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In front, we spent a lot of time to collect 50 lip balm products that were more popular on the market (48 years ago, we have added 2 kinds of voices more than 2 voices based on everyone’s message).

We found in the WeChat background message, fans care the most of these questions:

Which lip balm do with natural beeswax?

Which ingredients are easily allergic in lipstick?

Which lipsticks are mineral grease?

In the lip balm, because we are not an expert, we are asking for many professionals, but they do not have the same way to lip balm, and Xiaobian is indeed very confused.

Therefore, today we still follow the requirements of the ingredients in accordance with the requirements of the public, to see those who are more concerned about the lip balm.


Everyone is more concerned about ingredients


We learned that there is a consumer to compare the messenger lip balm containing Nepo Gold ester preservatives such as hydroxyphenylpropyl and hydroxybenzyl. This type of ingredient is preferably not used on damaged or excessive sensitive skin. Among the lip balm we purchased, 2 hydroxybenzyl and hydroxybenzyl were used, respectively.

The other two preservative components are formaldehyde release type anti-corrosion ingredients such as DMDM ​​ethyl urea and highly sensitive methylisothiazolinone (MIT), and trace will lead to labitis or lip allergies. In this product, we didn’t find these two types of ingredients in the ingredient table. The little friends can look at the ingredients of the lip balm products you are using. If these two components, don’t use it.


In addition to preservatives, consumers are more concerned about chemical sunscreen components in lip balm with sun protection. Just some days ago, Mentholatum’s lipstick was checked out of the supersetanide content of salicylate. Ethyl salicylate has sun protection, but the irritation is large, more than 5% may cause harm to the skin.

Another chemical sunscreen component that everyone cares is to be diphenyl ketone-3 (bp3). It helps to fight against ultraviolet, but may induce light allergies, and relatively sensitive friends or pregnant women should still avoid it. The lip balm we purchased have 2 di苯 -3, which all written in packaging.

Wool fat is a common moisturizer, and it is said that it is also allergen. In this product purchased, we found that there were 6 lamb fat.


Antioxidative dicyclooxybenzene (BHT) is mainly used in a higher oil-containing product. But BHT is also one of the high sensitivity probability. Monol and salicylic acid have the possibility of initiating allergic contact dermatitis. There are also some natural spices, such as salicylate, citroencao, etc., may also cause allergies.

Medicinal lip balm may not be used for a long time.

We have found that some of the imported lip balm purchased, some products will clearly indicate the words “medicinal” “3” medicine “and the packaging instructions on the packaging instructions.


Said that everyone is a bit worried, let’s talk about the ingredients that can be added.

Moisturizing and moisturizing

Common, there are mountain tea seed oil, coconut oil, Australia nut oil, Hohn seed oil and avocado oil. These kinds of oils are stronger and moisturizing, and there is still a certain effect for relieving the oral lip drying and labitis with good results.

Soft agent

Such as beeswax, candlesticks and rice wax, etc., which can improve moisturizing and enhance the effect, and increase a certain bright effect.

For more than the above, we found these lip balm from the ingredients or:

(Before the product name is just a serial number! Not ranking!)


Let’s talk about mineral oil

Most of the ingredients of lip balm are made of oil + waxy + spices + preservatives. Oil fat and wax are about 90%, the main role is to moisturize the water to form a protective barrier.

In 2020, the Hong Kong Consumer Council issued a test announcement for lip balm products. In 45 test samples, 80% of samples detected potentially harmful mineral oil, Moah (aromatic hydrocarbon mineral oil) and MOSH (saturated hydrocarbon mineral oil) .


In our purchase of lip balm products, there are 13 products containing ore oil or mineral.


In addition, many consumers don’t like lipsticks, liquid paraffin, microcrystalline wax, polyethylene, polybutene, and other components. We found in the purchase of lip balun products, 8 contained wax, 11 paraffin, 22 microcrystalline waxes, 8 including embedded waxes, no use of these wax, 12 products Ethylene, 6 products contain polybutylene.


Everyone must care about what we buy 50 lip balm products, please see the picture below.

Finally, we still want to say:

If you find that there is a non-professional place in our statement, or you have more professional suggestions and comments, please let us know!

(Before the product name is just a serial number! Not ranking!)