How to choose a safe milk powder for your baby? Pay attention to me!

May 29 (that is, today), the information released by the State Market Supervision Administration,

France, Celia / Celi, Stolle, South Korea Momi (OFMOM), the formula registration of these three milk powder brands is not approved.

This is the implementation of formula’s milk powder registration system, the first batch of milk powder that is clearly not approved.

Announcement information shows that


The name of these three formula milk powder is Katron Xi Liyan Dairy Factory

Celia-laiterie de Craon.

And this factory is the world’s third largest dairy enterprise at the end of last year –

French Ranter Group


In December last year, the milk powder produced by this factory was found to be infected with Salmonella, which led to the recall of 12 million boxes that may be polluted by 12 million boxes in 83 countries around the world.


Infant patients discovered with this batch of milk powder infections have a lot of 35 cases.


Revitalizing China, involving brands, namely

Ji Lili, Give Great and Mommy Love

. There are 43 batches of products involved in the Chinese market, with a total of more than 40,000 boxes (6 cans per box).

Among them, Xi Liya took 18 batches, gave more than 13 batches, Mommy loved 12 batches.

In addition to Xi Lailia is the brand of Lant Ricus Group, Great Deli and Mommy Love is the factory production of the commission.

On December 5, 2017, the national citizenship commission will suspend the registration qualifications of Kah Xilai’s milk powder in China. On February 11 this year, the registration qualification of its non-formula milk powder was suspended.


This means that according to the regulations, the products produced by this factory cannot be imported from China.

The reason for suspending registration is that “the risk hazard caused by unqualified product is not fully identified, and it is not possible to effectively control the biometric hazards possible in the production process, and the registration requirements cannot be continued.”

There is reason to believe that this three milk powder brands are not approved by the State Food and Drug Administration through formula registration, and this is directly related to this relationship.


In accordance with the provisions of the new policy of formula, the products produced after January 1, 2018 were not allowed before the formula registration.


The baby queries the current e-commerce platform and finds that Xi Lai has no trace. I still have products to sell. However, the original origin of the products sold is New Zealand, which is not France; Mommy love is China, which is also China, and is inevitable.


Since there is no registration through new recipes, the production date of these two products is before January 1, 2018. Packaging is also an old packaging.

When mothers buy milk powder, they have to pay attention!

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