Assessment Product: Men Hao Teng street sweater

Evaluation time: February 2018

Evaluation agencies: Hugo Network

Assessment participation: Host Tiffany, sold men’s cross-border Jam

Host Tiffany

: CCEE Hugo net heavy launch “to help the factory to find a good seller, to help find a good seller factory” cross-border electricity supplier Assembly election materials. March 2018 CCEE Shenzhen station hot application “” “

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In order to facilitate cross-border sellers and overseas small B product selection, we launched on the basis of last year’s “exhibitors show” on the “excellent product evaluation” section of CCEE exhibitors products “best of the best” designed to help sellers find with cost-effective and market potential

The quality of a good thing

Mining has a cross-border electricity supply business strength and quality of service guaranteed “

Chi-made factory


“So choose products more EASY, so that cross-border electricity supplier of the road even smoother.


Shishi City, Hao Teng Garments Co., Ltd. / Xiamen Hao Teng Sihai Import and Export Co., Ltd.



), Specifically for AliExpress, Amazon, Wish and cross-border electronic business platform such as eBay sellers, homegrown, send overseas warehouse, a generation of fat, 80% of the product is designed for cross-border trade of electricity supplier version . Company and Universal easy to buy, easy Bai, proud, tri-state, the Executive Royal and some large sell long-term cooperation. At present the main blow money is men’s sweater. How this is both a sports and leisure sweater stitching situation? We will make the following analysis, cross-border sellers for reference.

Product Review: design, detail design, quality assurance

Market Review: cost-effective, market potential, the electricity supplier capacity, customer feedback

Supply Assessment: basic qualifications, new supply, flexible production, factory inspection report

[Evaluation] superior products


: With the rise of street casual fashion, sports and leisure sweater both become poser must-have item. This time, Hao Teng brought on behalf of street culture fashion men’s sweater!

The sweater all use Ouma, style biased in favor of overseas style, color, two-color stitching, more fashion sense; in detail, with the popular sport as a decorative element webbing, back prints bursting with super-flu; comfortable fabrics, breathable, sporty; in product quality but also a lot of effort, we understand that each product increased by more than one to two labor costs to do the ironing, thread trimming and other details of the deal.

Outfit them both comfortable casual, simple and trendy! Whether it is small or uncle were suitable for meat, and diverse styles, colorful, no longer worried Zhuangshan up!

Dimension 1: Designs ★★★★

Dimension 2: detailing ★★★ ☆

Dimension 3: Material guarantee ★★★★

[] Market Assessment

: For a garment enterprises, the occupation of all the market share is a difficult thing, so we usually choose to customer segmentation, and then select one or several groups which are targeting. Precision farming has been the men’s market, what exactly does the charm of Ho Teng stationed in the garment industry after the men’s market?

Hugo network to invite men to sell large cross-border Jam for everyone analysis, market evaluation for this product.

Men’s cross-border sold Jam

: Market research firm Euromonitor International, said the global menswear market is currently occupy 40% of the apparel industry is expected to reach $ 438 billion by 2020. In addition, the growth rate of the global menswear market is also higher than the women’s market: the next three years, the men’s market compound annual growth rate of 1.5%, compared with 1.3% of women.

As can be seen from the above data, men’s clothing is worth the investment market. Hao Teng roots in the men’s market for 20 years, what is your opinion of it?

Factory Feedback

: Men are our focus has always been, especially after 2015, men have been gradually open to independent, momentum is also increasingly active. 2015, AliExpress will be divided into a men’s clothing and accessories category, but by 2016, men have carved out a separate set up a category, which also indicates the importance of men’s platform category.

We have some men in terms of sea experience for overseas consumers, casual men’s style and comfort is the consistent choice; and a grid pattern, and diagonals geometric patterns based. At the same time, there are some innovations in printing, such as animal print combined with unique back design, it is a popular trend of the moment.

Voice of the customer

Amazon seller, “Product quality is very good, getting goods after purchase here, and Hao Teng is a trusted seller.”

: Domestic and foreign consumption habits, customs and so there is a big difference, then how to capture the consumer market it overseas?

: Focus on originality and individuality overseas market, price competition had long been out of date. During operation, the plant will be more combined with local market needs and cultural practices, targeted development and production. At the same time with the aid of industry, gathering industry with supply advantages, to control the source of the goods, and so can better improve profit margins sellers.


In addition to products, overseas consumers are focusing on timeliness, in terms of logistics, we select the shortcut and BES; in the United States and Russia also has overseas warehouse, logistics guarantee the greatest possible aging problems.

: Conventional supply different foreign trade, cross-border electricity supplier sellers demand more refined, more prominent personality, in this regard Hao Teng prepared to do what?

: How to choose the cross-border electricity supplier product is the most difficult thing, and we have the support of many foreign trade Hao Teng sales data in product selection, sampling aspects has its own set of rules, can provide the most suitable products; but also open hot spot SKU, packet authority, zero threshold to download published; high definition picture without watermark quality product plans, let the seller come to the fore in many products figure; independent design and development, product research and development of multiple audits, to avoid the risk of infringement complaints; in addition Size also need not worry, all use overseas size, large or small the problem does not exist.

: Please make cross-border Men’s Jam sold at the product evaluation score on cross-border electricity supplier market.

Dimension 1: cost ★★★★ ☆


2 dimensions: market potential ★★★★

Dimension 3: electricity supplier capacity ★★★★

Dimension 4: Feedback ★★★★

Offer evaluation]

: Hugo made a rigorous evaluation of the net supply of qualified Hao Teng, look at the data.

First, the basic qualifications: Hao Teng has four warehouses, covers an area of ​​over 50,000 square feet; garment production have 25 years of experience, has its own development team; engage in cross-border electricity business five years, of which five thousand and outside the single paragraph of stock ten thousand. Export Brand “Manluodanni.”

(Evaluation: ★★★★ ☆)

Second, the supply of new products: the production cycle of seven days, the product is updated quarterly, provide free samples to support mixed batch.

(Evaluation: ★★★★)

Second, the flexible production: support for OEM / ODM and other processing model, proofing speed of 2-3 days, the lowest MOQ is 50, at home and abroad a generation of fat (48 hours delivery), support for custom processing, small batch custom.

Fourth, the audit report: Alibaba depth of field audits. Support field audits.


(Evaluation: ★★★ ☆)

After this evaluation, we have come to Hao Teng street sweater men the index is as follows:

● Product quality index ★★★ ☆

● Product overall competitiveness ★★★★

● Supply Chain comprehensive strength ★★★★

Composite score: 77

Host Tiffany

Host Tiffany

Host Tiffany

Host Tiffany

Host Tiffany




Men’s cross-border sold Jam

Men’s cross-border sold Jam

Men’s cross-border sold Jam

Factory Feedback


Factory Feedback

(Evaluation: ★★★★)