


The solid wood bed is up to 52 cm, the angle is slightly tilted, and the back is brought to the back, which has long been not tired. The corner portion of the bed is carefully polished to prevent accidental bumps. The box floor also uses imported rubber wood, and it is convenient to accommodate, and it is convenient to accommodate.

3. Qumerald

Qu-American Furniture is China’s leading set of large-scale standardized furniture groups integrating design, production and sales, accounting for extremely broad markets at home and abroad.

Qu-American furniture style, does not send a simple style of practical products, such as Qume’s furniture oak solid wood dining table, using white oak as the main material, this wood is solid, it is difficult to deform, it can resist wear, and use all solid wood The large board straightforward process, reducing the internal stress of the wood, ensuring the stability of the furniture, let the texture of the dining table and chairs are more clear and beautiful.


Whether it is a dining table or a dining chair, it uses the humanized design of the rounded corner, highlighting the beauty, more comfort and practical feelings. In addition, the dining chair is designed with a tilt of 105 °, coupled with arc backrest design, sedentary, more excellent orientation.


4. Double leaf furniture

Double-leaf furniture is a big brand that attaches great importance to the design. It has new products almost every year. Its design is close to nature, closer to life, is good at absorbing international fashion elements and integrates it into the design.

The product system of double-leaf furniture is extremely large, and the product is more dazzling, and its simple design is extremely concerned. Such as double leaf furniture modern minimalist desk chairs. As the main material of Water Quli as a protective material, the material of these two sheets is extremely tough, beautiful wood, and durable.

The desk uses double score design, convenient for daily storage, easy to get, the corner is filled with rounded design, smooth round, prevent bumps from more safe. The desk is more recognized by a literal wood, a human glyph, strong stable and easy to clean. The curved chair, put the cushion, and it is not tired for a long time.


5. Bright furniture

Since the creation of the brand, the bright furniture is a professional route, and the original concept is implemented. Bright furniture has multiple solid wood furniture series, and its products cover the entire home furniture field, and its simple style is favored.

For example, the bright furniture “Yue makeup” series of dressing table, the main material is used to use red oak, treated by varnish, the texture is clear, and the load gravity is higher. The side panels use pine wood, which is also a rare solid wood, durable.

The smack of the dressing table is simple, the table is round, the spacious desktop is sufficient to accommodate many cosmetics, and the elliptical dressing mirror uses a retro metal piece with a red oak border, and the angle can be arbitrarily tune, which is more in line with people’s daily usage habits.

The dressing stool is made of red oak production, the stool is stable, and the radians are designed, which also makes the cushion are not slidable, more practical.

The biggest charm of furniture is that it is active, and it is definitely the quality quality pass. At the same time, simple furniture is not simple, not simple! It is precisely less excued, maximizing practicality, more highlighting taste, like


Quen, federal furniture, Qumera, double-leaf furniture, bright furniture

Waiting for several brands! As for which one to choose, look at the personal needs and preferences!