Orbin ostensoring milk

What brand is the lotion? This Oribbia penetrated milk is divided into moisturizing and whitening lotion, which can be reasonably selected according to their skinily and demand, a moisturizing lotion, a very good moisturizing, is soft, and the water is flexible. This product has a mineral containing mineral, so it is recommended to pay attention to the acne skin.

Lanzhi Water Heavy Moisturizing Emissions

Lange from Korean skin care brands is loved by our customers. As soon as the water-raised moisturizing lotion is very suitable for the young girl. Very nice moisturizing effect is very good for skin absorption, there will be no greasy feelings, for neutral skin and unparalleled skin MMs are very good for moisturizing hydrating.


Muscle research white moisturizing lotion

The muscle research white moisturizing emulsion uses the ingredients such as bear fruits and dimensions, which have a whitening effect. It can inhibit melanin, improve the dullness of skin, and uneven skin tone. Muscle research white moisturizing milk liquid is a flowing emulsion, relatively thin, strong fluidity, and it is very good to be absorbed by skin. Long-term use, can effectively distinguish the pigmentation and brighten your skin. After using the skin care water, click on the face, then gently massage, pay attention to avoid the eye week.


Flower gathering moisturizer

This flower is very popular in the lottery, which is rich in horse teeth, snow grass, wax, lavender, etc. natural plant ingredients.

A layer of protective film can be established around the skin cells to achieve soothing effect. Thus enhances the resistance of the skin, moisturizing the skin, deeply supplementing the nutrients lacking in the dry skin, effectively confrontational, and closing with acne,

Improve acne muscle and sensitive muscle.


Suitable for any skin use, while the effect of sensitive muscle and acne muscle is very good.

It is also rich in various plants hydrating ingredients, and it is possible to provide confidential care for the skin all day.

In-depth penetration of the skin, create a smooth and delicate water-thorn “honeymous muscle”, no matter what environment presents moist and long-lasting skin.

This watermast has a pure Chinese medicine flavor, and the face is easy to absorb, the moisturizing is sufficient, and it will not be greasy, and the face is soft and tender. Adhere to the use, the skin will slowly restore the water balance, I have used it for about a month, I found that my own color is obvious, it is indeed whitening skin color, moisturizing shrink pores,

There is also acne on the face, and it has really improved a lot.

Let my skin get more and more water!

Autumn and winter super easy to use moisturizing lotion recommended: so that the skin becomes more and more healthy, water is rich