This is a traditional British bears was featured since the birth of the product. Mention trench coat and plaid will be able to associate its name: the history of Burberry, behind the classic dating back to the 1950s of the 19th century.


Trench coat Past and Present

In 1856, founder Thomas Burberry in a small town in Hampshire, England opened up a name to his name Burberry outdoor clothing shop.

In 1879 it invented the Da Hua (gabardine) twill fabric, the main features are


Waterproof, lightweight, strong, breathable

. For the rain when Yin Hua London in terms of fabric it is simply a treasure, and even by the time of King Edward VII’s favor. After also specify Burberry

As the British army during the First World War, senior military uniforms.

Good waterproof performance can also be use as a raincoat, Tielocken rain coat is the most famous one-stop period of the shirt, which is now

Classic trench coat Trench Coat.


90% of people do not know the cold knowledge windbreaker

Today version and details the market structure has imitated most windbreaker trench coat, but 90% of people do not know the coat

Each of these components are related to the military usefulness.




The most original coat color is khaki. Close to the color of dust, easy to camouflage military, the role of self-protection.


Gun flap / Chest mattress

Use as a cushion gun. There are firearms to reduce the recoil action of the shoulder, can prevent rain water gun piston and other parts.



May be linked to rank, backpack straps can be prevented from slipping.


The main function is to prevent the infiltration of rainwater in the cuffs.



When a row of buttons to prevent the fighting was pulled falling, another row of buttons may still wind or as a backup to prevent rainwater infiltration.

D ring


Rings on both sides of the belt, can be linked to maps, hand grenades and other light military weapons.


Rain back sheet

Can tighten their belts when it rains, the rain will drip down the cloth. It is equivalent to the role of a roof.


Hem fork

Forked design coat hem primarily to facilitate the march on horseback.

From the battlefield to the fashion circle

After the war, first from the battlefield trench coat she walked into the living. Use functional in daily life is also very practical. Neutral concise style, both men and women. Neat handsome male models, Ms. models based mainly in order to highlight the waist to show the gentle curve.

50 years of the last century Hollywood movies let trench coat entered the threshold of the fashion circle. Another classic Audrey Hepburn wore in section “Breakfast at Tiffany” in that trench coat.

“Waterloo Bridge” also appeared trench coat.


And because the movie star, but also by the influence of Hollywood stars, which shares the European heat from the fire to the United States. Fashion circles with keen sense of smell also put it in the bag,

Since then, the wartime uniforms has become the leading fashion jacket.

This emerged from the trenches to the classic Burberry’s always been the C bit. Experienced the baptism of the war years, and from the practical to function turned gorgeous fashion trends, which condensed the history of precipitation also hidden

Another British traditional features: Plaid.


Low-key calm rational beauty

Burberry Plaid very low-key, in 1924 only to be used as a coat lining until 1967 and only then Plaid spent on other single product. Burberry checkered pattern is combined with the

The Prince of Wales and Scotland grid pattern characteristic of both.

Scottish pattern

The late 19th century, Scottish royal family has their own pattern Plaid, Plaid has become a symbol of family status. Generally common colors red, black, white, yellow, and blue components. Scotland pattern features are: classical, colleges and handsome.

The Prince of Wales grid

By the Prince of Wales, it is the late 19th century Edward VII personally named in power, its small dense texture. Compared Scotland pattern, delicate texture Prince of Wales grid of black and white and gray of the main tone is more elegant calm.


Burberry Check crisscross arrangement with land closer Scotland.

Scotland neat straight lines straight line has the same characteristics cool.


Steady low-key beauty of the shadow of the Prince of Wales grid. One source of beauty is not obvious warm and cold colors, neutral color

: Black, white and tan.


In camel for the background, black and white, the same thickness interspersed staggered. Thin red lines brightens black and white, light tan neutral colors, the contrasting color on collision, but does not completely moderate saturation and significant unexpected illegal.

Overlapping intersection between the lines forming a color contrast to the actual situation of the visual level.


The Burberry Check is simple because entirely by the lines, but it is also simple not simple composition. Color and color the actual situation of conflict enriches the visual level, seemingly single straight up the regular pattern of different size of the area, but not completely regular pattern did not messy.


The relatively strong curve or line dynamic sense inclined, horizontal or vertical straight lines are biased static. Intersecting vertical and horizontal straight lines but also a prudent rational beauty.


Cross Reference

Plaid pattern nobility, with royal elegance calm and beautiful, but also not play a low-key presence. It is the UK’s traditional patterns, it is another big sign of Burberry. With the change in fashion trends, Plaid also derived from the N shape styles, but eventually “original aim.” You can mimic the appearance, color can be changed, except the beauty of Burberry plaid pattern is the real British manufacturing.

Tat-wah, it’s enough to withstand the fabric trench coat rainy London changeable weather, national characteristics Plaid pattern long history. Classic began in function, style and history is the foundation of the soul of the brand, but also the classic spanning half a century. Burberry is pure British descent, trench coat and plaid is the best present “the nation is the world.”