There are always some products, which is our ordinary people who also want to understand the use. For example, the bed flag, bed taid, and so on. To this end, I also specially went to the next store to consult several salesmen, and they also said that they don’t know the specific use.


I came back to check out some information, combined with the introduction of the salesperson, finally made me some ideas. Here, you will have the actual use of the five commonly confused bedding.


Bed flag

A narrow tail paved on the bed is a bed flag. Generally in the hotel, or in the store of the bed, you can see it.

I consulted a friend of the hotel, he said that the bed flag in the hotel is mainly for antifouling. Some guests like it without taking off their shoes, lying on the bed, there is a bed flag mat, not easy to stain the bedding.

Selling beds or mattress furniture stores are launched, and there is such a purpose. When you try the mattress, you can lying directly on the bed and don’t take off the shoes. And the bed flag in the bedding store generally uses a relatively rough fiber material, not easily clay, better cleaning.

But the real use of the bed flag is not the case, but for beautiful. Especially for the bedroom, the color of the sheets is determined in the chamber of the room. But the color of the sheets and coveredtries must be changed. At this time, it will ensure the fixation and unity of the hue.

Of course, there are very few people in their lives to lay the feature in their own home, this is really unnecessary. Life is very tired, we have no energy to pursue this kind of ceremony. However, when marriage, you can consider the shop in the wedding bed.


Similar to the bed, there is still something called the table. It is also a cloth strip, paved on the table. Like the role of the bed, it is to look good.

Bed skirt


A bed has four faces on the upper and lower faces, which will generally be a bed. Under the left, left, right, can make a convex edge, this thing is called the bed.

The general bed skirt is a soft bag, the outer is a fabric or a skin, which is a sponge. The role is obvious: avoid the bedside legs.

There are also some bed skirts, or the mattress is relatively low. The top and mattresses of the bed skirt are parallel, which is equivalent to increasing the size of the mattress. Some people have baby users, they need to sleep three people on a bed, they will prefer this design.

But the joining of the bed skirt will make the volume of the entire bed more large. In the bedroom, it is inevitable that it is crowded. So if it is not particularly required, it is not recommended.


The bed of the bed is too interesting. Whether it is oral consultation or a review of information, it can’t find its specific use. The salesperson said that it is used to put clothes, but think about it is not right – a big bedroom that can get out of bed, will there be no place to put clothes?

There is also a saying that is used to sit. For example, in the single apartment, the living room and the bedroom are connected, and the seat is very small. If you come to guests, you can sit on the bed tacks.


It is certain that the concept of the bed taid is derived from Europe. The European aristocrats will like to be sitting on the bed of the bed. I want to have a complicated relationship with the shoes they wear.




A large sheet of bed, as a loose zone below, it became a bed. Bed can wrap the entire mattress, my own home is also in use, I feel very practical.


Beds are divided into two categories, which are slightly different:

One is a front-filled (down, sponge or cotton), which is similar to the surface of the mattress. The role of this type of bed is to protect the mattress to prevent the mattress from being stained.

Another class of beds and bed linen, or even look at it is a sheet. Its role is instead of sheets and touchs the skin directly. This bed is more stable, which is more stable and not easy to run. Especially now, many people like to play mobile phones in bed. If you use your bed, it is basically re-laying.