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Starting from the earliest smart bracelet, I developed the habit of wearing smart equipment on the wrist. Then afterwards Apple ecology, select Apple Watch under Apple Ecology. Indecent smart watches have no small advantages in practicality and playability than smart bracelets, but they still have a lot of pain points in the use experience.

The first is a square dial to have a little violated in the traditional watch. Secondly, it is the endurance problem of smart watches. It needs to charge the impact of charging for the experience of the experience. The most intuitive is that I will not use smart watch to measure sleep conditions. One point is for health management functions, although the function is basically completely complete, but it is basically hard to think about it in daily life. Based on these pain points, let’s see how Vivo just released Vivo Watch 2 performance?

1316L stainless steel quality, texture online

At first-handed Vivo Watch 2, the value of the value has been consistently recognized by the editorial department. The round dial design is also close to the traditional watch on the wear, the screen of the watch is slightly higher than the table, and the content in the screen is more stereo, and the existence of the dial border is desolated.

Vivo Watch 2

Vivo Watch 2 screen is a 1.43-inch AOD all-weather display, the screen resolution reaches 466 * 466, and the PPI has reached 326, and the display effect of the overall content is quite good.

In weight, it is benefited from 316L stainless steel material adopted by the body, and the weight of Vivo Watch 2 reaches 47g (excluding the strap portion), with a light gray fluoroebeloid strap with breaking color, not in the texture Indusality.

「有料评测」vivo WATCH 2 评测:质感在线的“后来者”

In the selection of the dial, there are more than 100 dials for the dial shop to choose from, and most importantly, these dials are free, no additional charges. Personally feel that the explorer series of dials are more interesting, and can display temperature, ocean flow, wind, moon phase, star map according to the location of the city.

Vivo Watch 2 rich dial

「有料评测」vivo WATCH 2 评测:质感在线的“后来者”

Overall, Vivo Watch 2 is designed online, round dials are also in line with most people’s aesthetic habits. At the same time, the stainless steel body is also very online. Whether you are used to traditional watches or a general smart watch, Vivo Watch 2 does not disappoint you in design.

2ESIM independent communication, let go of your phone

I believe many users who use smart watches have encountered such a scene. When exercising exercise training, I don’t want to carry a heavy mobile phone with you, but I hope to use smart watches to record their own training status. So the independent communication function of smart watches is especially important for those who love sports.

The VIVO WATCH 2 is equipped with the ESIM independent communication function, which can select the independent number or “one double terminal” in accordance with the usage requirements, and the VIVO Watch 2 after the opening can perform a series of operations without the mobile phone. However, the opening of the relevant services will produce different tariffs according to the different local operators.

After the opening, the test can be made from the mobile phone to navigate, tax, listen to music, call, send and receive information, display payment, and other common functions, and stronger in independence. For the backup party or the Sports Party, Vivo Watch 2 will help you let go of your mobile phone but you can still enjoy your convenience of your smartphone.

314 days, return time, farewell to anxiety

「有料评测」vivo WATCH 2 评测:质感在线的“后来者”

When transitioning from a smart bracelet to a smart watch, the biggest obstacle is the endurance problem. When it is accustomed to the life-fire time of the smart bracelet for 3-4 weeks, it is very uncomfortable when you need to charge the smart watch. So the case where the smart product records sleep is basically abandoned.

This time the VIVO WATCH 2 officially claims to turn off the independent communication function for 14 days, and after opening the independent communication function, it still maintains a week’s life. Although the experience has limited time, in the overall experience of 5 days, Vivo Watch 2 consumes from 50% to 24%, so the officially given the data may still be more conservative.

In terms of charging, the officially given data is at 25 ° C or less, full of time within 2 hours. We tested this 12% (about 1/4) watches for the charging time of the charging time, from 24% until it took 74 minutes. This grade is quite good for a product of a life of about 7 days.

Vivo Watch 2 charging test

In terms of battery life, although Vivo Watch 2 is in the end of the independent communication function, even if it is a weekly life, it is the level of the first echelon in the intelligent watch in the same period. Under the 1.43-inch screen, supporting independent communication can reach a week’s life-saving time, experience full of experience.

4 24/7 health test, always online

A small partner using a smart watch should be like me, when I just get a smart watch, I will measure my blood oxygen, I will measure my blood oxygen, my heart rate, but when I am used to wearing smart watches, it may be a few weeks Will not test it, so many people’s smart watches have become a display.

Based on this pain point, the health detection function on Vivo Watch 2 can be solved. For general users, the detection frequency is set to intelligence. For users with demand, it can also be set to real-time monitoring, but will bring the power consumption.

Health automatic detection

「有料评测」vivo WATCH 2 评测:质感在线的“后来者”

In health detection, the most unexpectedly, Vivo Watch 2 can be recorded in the lunch break in addition to the sleep conditions, in addition to the sleep conditions.

「有料评测」vivo WATCH 2 评测:质感在线的“后来者”


Last talk

「有料评测」vivo WATCH 2 评测:质感在线的“后来者”

In recent years, Vivo’s aesthetics has always been online, this Vivo Watch 2 is also a good proof. In the process of use, Vivo Watch 2 is optimized in the localized content, especially the function of the JOVI voice assistant, as long as the opening says the alarm, check the blood oxygen And other functions, and if you match the smart ecology hardware of Vivo, you can also use your watch as a “JOVI Terministic” terminal device to achieve all IoT experiences for all-join, full scenes, and full interaction.

For users who have not worn smart watches, 1299 yuan Vivo Watch 2 is very worthpassing. Although in the smart watch field, Vivo is not the first person to eat crabs. However, in Vivo Watch 2, Vivo’s “ambition” is full, there is a taste of the later people. Based on the status of Vivo in the field of technology, we have complete reason to believe that Vivo will also compete in the smart watch field.

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Vivo Watch 2