Million Angel Round Financing, Flower and Flower Positioning Female User

New consumption investment slows down, what is the next track worth investing?

Previously, the red bouting agency Zeng Wen said that the functional food beverage of the financing is over 20, and the two major cavity of over 5 billion in half a year is worthy of attention. In addition to the article, the red bowl is also optimistic about this emerging alcohol segmentation.

According to the Statistics of the Spirit Vcer, in September this year, the food and beverage industry investment incidents have a total of 13, including 13 alcohol, in addition to the Helens bistro, Moutai Trees, Moutai Trees, and more than half of them are new. Wine WiMo grape sumation, low-created beer new zero and other low wine brands.

It is understood that flowers and flowers are a low-level fancy wine brand with female consumers, and the brand has completed 2 million angel round financing in the near future. This round of financing is investred by Zhou Chengjun. This round of financing is mainly used for all aspects of brand building, product development, marketing promotion and team construction.

Flower and Flower Creation Man Wang Xiande said: “With the upgrade of low wine, the fruit wine is no longer a traditional single taste of fruit wine, but it refers to everything with fruit, The low-level wine drinks related to the taste of juice, and the taste of the flower, and tea are a more subcompellent eye in the field of low wine industry. “

The next flowers and flowers will be used as the medium with a low-temperature fermented sweet wine with flowers and fruits, with ‘micro-醺’ and ‘self-pleasing’ ‘followed the core product positioning concept of the heart’, quickly align the girl’s drinking this The inner demand of things, quickly embrace 85-00, young people’s preferences.

Business opportunity behind female users

Flowers and flowers are actually not the first business of Wang Xiande. He once launched the original denim brand “Aiken Aikken” as a joint founder, and successfully obtained the financing of Jade capital of 20 million yuan. During this time, the brand is clearly targeted as a sexy cowboy, with visual ideas as the core tactics, adopts fashionable fast supply chain operation mode, with “tidal brand speed” as brand operation method, and jumps into e-commerce platform categories TOP3. The brand visual presentation technique of Aiken cowboy has become a classic case that Alibaba will build a course in the training brands in the next few years.

Based on the experience of Aiken Cowbi, Wang Xiande grew from the Internet Xiaobai to an e-commerce “veteran”, so when he started from starting a business, he still put his eyes in the e-commerce industry and planned to create a fresh e-commerce platform. However, due to many problems in fruit storage, supply chain transportation, online sales, etc., in order to reduce losses, on the basis of the fruit itself, the extension of product dimensions from the direction of fruit products.

From the garment industry to the women’s clothing, then to the sexy cattle carefully, this is the idea of ​​Wang Xiande to love the cowboy, and “Fresh-Fruit-Fruit Wine” is the origin of the flower and flowers.

“Too juice with fruits, there are too many players of the drink, but the fruit wine is the fine sequential class in the wine, and there are many can develop space.” Wang Xiande said, “Different from the father’s love in white wine, the young generation has been drinking wine New requirements. In recent years, wine has appeared Chinese brands under the promotion of the consumption of young ethnic groups, and I believe that fellow wine can also become a separate category like wine. “

The CBNDATA “2020” Wine Consumption Insight “shows that the growth rate of the consumption rate of fruit wine in the past two years is more than 50%. Among them, “90 after 95”, the mainstream of the consumption of the line, the water “90, after 90, 95” in 2020, 95 “, the fruit wine growth is second only to the white wine, the second. Flowers and flowers are suturing from flowers, and they are catering to the trend of young consumer.

In Tmall “618” alcoholism, low-alcohol sales increased by 80% during June 1st to 3rd, which continued to exceed liquor and other categories. Up to now, this year’s low-alcohol financing incident has exceeded 20, Berry sweetheart, embarrassment, ten o’clock, etc., etc., etc., etc., continues to obtain financing, Jingjing Venture, CPE source and even even byte beats are strong to add low wine. Race.

Capital optimistic low wine is not difficult to understand, under the weight of life, the young people are urgently looking for an export of releasing stress, and the low wine, slightly, alien, alone, etc. It is better than a “Tickets for the Tips for the time being. “, Attract countless young people pay for this moment. Some insiders said that 80% of China’s low-quality wine is a female group consumption, but the market is not very good to meet the needs of consumer groups. The rise of “her strength” has supported a low-level wine track and will continue to expand the space of this track, seize women consumers into the focus of low wine players.

Wang Xiande said: “We have found that women, especially young women, whether it is business entertainment or daily small-scale case scene, and also feels that this group needs to be low. Easy, the entrance is soft and more value.

Female groups, flowers and flowers, with flowers and fruits. In mid-September, the flower and flowers, Tmall shops online, a total of four products, Qingmei wine, osmanthus wine, cherry-sakura, a total of low temperature and slow fermentation crafts, flowers, rice, rice wine, 12 ° aluminum At the same time, it provides a slightly sensation, and the product is online in the first month of the product.

Brand upgrade speed development

Wang Xiande told the red bouting agency. In fact, in 2017, the team has developed and explored the research and development of fuccoism in the name of “Huayuan”. 4 years, now upgraded the brand to the brand new “Flower and Flower” brand.

“Because I was born from the product manager, I insisted that I was completely independent research and development, and I didn’t matter if I spent a long time.” In the early days of spending, due to the less than fruit wine in the market The lack of referring cases, and the team is also from e-commerce to do a wine industry, lacking experience in product development, production, etc., the first hundred-day wine has been formed for a whole year, and this product passes through crowdfunding form. Market verification is inspiring in terms of tense, but in terms of key links such as warranty.

“As a start-up company, there are too many costs in product research and development, and all aspects of the quality control process are not completely mature. This makes us missed the time window of the fruit wine market, and the truth is true to pay a tuition fee. Wang Xiande frank.

Reconscious this, Wang Xiande decided to find a partner and supplement the wine industry professionals to build a core team accelerated company development. It is understood that the two partners and Wang Xiande are coming from Wuhan University. Among them, the general manager Wang Jie is a professional manager, and it is also a national secondary wine, and has had a small-scale old winery to create a local leader in the trader of local leading enterprises. Supply chain resources, there are also adequate experience in product development and taste innovation, and empower spent and product development and product development. And another partner Zhang Wei, it itself is also the traditional wine enterprise sales, with a 12-year integration promotion first-line experience, and a variety of alcoholic resources are rich in resources, providing protection with Huayuan offline.

“Brand Upgrade” is the first step after completing the establishment of the founding team. Wang Xiande believes that the current young people should not be bound by the so-called wine table culture. Drinking this thing is more happy to help, self-pleasure. “Female girlfriends gathering to celebrate, please share the happy sharing at the small place, sleep late, self-relaxation, it should be simpler, more direct.” So, freedom, casual, self-sufficiency is the core concept of the company, At the same time, the fashion elements, flowers and flowers are finally positioned as fashion tide brands.

In terms of supply chain, different from the autonomous production period during the flower, flowers and flowers to the production of flowers to professional wine companies. At present, flowers and flowers and history have been deeply cooperated with historical growth of 200 years, rich professional brewing history and quality water source provide protection. In terms of product, flowers and flowers are made with low-temperature slow fermentation and ultra-micro-hole, using fresh petals, fruit juice, glutinous rice fermentation, extraction of fermentation liquid alcohol, maximum stay With all natural aroma and nutrients in grain and figs, insist on providing 0 flavors, 0 pigments, 0 sweets, 0 preservatives.

During the 2017-2018 period, the development of brand development is affected by the growth of the brand, Wang Xiande will learn from the management model and gameplay of the current operating clothing brand to the flower wine industry. Flowers and flowers will use the “Platform + Fast Anti-anti-” operation mode to ensure the quality and taste of the wine, through the series to build a product packaging high-quality multi-taste, quickly introduce new, maximize the maximum to ensure brand Activity, large-scale covers more young love drinking and pursuit of micro-drinking states, realizing the rapid start of the product, and provides prerequisites for the creation of products and market detonation.

In order to improve the product color and identification to attract consumers, flowers and flowers join hands with the new foundation designer Zeng Ling to cooperate to conduct product image upgrades. It is understood that the brand will launch the “landscape series” flower wine, continuation of Guilin mountain water IP image packaging.