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日本潮牌Baby Milo在华维权三年终胜诉

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Japanese famous tidal brand BAPE BABY MILO finally ended the road of 3 years.

Baby Milo has a iconic monkey image, its operators in mainland China are the subsidiaries of Hong Kong I.T Group.

Recently, the Liaoning Provincial Senior People’s Court maintained a first-instance judgment in the second trial (final judgment), identified the copyright of Zhongshan Anyi 猿 服 服 有限 恶 恶 恶 公司 公司 公司 权 权 权 权 权 权 中 权 中 中 中Co.

One party I.T Group believes that the “APE TEES” or “Anyi Pacific” brand appeared in the market, its brand logo, product design, store decoration and exhibition and Baby Milo are very similar, which is easy to cause the public confusion.

It is understood that “APE TEES” or “An Yi” brand was operated by Zhongshan An Yiyi Clothing Co., Ltd., which was established in 2011, and its affiliates (such as Rui’an Solomon Footwear Co., Ltd.) or holds or holds a trademark. Brands, products are not associated with IT Group, and IT Group has never directly or indirectly authorized these companies to use Baby Milo prototype design or development derivative design.

In addition, “APE TEES” trademark holder-Ruian Somono Shoes Co., Ltd. also applied for dozens of registered dozens of trademarks with other trademarks or well-known work names with higher market visits. .

According to the interface, it has previously reported that from Ermenegildo Zegna, Muji, Ralph Lauren to the nearest Jordan, the number of trademark infringement disputes involved in many well-known overseas brands has shown long, and the case has been repeated, and the second trial failure rate is higher. problem.

Some lawyers also said that sometimes the grassroots court claims to protect national brands, may also participate in acceptance of bribery, causing increased difficulty in litigation.

In the past, in order to strive for the development of the market, the legal consultant sometimes recommended that the company has bypass the lawsuit. By purchasing the rush of the trademark, replacing the company’s registration name and trademark form, we will win the first advantage of emerging markets, but this is undoubtedly Indulgerate the gang of infringement.

“In the case of intellectual property cases, a judgment is 18 months to 24 months, and this time is still suitable for a case in cases, such as the Beijing Intellectual Property Court or Shanghai Intellectual Property Court.” A intellectual property lawyer Fashion to the interface, the longer the Chinese busy court trial time, but the brands still like to prosecute in the north, because the judges in these areas are relatively experienced. “