The curtain is very common in daily family life. The curtains often act as partitions, space segmentation or porch of the restaurant and the living room, which can be used in this seemingly disabled, which is divided into the area, does not affect the lighting, and more beautiful. However, when the curtain products on the market, the style is more diverse, how can I buy a favorite curtain product? Today, let the small band take you to understand the curtain purchase skills and the latest offer.

Curtain purchase skills

门帘选购技巧 门帘最新报价

1. Select yarn: Watch the window screen, you have to look at whether it is even. Such as the imported high-quality glass fiber mosquito net per square inch (25.4 square centimeter) is 16 × 18 pieces, the discovery is a rectangle, the shape of the discovery is complete, no size; if the thickness of the yarn Uniform, there is a thickness. Touch the window screen, the hand feel is very shaved, the general quality is good, the quality is good; the general domestic glass fiber window is soft. Domestic glass fiber window screen costs probably only 2 yuan, 3 yuan per square meter, and imported high-quality glass fiber window screen is 12 yuan to 13 yuan, so it is necessary to prevent it.

门帘选购技巧 门帘最新报价

2. Construct: Good roller blinds, window screens, nylon silk rolled, where the device has a guide rail. It is necessary to do itself, but also to seal, you can resist strong winds. The roller blind screen window of the stealing and reduction often saves a process. On the sides of the rails, the window screen is directly plugged in, the strong wind blows, the yarn is blown, and the natural mosquitoes will be gapped, and the mosquitoes cannot be found. So when you purchase, you should pay attention, pull one, window, will not take off.

3. Device: The so-called device is mainly the stop device. There is a box with a box, when it is necessary to mosquito, it is gently pulled into the end, slap, embedded, the screen is completely sealed; pull the window screen, the window screen will be involved in the window box. If there is a stop device, the screen is open to what extent, it will stop there, so as not to be completely received in the box, but also climb it with a stool to pull it down, convenient! Also pay attention, if the screen is installed Out of the glass window, the self-locking device parts that should be stopped should be selected from aluminum alloy.

门帘选购技巧 门帘最新报价

4. Border: The border of the roller blind screen is the spray aluminum alloy. It is the so-called color aluminum, which generally has a variety of color to buy, and the full power can be selected to be exactly the same as the color of the home window. The aluminum alloy border is good, it is to see its thickness, good at 1.2 mm. If the frame profile is not in place, it will deformed five or six months. When it is open, it is inconvenient.

Curtain latest offer

Summer new anti-mosquito curtain curtain splicing curtain mute fly anti-mosquito encryption cloth sand door curtain 5.80 yuan

门帘选购技巧 门帘最新报价

Magnetic encryption simple anti-mosquito curtain bedroom partition anti-mosquito soft door free magnetic strip fabric sand door 3.80 yuan

Pu’er free magnetic strip soft screen anti-mosquito curtain – green 100 * 210cm (bird buckle) 22.90 yuan

Silent magic sticker curtain anti-mosquito summer magnetic soft screen curtain bedroom partition screen sand door encryption cloth 15.80 yuan

I hope to help you after seeing this article about the latest offer of the curtain purchase skills and curtains.

门帘选购技巧 门帘最新报价

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