Autumn and winter sweater, woven!

“Send autumn welcoming winter”


Alpaca velvet rough line


800 grams


San Yan brand iron needle 5mm, 4.5mm


18-pin x27 line



Long 64cm, bust 120cm

Work show:

Weaving instructions:

The knit notes are as follows: (front and rear suture, suture, sleeves, collar circles)

Front panel:

4.5mm pin 116 needle (start to weave 3 needles, intermediate double thread, end 3 needle on the needle) 10 line double thread end.

Front slide:

Change 5MM knit 31 needle, 15-pin rhombus pattern, 8 needles, 8-pin flower, 8 needles, 15-pin rhombus pattern, 31 needle, press the top.


Strip to 41 cm time, the left and right, respectively, according to 2-1-3, 4-1-6, 6-1-1, 10 lines do not reduce the end of 39 needle shoulders.

Dieted to 49 cm, 6 pins, 2-1-6. From the lower part of the branch, weaving 19 cm.


4.5mm pin 116 needles (start to weave 3 needles, intermediate double thread, end 3 needles under needle) to weave 16 lines, double threads!


Rear film emotion:

Mid 8 knitted twists (6 lines), 54 knitted needles on both sides;


Strip to 49 cm, the axillary weave is the same as the front piece! From the underarm of 19 cm, the nest is 32-pin, and the two shoulders will be closed by the 39-pin, which should be at 2-2-1, 2-1-1.

Wear sleeves:

The face is facing the front, starting from the underarm, 4.5cm needle picks 92 pins along the edge of the cage, and the 5cm needle begins to weave. First weaving a row, and then use i-cord 1-pin hardened method (this L-Vord1 needle harness method is all included in Baidu video search.) Then use a 5 cm needle to pick up 92-pin ring from the i-cord injection, 2 6 cm per 4 rows, 3 knitting 1-pin 48 needles to start weaving double rib 21 line harness .

V collar:

4.5mm picked 128 pins (front collar 48 + 48, the collar 32 needles) first weaving a row, and then close the needle with the I-Cord1 pin.

• END •


Autumn fairy tale