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Two years ago, the world’s thinnest 6.65mm OPPO Finder is born, and the delicate structural design and the thinner component plan have created an unprecedented thickness record; then OPPO is in a different product line such as music, take pictures, etc. From time to time, there are ultra-thin products; recently, with the release of OPPO’s new 4G strategy, an OPPO R3 that won the thinnest 4G mobile phone record, once again, let us see the style of Finder, such as the blade.

6.3mm thinner 4G machine OPPO R3 “ZOL custom version” evaluation

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

In the overall configuration, OPPO R3 uses 5 inch 1280x720p screen, PPI294; core hardware part is used by Snapdragon 400 MSM8926 processor, equipped with 1GBRAM and 8GB ROM; photo portions use 8 megapixel back camera and 5 megapixel front camera combination; The thickness of the whole machine is only 6.3 mm, and the TD-LTE 4G network is supported, and 2420mAh batteries are supported.

OPPO R3 (mobile TD-LTE version)

Main Screen Size

5 inches

Main screen resolution

1280×720 pixels

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

Screen pixel density


6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

4G network

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

Mobile TD-LTE

3G network

Mobile 3G (TD-SCDMA), Unicom 2G / Mobile 2G (GSM)

Support frequency band

2G: GSM 900/1800/1900

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

3G: TD-SCDMA 1880-1920 / 2010-2025

4G: TD-LTE 1900/2300 / 2600MHz

operating system

Color OS (Based on Androidos 4.3)

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

Core number


6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

CPU model

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

Gaotong Snapdragon Snapdragon MSM8928

CPU frequency

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测


RAM capacity

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测


ROM capacity

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测


battery capacity

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测


Rear camera pixel

8,000,000 pixels

Front camera pixel

500 million pixels


F / 2.0

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

Mobile phone size


6.3mm ultra-thin laser oletty exclusive sign

The OPPO R3 body is made of metal, which is cut by the CNC process by the entire aluminum alloy, and the metal housing of the whole machine is formed by subsequent oxidation, polishing and sandblasting; so the rear shell of the whole machine feels very Similar to the iPhone5 / 5S series of similar materials and processes.


6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

Thanks to the adoption of aluminum alloy, the back of the evaluation machine we received was carved on ZOL’s exclusive logo, and I did not know whether the OPPO R3 would take this personalized customization.

Etch exclusive sign

In addition, in the case of aesthetics and the signal problem, the upper and lower sides of the aluminum shell are also used as decoration, forming a holistic three-stage design. Due to the body of the body, the 8 megapixel rear camera is a prominent design.

It is worth mentioning that OPPO R3 does not use a 90 ° angle border design like IPHONE 5, but in a very limited 6.3 mm thickness, it is squeezed to a transition arc, making the tapispere body not affecting the feel.

Back highlight camera design

6.3 mm ultra-thin body

In addition, the Border of OPPO R3 also uses a very popular high-optical cutting line design, similar to the iPhone 5 / 5S, but because of the limitation of the body thickness, the cut angle of OPPO R3 is narrower and more exquisite. At the position of the left and right sides of the body border, R3 is designed with the Micro-SD card slot and the MicroSim card slot, and the downward position is designed to design the elongated volume adjustment button and lock screen / shutdown button. The area is limited, and the button is always in general.

Arc transition

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

1080p HD video playback test

OPPO R3 combined with a new system icon consisting of elegant and fresh colors, the icon joined more arcs under a round-rectangular trend; however, it does not belong to the popular flat style, or some stereoscopic . The “Time Album” function of the home screen can be flipped to this screen for taking pictures, and the photo will be displayed on this screen in the timeline; the effect is not weak than some travel classes.

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

Color OS can also achieve a bright screen and black screen gesture operation. When the bright screen is mainly implemented, different patterns can be depicted on the screen when the finger’s kneading is gathered or tap. Different patterns can be depicted on the screen. In addition, users can also implement flip mute, body dial, body sensation, and other functions in the call, which are reflected in the model of human-computer interaction today.

The audio and video uses online and local combined ways, in which the music player is designed with the design of the elegant white appearance, and the built-in Baidu music online service can provide a full range of search, audition, and download functions. Special music with different topics and radio push.

In terms of photographing, OPPO R3 uses Sony’s current best 8 megapixel CMOS IMX179 with 1 / 3.2-inch photosensitive dimensions; in addition to 5P lens, blue glass filters, the lens has a F / 2.0 large aperture. The front section has a 5 megapixel camera with a PI original painting engine.

In addition to the ultimate beauty of Color OS, 8 seconds slow shutter, HDR, plot photo, panorama, OPPO R3 also has ultra-clear quality model; but the 50 million pixels of OPPO Find 7 are different, R3 Only 24 megapixel photos can only be achieved; but it is not a small breakthrough relative to the original 8 megapixel camera.

Let’s take a look at the 8 megapixel original size sample of OPPO R3.

Focus: 4mm aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 100

Focus: 4mm Aperture: F / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 200

Thousand yuan 4G support Snapdragon MSM8926

OPPO R3 also uses a wide range of Snapdragon 400 platforms widely used in thousands of yuan. The Snapdragon 400 series is a mid-end product that belongs to Qualcomm Mobile chip solution. It has a dual-core, quad-core number of core numbers. The dual-core version has 1.7. GHZ frequency Krait 300 CPU and 1.2GHz The main frequency Krait 200 CPU two core architecture, the quad-core version is the highest 1.6GHz frequency ARM Cortex-A7 CPU core architecture.

Models include 8028, 8228, 8628, 8926, 8926, 8230ab, 8626, 8630, 8630ab, 8930, 8930ab.

The model MSM8X26 is released at the end of 2012, using quad-core CORTEX-A7 micro-architecture, the highest frequency is 1.2GHz (after upgrading to 1.6GHz), by Moto G, Zhongxing Red Bull V5, and many have been born thousands of 4G mobile phones.


CPU-Z is a household-known test software, which is mainly capable of detecting the name, code, core voltage, process, cache, bus speed, slot type, etc., and then adds to motherboards and memory. Information detection function such as graphics card is a very comprehensive hardware detection software that makes users understand the hardware of their own computers.

Comprehensive performance test –

Antutu (Super Rabbit)

Super Rabbit System Evaluation Antutu Benchmark is a software that is specifically given to the Android system, the tablet hardware runs, which can run a complete test project, through memory performance, CPU integer, CPU floating point performance, 2D, 3D drawing performance , Database I / O, SD card read, write speed and other multi-performance tests, and score the overall and single hardware performance of your mobile phone. Simultaneously upload points and view the equipment in the world.

Browser test –


Vellamo is a benchmark application (similar to Neocore) developed by Qualcomm (Qualcomm), which allows you to test your performance and stability of your mobile browser, including Java script performance, rendering, networking, and user interfaces. The results of the tool also include multiple children, but we only take a total score, the higher the score, the higher the mobile phone to the browser, the web browsing experience is better.

Vellamo has been extended to include two main modules today. The HTML5 module can be used to assess mobile web browser performance, while Metal modules can measure the performance of the CPU subsystem performance of the mobile processor. The test kit clicks ready to use, convenient and fast, divided into sequential blocks, Vellamo can evaluate the scroll scaling, 3D graphics, video performance, memory read and write, bandwidth peak performance.

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

Evaluation summary:

6.3mm最薄4G OPPO R3 ZOL定制版评测

The OPPO R3 is designed to ensure the ultra-thin thickness, the use of gold arcs for transition also brings a good feel; the rear shell of aluminum alloy is also left a lot of space, for example, the exclusive Version. Although only 8 megapixel rear cameras, the quality of the auxiliary OPPO R3 benefited from the algorithm has also been well guaranteed, in addition to this support for TD-LTE networks is also a big sale. The deficiency is that 1GBRAM is not too much space for the use of more Color OS.

6.3mm thinner 4G machine OPPO R3 “ZOL custom version” evaluation

1080p HD video playback test

Focus: 4mm aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 100

Focus: 4mm aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 100

Focus: 4mm aperture: f / 2.0 ISO Sensitivity: 100