Hexun.com, on September 21, from the official website of the Shenhua, Li Yukun, vice chairman of the Jewelry, constitutes a short-term transaction.

According to the short-term transaction announcement released by the Shenzhen Exchange, in September 19, Li Yun sold 18.67 million shares, the average price of the transaction was 15.52 yuan, but the same day also bought the company’s stock 2000 shares, the average price of 15.71 yuan.

Article 47 of the Securities Law stipulates that “the directors, supervisors, senior management of listed companies, holds more than five percent of the shares of listed companies, and holds the company’s stocks after buying six Sell ​​in the month, or buy it over six months after sell, the resulting income returned to the company, the company’s board of directors should recover its income. The board of directors will not be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, shareholders have the right to request boards Executed within 30 days. The company’s board of directors did not implement within the above period, shareholders have the right to file a lawsuit against the people’s court in their own name in order. “

However, from the transaction price, Li Yun’s above operations belong to the “low-selling high-buy” behavior, but did not produce actual benefits, but it still constitutes a short-term transaction.

萃华珠宝副董事长李玉昆减持公司股票 构成短线交易

Hexun.com noted that from September, Li Yun has begun to continue to continue to reduce the Jewelry stock, from September 4th, every working day has been reduced, and the single day is reduced from thousands of shares. Wan shares does not equal, and a reduction in September 19 is the largest reduction in the last time.

In fact, as early as August 10, Qihua Jewelry issued a pre-disclosure announcement on Directors to reduce the shares, and within 3 months after 15 trading days from the date of reducing planned announcements, Li Yukun will use large trading methods. Or concentrated auction method to reduce the total share of no more than 650,000 shares.

On the evening of September 20th, Qihua Jewelry released the announcement, Li Yukun, deputy chairman Li Yukun has been completed, and the total number of 648,000 shares have been reduced, accounting for 0.43% of the company’s total share capital, after the completion, Li Yukun also holds 5319 million shares of Jewelry. However, Eliva Jewel did not mention the short-term trading behavior of Li Yun in the announcement.

It is worth noting that if Li Yukun does not buy 2000 shares on September 19, the number of this reduction is just 650,000 shares of the plan.

萃华珠宝副董事长李玉昆减持公司股票 构成短线交易

According to the data, Mr. Li Yukun, Chinese nationality, born in October 1955, college degree, assistant craft artist, is now served as the representative of Shenyang Municipal People’s Congress, the Standing Director of China Gold Association, served as Director, Production Technology of the Workshop of Chenghua Jinyin Banufacturers in Shenyang City Zhizhi, Field, General Manager of Qihua Industrial, Eli Hua Limited Chairman. Mr. Li Yukun from Mr. Mufu Xuan, Mr. Xiafu, is the fourth generation of the traditional craftsmanship such as “Huayuan Jinbian”, “Flush, Jacquard, Point Blue, Engraving”, is one of the company’s core technicians, The design of the products and research and development have been a number of honors, including the “Sihua Golden Ring” and “Seiko Silver Brass Composite Rivet Electric Silk” won the National Light Industry Expo Silver Award; 18K Gold Inquiry Ring “Won Liaoning Province” Innovation Cup “First Prize of Jewelry Design Production Competition. In 2010, the title of” Shenyang City Labor Model “is won.

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