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IKEA also played a cross-border,

And the span is far more imagination,

IKEA’s first casual apparel series,

Survive in Australia!


# 01:


IKEA cross-border into the clothing market


IKEA’s big name, I believe that no one knows no one, everyone has not paid here when buying furniture.

People’s impression of IKEA is furniture manufacturers, but IKEA is not satisfied with this definition, and actively breaks the secondary wall, playing cross-border!

(Image Source: Dailymail)

This time IKEA has directly across the apparel industry from the furniture.

Efterträda leisure series apparel designed and launched by IKEA, will start a limited edition in Australia on May 13!

Efterträda is not as casual costume, but it is better to say a concept product.

There are not only T-shirts, hoodies, as well as a series of related products such as water cups, shopping bags, towels and keychains.

The price of these products is as follows:


T-shirt 19 Australian dollar, hoodie 49 Australian dollar, water bottle 6 Australian dollar, towel 22.5 AU dollars, tote bag 10 Australian dollar, keychain 4 AUD.

This series of most eye-catching features is the two-dimensional code … Although the clothes are simple white, it also integrates the Yellow White of the IKE LOGO.

But let a lot of people are ill,


IKEA LOGO is also above,

People who know know that this is a new costume design, I don’t know, it may take information about IKEA …


After all, it is not much more than IKEA.

# 02:

The Efterträda series is gradually loud

Although in Australia, the EFTERTRÄDA series is nothing famous, but this series has been in Japan for the first time in Japan last May last year.

The results are very happy!

For this two-dimensional code design, it is not just some young people, and even the middle-aged groups are very like.


And in the design philosophy of this series of products, it also includes environmental elements, which also makes many environmental protectionists more sought after.


It has been a good promotion effect in Japan, and IKEK decided to move the Efterträda series to Australia for the second trial.


At the same time, this series will also be launched in South Korea, Singapore and other places.

Maria Langford, the person in charge of the IKEA in Australia, said, “We are very happy to provide a complete, comprehensive clothing and accessories series for the Australian people.”

At last

I have to say that this time, IKEA is really big, and I jump from the furniture to the field of clothing.

For this overall style, chest barcode, behind IKEA logo design costumes, how do you think!

Do you think it is very trend of elements, or more like IKEA?

(Image Source: Dailymail)

(Image Source: Dailymail)