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He tata 丨 Belle 15mins



He Tata

Belle Shoes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


brand introduction


His tata is a fashion shoe brand under Belle International. “He” term “step” sound when the leather shoes is, thank you; “he” and “her” represent “Love’s meaning”, including Love, affection, friendship, sincere payment between people, advocate positive attitude, healthy life, create an energy full of energy and happiness.



After years of development, Belle has become China’s largest shoes and clothing fashion brands and retailers, with Belle, Tata, Staccato, Teenmix and other brands. Belle has nearly 10,000 commercial retail stores in more than 300 cities. It has formed the industry’s leading longitudinal integration business model, covering the product planning, product development, manufacturing, brand construction, retail terminal full value chain link, and owns Quickly respond to the supply chain capabilities of consumer demand.


Through decades of brand operations and huge retail networks, Belle always maintains industry leadership, which is deeply loved by consumers, accumulating higher brand visibility and influence in the hearts of industry and consumers. In 2005, Belle Belle trademark was identified as a well-known trademark of China. In addition, Belle also won the title of “50 China Chain Brand Quality in 2015”.



15mins is a full-scale fashion lifestyle brand launched by Belle International, and the categories involve shoes, handbags, accessories, shops cover mainland China, South Korea, Indonesia and other Asian countries and regions.


15mins have become a strategic partner for the national election events in the country. They have a million-magnitude fans in the social media field. They are deeply loved and sought after by 20 to 30 years old, and their business covers overseas markets. Asian brand image.

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