According to “New York Post” on February 14, the US Somalian Women’s Members Irhan Omar were exposed to the main fundrailist Tim Menite during marriage. Her husband Ahmed Hilli was allegedly in the love scene of two people wearing pajamas.


According to the British “Daily Mail”, last spring, Hillsea suddenly visited Omar in the Washington DC in Washington, and found that the wife was derailed.

A source told the “Daily Mail” saying: “After he walked into the apartment, I found Omar and Tim to wear couple pajamas, obviously two people have a love relationship.”

According to sources, Hillsea found “anger and shame” after discovering the unfair relationship between the two. He doubted Omal to be derailed, but Omar has been complaining that he is “too paranoid” and insisted that he and the children stayed in Minnesota.

It is reported that then Hill West divorced in November last year and remarried again on December 12.

The “Daily Mail” invokes anonymous sources, saying that Hilsi and family with the “Dai Green Hat” have reached a financial agreement with Omar’s family, and Hilli is prohibited from talking about him and his wife divorce. Also, if Hill West can go to the mouth, he will get $ 250,000 in the next six years.

Today, 37-year-old Omar and 38-year-old Tim refused to comment on their relationship. The wife of Tim at the time, 55 years old Beth Mynett disclosed the complex relationship between Omar and its main fundraising.

Mi Nayt, the current divorced, has a campaign financing consulting company E street group, which has been working in Omar’s campaign team since July 2018.

The latest file of the Federal Election Commission, last three months last year, Omar’s campaign team paid $ 216,564 to Mi Nate.

At present, the “Washington Post” requires Omar to comment on this, and has not received a reply.