Sydney Electric; Beijing’s first Huairou Ice and Snow Culture was grandly opened on December 19, 2015. The first ice and snow culture festival was taken along with the President of the President to the International Olympic Committee. UGG International Co., Ltd.’s snow boots QUGGS brand as the official invitation sponsor of this year’s snow festival participated in this event!

This year’s Yanqi Lake, because of the arrival of severe and winter, the Australian UGG International Co., Ltd. and the Beijing Government cooperated with the first ice and snow culture festival of Yanqi Lake. Now every winter, domestic consumers are getting bigger and bigger in the UGG snow boots, and the large Quggs Emugg of the Australia has the highest quality of the Quality of the Snow boots in the Australian snow boots. Boots have become a stylish, under the influence of Hollywood star, and have set off a wind boots in the world. Australian UGG International Co., Ltd. and QUGGS have a high-end brand foundant in the Snow boots in Australia, and the sales network is spread all over Australia. As a high-end shopping center and tourist attraction luxury consumption products, China Tourists have purchased Quggs and Emugg high-end brand snow boots returned to China in Australia.


This year’s ice and snow festival will create Beijing’s largest outdoor ice and snow park in Yanqi Lake.

As China’s Ice and Snow Travel Resources and Australia UGG International Co., Ltd., while strongly recommend ice and snow resources, very optimistic about the ice and snow economy, “Australian UGG international company believes that China’s successful application of Winter Olympics, will be involved in people, especially young people, and Ice-snow sports activities, giving birth to huge impact. All ice and snow travel lines, except for the landscape, especially emphasize a variety of rich and rich recreational activities and sports activities, and strive to translate the ice and snow tourism resources to high Horizontal tourism supporting and product sales.


Combined with the Internet big data, netizens reputation and expert review, China officially released the 2015 “China Top Ten Ice Snow Landscape”, “China’s Top Ten Ice Snow Festival” list. Among them, Heilongjiang fairy snowstorm, ice and snow world, virgin lake ice water, Zhalong crane dance snowwater, Jilin’s fog island, Changbai Mountain ice and snow, Inner Mongolia’s Alshan does not freeze the river, Yulu Guya makes deer tribe, Xinjiang Moisture, Hebei Beidaihe Irido Sunrise, etc. Harbin International Snow Festival, Sun Island Snow Sculpture Art Fair, Daqing Snow Fountain Festival, Yichun Forest Happy Ice Snow Season, Inner Mongolia’s Ice Snow Nadam, Jilin Check Snow Festival, International Fog Skin Festival, Beijing Bird’s Nest Happy Ice Snow Season, Hebei Chong Li International Ski Day, “Wedding Snow Bubble Spa, to Liaoning Evergrand New Year”, etc. China Ice and Snow Tourism Alliance introduces Australian Quggs snow boots brand in combination with the foreign Australian tourism resources, based on domestic consumers’ love and huge demand for the Australian snow boots, the first ice and snow cultural festival of Yanqi Lake, the Beijing government cooperated with the Beijing government. Opening, Australian Quggs snow boots are also very hot. In order to give Chinese consumers, the new experience of Chinese consumers, not only in the scenic area, but also converted the custom music to the atmosphere, providing customers with a ground coffee for customers. Let customers try on the world’s most fashionable Australian snow boots limited shoe. At the same time, the stylish styling consultant of the Quggs Ice Snow Store will also be based on the personal style and taste of the guest, and it is recommended to match the right tide shoes and fashion clothing. Instead, come to “warm your feet”.