Eleventh category

Illumination, heating, cooling, steam occurs, cooking, drying, ventilation, water supply, and hygiene devices and equipment.


The eleventh category mainly includes environmental control devices and equipment, particularly lighting, cooking, cooling, and disinfection devices and equipment.

This class especially includes:

– Air conditioning device and equipment;

– Non-laboratory oven, for example: dental oven, microwave, bread furnace;

– Furnace (heating equipment);

–solar collector;

– Chimney with flue, chimney with bellows, fireplace furnace bed, household fireplace;

– disinfection, incinerator;

– Lighting equipment and devices, such as lighting tubes, searchlights, safety lights, glowing houses, carrier tools for light mirrors, load tools;

– Lights, such as: electric lamps, gas lamps, laboratory lights, oil lamps, street lights, safety lights;

– Sunshine equipment (sunbed);

– Bathroom equipment, bathroom equipment, bathroom pipe device

– Pumped toilet, urinals;

– Water spower, chocolate fountain machine;

– Non-medical electric cushions and electric blankets;

– hot water bag;

– electric costumes;

– Electric carpy milk, production, boiled coffee machine, ice cream machine;

– Ice meter and equipment.

This class does not include:

– Manufacturing steam (machine components) (seventh category);

– Air coagulator (seventh class);

– Current generator, generator set (seventh category);

– Spray welding light (seventh class), optical lamp (ninth), dark room light (ninth), medical lamp (Critine 10);

– Laboratory oven (ninth);

– Photovoltaic battery (ninth);

– Signal light (ninth);

– Medical electric heating pad and electric blanket (Category 10);

– Portable baby tub (21);

– A non-electric portable refrigerator (29th);

– Cooking utensils without heaters, for example: non-electric baking trays and grills, non-electric metal molds, non-electric cooker (21);

– Non-electric heating foot set (second fifteen).

1101 lighting equipment, equipment (excluding air lamp, oil lamp)

(1) Lamp 110021, light bulb 110022, arc lamp 110023, light lamp 110024, lamp 110040, lighting light 110041, lamp cover 110042, incandescent lamp 110043, flashlight 110051, arc carbon rod 110072, glass lamp cover 110091, lighting discharge tube 110111, Lighting diffuser 110118, light head 110122, lighting device and device 110130, chandelier 110133, top lamp 110136, electric light wire 110145, spherical lamp cover 110169, laboratory lamp 110176, safety lamp 110182, light mirror 110183, lanterns 110185, lighting Light pipe 110189, lighting magnesium wire 110190, mine lamp 110192, christmas tree electric light 110195, glowing door 110196, detective lamp 110202, light mask 110237, lamp hood 110238, street lamp 110263, aquarium light 110309, submersible lamp 110322, LED 110322, LED (LED) Lighting 110333, holiday decoration color light 110344, festive decoration string lamp 110344, head-mounted flashlight 110346, portable headlight 110346, loaded light 110355, floor lamp 110367, projection lamp 110369

※ Stage lamps C110001, imaging with backlight C110002, fluorescent tube C110003

★ Wall lanter 1101, underground safety lamp 1101, track light 1101, infrared lighting device 1101, mercury lamp 1101, mini light bulb 1101, night lamp 1101, fluorescent tube 1101, dendengle table 1101, LED safety lamp, portable searchlight, electronic candle , Chandelier, light-emitting diode flashlight, infrared lamp, holiday decoration light, indoor light light, organic light emitting diode lighting device, tent lamp, lighting device, lighting filter, LED lamp, LED bulb, LED landscape Lights, LED underwater lighting, wall lights, portable paper lanterns, showcase lighting equipment, lamp holders, infrared lights, spotlights, vertical paper lanterns, halogen lamps, halogen bulbs, tablet lighting instruments, tanning lights, spotlights, Book light, solar lamp, five flame candles, stage lighting equipment, fluorescent lamps, fat lights, reading lights, lighting, hood, table lamp

(2) Air transport tool 110007, carrying tool light 110027, car headlight 110031, bicycle light 110045, carrier steering tool 110071, motorcycle lamp 110110, carrier front lamp 110200, carrying tool Light mirror 110212, carrying tool lighting device 110229, carrier tool anti-glare device (lamp fitting) 110249, car lamp 110256, bicycle steering lamp 110358

★ Carrying tool taillights, vehicle lighting equipment, carrier generator lamp, carrying tool brake light, carrying tool spotlight, marine sailing light

(3) Air purification bactericidal lamp 110166, non-medical ultraviolet light 110180

★ UV halogen metal steam lamp

(4) Ironing lamp 110158, nail okole 110347, non-medical curing lamp 110360

Note: 1. The items between the parts of this similar group are not similar;

2. Lights, lighting devices and devices in part (1) of this similar group, are similar to those of the item (2);

3. Similar to the items (2) Part of the item, the lighting, lighting equipment, 1211 carrier tool anti-glare device, the load tool shading device, and the eleventh version and previous versions (1) Lighting equipment and device, 1211 carrying tool steering signaling device, ninth edition and previous version 1202 vehicle steering signal light, vehicle steering signal device, vehicle anti-glare device, vehicle light shielding device cross-retrieval;

4. Part of this similar group (3) Part of the goods and 1003 medical ultraviolet lamps, medical ultraviolet sterilization lamps;

5. Part (I) Part of the eleventh version and previous version 1103 lighting cross-retrieval; 6. Some non-medical ultraviolet lights in this similar group (3) are similar to those of sub-medical curing lamps (4).

1102 spray welding light

Note: This is similar to the tenth edition of the group, the welding light, the heat welding torch, the shout shift into the 0751 similar group, and acetylene generator shifts into the 1107-similar group.

1103 auto lamp, oil lamp

Acetylene lamp 110005, oil lamp head 110044, torch 110148, kerosene lamp cover 110092, gas lamp 110163, oil lamp 110179

Note: This similar group is similar to the lamp, lighting instrument and device of 1101 (1).

1104 cooking and civilian electrical heating equipment (excluding kitchen handmade utensils, food processing machine)

(1) Furnace structure frame 110025, bread furnace 110053, barbecue iron fork rotating 110056, barbecue iron fork 110057, coffee bean baking machine 110066, heater 110089, electric cooking 110107, cooking furnace 110108, heating cooker 110108 , Cooking device and device 110109, fruit baker 110159, gas furnace 110161, desktop cooking furnace 110170, toast 110171, baking tray (cooking equipment) 110172, grill (cooking equipment) 110172, baking equipment 110172, Malt beast 110191, kitchen stove (oven) 110204, stove ring 110210, flip barbecue 110220, oven 110230, alcohol furnace 110247, gas furnace bracket 110251, cooking electric high pressure cooker 110254, electric pressurized cooker 110254, bottle electricity Heater 110257, electric mold 110258, electric coffee permeage 110261, electric coffee machine 110262, portable barbecue rack 110265, electric oil fryer 110266, electric kettle 110303, electric hot yoghurt 110312, microwave oven ( Kitchen utensils 110317, toaster 110329, manufacturing machine 110332, heating display cabinet 110335, multi-function electric pan 110336, electric steam 110337, Mo Xi pizza electric baking pan 110338, electric chocolate fountain machine 110341, electric vacuum low temperature cooking Equipment 110348, hot and cold beverage machine (heating or refrigeration) 110350, household electric rice cake machine 110352, electric fooled cooker 110354, air fryer 110356, oil fooled furnace core 110353, electric hot food dewater 110363, USB power supply heating cup 110365 , Steamed engevine electric cookware 110366, electric tower Ji Pot 110368, electric water bottle 110362, silican milk machine 110373 [0723 delete: household soy milk machine C070378], electric coffee machine with empty coffee

Capsules 110374, electric drinks 110375

※ Obel cake furnace C110006, biogas stove C110007, kerosene furnace C110008, electric iron pot C110011, solar stove C110054, electric sailor c110056 ★ electric boiled egg 1104, electric frying pan 1104, electric baking tray (cooking tool) 1104, convection Oven 1104, industrial rice cooker 1104, industrial electric fryer 1104, outdoor electric barbecue 1104, household electric steam 1104, beverage electric heater 1104, compact coffee electric coffee machine 1104, induction cooker, electric mesh , Household charcoal oven, coffee bean grill, grilled fish, bottle electrothermal thermostat, cooking microwave, commercial cooking furnace, oil-free electric fryer, induction cooker (household), electric coffee beans, electric coffee Machine, electric bread machine, electric sandwich machine, electric sandwich oven, electric cordless coffee maker, electric yogurt machine, electric system sandwich machine, electric cooker, rice cooker, electric coffee maker, electric grill, electric furnace (home), Electric cup, electric cooker, industrial electric cooking pot, household electric kitchen stove, household rice rice, household electric oven, household kettle, home non-cooking heater, household oven, household fuel, household microwave, Gas stove, cooking oven, gas barrier (home), gas barrier, barbecue, food electric thermostat, indoor electric grill, field barbecue with smoke, fryer, cook Electric cookware, electric coffee maker, electric ceramic stove, electric radical

(2) Volcanic rock 110326 with barbecue

Note: 1. The items between the parts of this similar group are not similar;

2. The solar stove is similar to the 1109 solar collector, solar collector is similar;

3. Electric kettle, electric water bottle, electric water salangers are similar to 1110 water dispenser;

4. Electric water bottle is similar to 2111 warm water bottles;

5. Electric yoghurt and ninth edition and previous version of the 0709 yogurt machine cross-retrieval;

6. Cross retrieval of the production and ninth edition and the previous version of 0709 Breader;

7. Cross-like group protection products: hot and cold beverage machine (heating or refrigeration) (1104) (1), 1105);

8. Parts (1) Part of the eleventh version and the previous version of the previous version of the 3rd soymilk cross-retrieval.

1105 refrigeration, refrigerated equipment (excluding refrigerated cars)

Refrigerator 110026, freezer 110106, water cooling device 110125, freezing equipment and machine 110155, refrigerating compartment 110156, step-in refrigerator 110156, refrigerator container 110157, ice machine and equipment 110167, electric refrigerator 110168, Milk cooling device 110177, liquid cooling device 110188, cooling device and machine 110209, refrigerator and device 110213, cooling equipment and device 110214, tobacco cooling device 110227, refrigerator 110274, refrigerator 110330, electric wine cellar 110343, hot and cold beverage machine (Heating or refrigeration) 110350, ice cream machine 110357, medical storage refrigerator, cooling device and freezer 110359

※ Refrigerator automatic chemifier C110013, refrigerator desidifier C110014, ice bar machine C110015, Ice Town ball C110016, FRP cooling tower C110046

★ Freezer 1105, gas refrigerator 1105, ice machine 1105, portable refrigerator, step-in-hidden room, rice special refrigerator, cosmetics refrigerator, shipping refrigerator container, household refrigerator, household refrigerator, refrigerator display cabinet, cooling Cylinder, beverage cooling equipment

Note: Cross-like group protection products: hot and cold beverage machine (heating or refrigeration) (1104) (1), 1105).

1106 dry, ventilated, air conditioning equipment (including cold and warm room equipment), gas purification equipment

(1) Ventilation cover 110006, air deodorizer

110009, air cooling device 110010, air conditioner filter 110011, air reheater 110012, air dryer 110013, air conditioning device 110014, air filter 110015, fan (air conditioning) 110065, air conditioner 110079, carrier tool With heating device 110081, the smoke bath 10093, chimney bellows 110094, dryer 110097, air conditioning device 110099, vehicle defroster 110112, drying device 110117, gas purifying device 110138, feed and forage drying equipment 110141, forage drying equipment 110141, forage Drying device 110141, gas (gas device component) 110160, air or water treatment ionization device 110174, air purifying device and machine 110207, drying device and device 110222, fan (air conditioning component) 110225, fluffy mine 11028, ventilation device And device (air conditioning) 110233, carrier tool for ventilation device (air conditioning) 110234, laboratory ventilation 110244, air sterilizer 110245, carrier window defrost heater 110250, gas condenser (non-machine components) 110294, Kitchen pumping hood 110314, personal electric fan 110315, electric dryer 110316, residue residue dewatering device 110321, fabric steam hanging machine 110331, humidifier 110372

※ Exhaust fan C110017, FRP uranium flow fan C110018, wetting air device C110019, gas purifier C110047, automotive engine preheater C110048 ★ Portable evaporative cold fan 1106, wind hot space heating equipment (industrial) 1106, dry Horn 1106, industrial humidifier 1106, industrial air purifier 1106, industrial dehumidifier 1106, chemical processing drying device 1106, home dehumidifier 1106, oven ventilator cover 1106, air conditioner evaporator 1106, gas purifying machine 1106, gas purification equipment 1106, hydrothermal space heating equipment (industrial) 1106, USB power supply desktop fan, portable electric fan, industrial exhaust fan, household USB power supply humidifier, household electric heater, household humidifier , Air conditioning fan, agricultural desiccant, portable electric heating dryer, vehicle defrost is a filter with a pumping machine cover, an exhaust hood (home exhaust hood), kitchen exhaust hood, electric space cooling device (Home), electric fan, ceiling fan, negative ion humidifier, industrial window air conditioning, industrial desiccant, industrial air conditioning regulating device, industrial central air-conditioning equipment, household electric food dehydrator, household electric fan, household air purification Locally induction air conditioner (industrial), air treatment ionization equipment, air processor, air humidification device, air purifier, air purifier (home), air purification device, air disinfection equipment, air conditioner, air conditioning equipment (industrial ), Air conditioning fan, air conditioning air filter, towel steam hanging iron (haircut), air conditioner for automobiles, air conditioning equipment, Japanese bedding dryer (home), ventilation pneumatic impeller, turbine ventilation (Ventilated in the device), roof fan, carrier tool, air conditioning equipment, humidifier, industrial air filter machine, a vehicle air purifier, hitting machine, house air dehumidifier

(2) ※ Haircut, hair dryer

Note: 1. The items between the parts of this similar group are not similar;

2. Electric dryer is similar to 0724 products;

3. Fabric steam hanging machine with 0808 hot frurles with irons, iron similar, with ninth edition and previous version 0924 electric iron

Battles cross-retrieval;

4. Part (I) Part of the 10th Edition and previous version 1107 gasifier (gas device components), ninth edition and previous version

Critical retrieval of steam hanging machines;

5. Cross-like group protection products: air or water treatment ionization equipment (1106 (1), 1110, 1st (1)


1107 heating, steam equipment (including industrial stoves, boilers, excluding locomotive boilers, pot hill hill boilers, steam engine boilers)

(1) Regenerator 110002, acetylene burner 110003, acetylene generator 110004, hot air oven 110008 hot gas device 110016, furnace cooling device 110032, furnace cooling tank 110032, boiler (non-machine component) 110047, kiln 110048, heat sink 110050 , Water heater 110052, laboratory burner 110058, petroleum industry Torch tower 110059, burner 110060, sterilizer 110061, laundry cooking pot 110063, laundry copper pot 110063, heating device 110067, heat exchanger 110069 , Refractory clay-resistant stove hose fitting 110070, furnace feed device 110074, heating boiler 110077, heating, boiler pipe (tube) 110078, solid, liquid, gas fuel heater 110080, electric heating device 110082, heating element 110085, iron heating 110086, immersion heater 110090, adhesive heater 110100, distillation column 110101, distillation device * 110120, heat exchanger (non-machine component) 110129, evaporator 110142, lightweight forging furnace 110149, non-laboratory 110150, non-laboratory Laboratory oven 110150, furnace molding accessories 110151, furnace furnace gate 110152, fireplace furnace bed 110153, furnace bed 110154, gas boiler 110162, steam boiler (non-machine components) 110165, incinerator 110173, water tank liquid surface control valve 110194 , Hydroxide burner 110197, oil furnace 110199, heating plate 110201, steam heating device air valve 110205, refining distillation column 110208, heat steam flow regulator 110215, tap water or gas equipment and pipe adjustment accessories 110216, tap water or gas equipment And the insurance attachment 110217 of the pipe (distillation, heating or cooling device) 110224, furnace ash automatic delivery device 110231, steam generating device 110232, gas pipeline adjustment and safety accessories 110240, steam reservoir 110242, distiller * 110246, water supply equipment 110252, gas equipment regulation and safety accessories 110259, heating boiler pipe 110264, fireplace (household) 110267, heat pump 110268, solar furnace 110270, heating boiler water supply equipment 110273, kiln + 1st 110279, industrial Chromatography equipment 110292, electric electric wire 110293, aquarian tank heater 110308, dental oven 110311, thermostatic valve (heating device component) 110319, industrial microwave 110328, hot air gun 110340

※ Boiler alarm C110021, graphite crucible C110022, rotary kiln C110058, calcining furnace C110059 ★ electric boiler 1107, industrial ovens 1107, industrial waste incinerator 1107, industrial furnace 1107, thermostatic valve (heating device component) 1107, chemical processing With heat exchanger 1107, chemical processing evaporator 1107, chemical processing distiller 1107, household waste incinerator 1107, waste incinerator 1107, gas heating furnace 1107, melted metal furnace 1107, waste metal refining furnace, induction Water heater, industrial waste gas pollution control catalytic incinerator, industrial exhaust gas pollution control direct burning incinerator, waste treatment furnace, instant water heater, electric boiler, calciner kiln (industrial), convection heater, non-science Use a distillation device, water heater (industrial), industrial induction cooker, industrial electric oven, industrial electric electric furnace, industrial rotary kiln, industrial steam heating equipment, heating equipment boiler, solid fuel combustion furnace, chemical industry and Glass manufacturing furnace, chemical processing, ironing machine, heat transfer heat exchanger, heating furnace (industrial), hot furnace (industrial), garbage disposal incinerator, road heating device, gas pipeline adjustment accessories , Refractory furnace, gas generator (industrial), thermal blast furnace (industrial), furnace (industrial), carbonifination furnace (industrial), steam generator, central heating boiler, swimming pool heater, water bed heater , Industrial reheat furnace, cooling evaporator

(2) Smoke machine 110370

※ Stage smoke machine C110049, performance soap bubbles and bubble generators C110050

2. Part of this similar group (1) Similar to 0602 products, cross-search with the eighth version and previous version 1107 plumbing device;

3. Adjustment of tap water or gas equipment and pipelines, the insurance attachments of tap water or gas equipment and pipelines are similar to the adjustment of 1108 tap water equipment;

4. Kiln (bracket) and eight editions and previous versions 1907 ceramic kiln jam cross-retrieval;

5. Section (2) and the seventh edition and previous version 0718 stage smoke machine cross-retrieval;

6. Parts (1) Part of the 9th edition and previous version of 1102 acetylene generator cross-retrieval;

7. The solar stove is similar to the 1109 solar collector, solar collector is similar;

8. Cross-like group protection products: water tank liquid level control valve (1107 (1) part, 1109);

9. Parts (1) and the tenth edition and previous version 0731 rotary kiln, baked furnace cross-retrieval.

1108 heating device and water heating pipe fittings

(1) Fire hydrant 110049, faucet splash nozzle 110055, faucet (tube and pipe) 110068, plug (tube and pipe) 110068 heating device 110073, water heating device 110076, central heating device radiator 110083, central heating Connector 110084, water distribution device 110096, pipe (sanitary equipment component) 110103, sanitary equipment water pipe 110103, water tube equipment 110104, water sprinkler 110126, pressure tank 110127, radiator (heating) 110198, faucet * 110218, Since the tap water shirt 110219, water pipe mixed faucet 110239, tap water equipment adjustment and safety accessories 110241, inflation device 110276, central heating device expansion water tank 110313, floor heating device and device 110371

※ Water tower C110023, heating C110024, floor drain C110025, hydraulizing device tube valve C110038, hydraulic device Tube water door C110039, hydraulizing device pipe nozzle C110040, hydraulic device pipe three-way C110041, water heating device tube four pass C110042, plumbing Device pipe joint C110043, hydraulic device tube c110044, Plumbing device tube, tube, hard-warping, tube (shower tube means) 1108, flexible tube (pool tube means component) 1108, flexible tube (washing tube pipe component 1108, flexible tube (bathroom pipe component) 1108, space heating device, faucet, automatic faucet, floor heating equipment, industrial air conditioning radiator, water supply, faucery, fountain water treatment, faucet water control valve, The faucet with water-saving bubbler, bathtub with faucet, washing tank with single pole faucet

(2) Automatic watering device 110001, decorative fountain 110175, drip injector (irrigation equipment accessories) 110323, agricultural displacement machine 110327, hydroponic planting system 110361

★ Irrigation sprayer 1108, agricultural irrigation device

2. Part of this similar group (1) Similar to 0602 products, cross-search with the eighth edition and previous version 1107 plumbing device;

3. Adjustment and safety attachments for tap water equipment are similar to 1107 tap water or gas equipment and pipelines of tap water or gas equipment and pipelines. Attachment, water supply, water or gas attachment for gas, pipelines;

4. Pipeline (sanitary equipment components), water pipes for sanitary equipment, water pipeline equipment and 1109 bathroom tube devices;

5. Agricultural displacement machine is similar to 0701 drainage;

6. Section (2) and the seventh edition and previous version of the previous version of the agricultural displacement machine cross-retrieval.

1109 sanitary equipment (excluding bathroom utensils)

Steam bath device 110017, bath bath 110033, bath tub 110035, portable steam chamber 110036, bathing equipment 110037, shower water heater 110038, bathroom device 110039, bathroom tube 110039, (washed under use) bidet 110046, movable toilet Room 110064, water tank 110075, pumping toilet 110105, bather 110121, toilet (sanitary device component) 110186, wash basin (sanitary equipment component) 110186, water tank liquid control valve 110194, sanitary instrument and equipment 110221, bathroom handlers 110223, toilet 110235, toilet seat 110236, solar collector 110269, dusting equipment (sunbed) 110271, flushing device 110272, water rinse equipment 110272, non-medical fumigation equipment 110278, mineral bath (container) 110291, sauna Bathing equipment 110297, shower interval 110298, washing tank 110299, steamed surface appliance (steam bath) 110300, urinal pool (sanitary facility) 110301, spray vortex device 110320, cleaning chamber (sanitary device) 110325, water massage bath equipment 110334, bath Microsphere generator 110349

※ Solar water heater C110027, hot and cold moisturg machine C110036, hot and cold silk scorpion machine C110037, solar collector C110051, Yue C110053, Washing water heater (gas or electric heating) C110057 ★ Toilet tank 1109, kitchen washing tank 1109, hairdressing Steam Oil Eater 1109, shower screen 1109, shower station board 1109, solarium 1109, hand-held shower 1109, portable electric sufficiency tub, electric wind dryer, toilet tank ball, toilet with cleaning water sprinkler combination, electricity Heating towel rack, non-contact hand drying device, bathroom with electric hand, shower screen, shower mixing valve, shower, shower head, toilet with flushing handle, shower water heater, bathroom table washing tank, eddy current type Bathtub, urinal, bath, bathtub sprinkler, bath, bath, bath, electric foot bath, shower head, shower room chassis

Note: 1. The items between the parts of this similar group are not similar;

Note: 1. The items between the parts of this similar group are not similar;

Note: 1. Non-medical fumigation equipment, steamed face appliance (steam bath) is similar to 1001 medical fumigation equipment;

2. Solar collector, solar collector and 1104 solar stove and 1107 solar furnace is similar;

3. Solar water heaters, shower water heaters, steam baths, shower, bathing equipment, sauna equipment, steamed facial appliances (steam bath), washing water heaters (gas or electric heating) and tenth edition and previous version 1104 gas water heater , Electric water heater, ninth edition and previous version of the water heater cross-retrieval;

4. Bathroom pipe and 1108 pipeline (sanitary equipment components), water pipe, water pipe equipment, water pipeline equipment, cross-search with the ninth edition and previous version 1108 drainage pipe equipment;

5. Cross-like group protection products: water tank liquid surface control valve (1107) (1), 1109).

1110 disinfection and purification equipment

Toilet disinfectant dispenser 110114, disinfection device 110115, seawater dilution device 110116, water purification device 110123, water filter 110124, water exhaustor 110128, sewage purification device 110135, drinking water filter 110147, air or water treatment ionization Equipment 110174, Papartee 110178, water purification apparatus and machine 110206, sterilizer 110226, water softening apparatus and device 110243, non-personal deodorizing device 110275, oil purifier 110277, aquarian pool filter 110307, ​​swimming pool with chlorine Device 110318, book disinfection device 110339, medical disinfection device 110342

※ Miners C110028, Water Water C110029, Sewage Treatment Equipment C110030, Disinfecting Cabinet C110031, Drinking Machine C110032 Household shoes sterilizer, water treatment chlorinated device, toothbrush sterilizer, rain purification device, banknote disinfection machine, banknote disinfection equipment, wastewater treatment box, industrial disinfection device, industrial water purification device, household electric bath water purification device, Household electrolytic water machine, household electric water purifier, household water purifier, household firing filter, water purification machine, sewage purification device, tap water purification equipment

Note: 1. The water dispenser is similar to the 1104 electric kettle, electric water bottle, electric waves, and the tenth edition and previous version 1104 electric kettle cross-retrieval;

2. Cross-like group protection products: air or water treatment ionization equipment (1106 (1), 1110, 1st (1)


(2) Note: Former (2) part of the portable disposable disinfection bag, the eleventh version is removed.

Note: The items between the groups of this similar group are not similar.

1111 small heater

Warm (electric or non-electric) 110087, electric heating foot set 110088, electric heater 110137, stove (heating equipment) 110143, portable heater 110280, non-medical electric heating pad 110296, hot water bottle 110302, warm bed 110304, Non-medical electric blanket 110305, long shank warm bed furnace 110306, electric carpet 110310, electric heating stockings 110345, electric thermal clothing 110351, USB power hand warmer 110364

※ Whole furnace C110033, electric heating curtains C110034, electric heating vest C110061, electric heating gloves C110062, electric boots C110063 ★ Gas stove (household heater) 1111, oil stove (home heater) 1111, heat storage heater, non-medical electric heat pad, Halogen heater, bathroom heater, portable bonfire, bed heating machine, electric heating, electric heater (warm foot set), household electric radiant heater, building heating electric heater, coal furnace (Home small heater), hot water bottle (non-electric)

Note: 1. Non-medical electric heating pad, non-medical electric blanket and 1003 medical electric heat pad, medical electric blanket similar, tenth edition and previous version of 1003 medical bolt cross-retrieval;

2. This similar group and the ninth edition and previous version 1104 furnace (heating equipment) cross-retrieval;

3. This similar group and the tenth edition and previous version 0924 original (2) part of electric heating stockings, electric heating clothes, electric vest, electric gloves, boots cross retrieval.

1112 is not a category fire appliance

Pointing gas friction igniter 110018, gas agglomerate 110019, lighter * 110020

★ ignite the life lamp with friction lighter, coke oven gas ignition

1113 nuclear energy reactive equipment

Nuclear fuel and nuclear speed reducer treatment device 110193, polymerization equipment 110203, nuclear reactor 110253

★ Nuclear reactor (atomic reactor)