Coffee gradually became a lifestyle of modern people, but the world produced at least 8 million tons of coffee scum every year, except for the other than the odor, can you do?


Designers from China ZHEKAI ZHANG recently

Imitate the texture of marble,

A method of dyed porcelain with an old coffee residue was developed and the technology was used to apply a series of luminaires called Coffire.

This approach is inspired by the ancient Chinese digging technology, forming a random texture of “imperfect”, which means

Each Coffire chandelier is different.

The Coffire project originated from a commercial committee promoted to coffee beverages.


The world consumes at least 40 billion cups of coffee every year, at least 8 million tons of coffee, most of the coffee slag will be discarded.

Throw it into the landfill or incinerate with other waste. Coffee slag as waste treatment

Not only consumes a lot of energy, but also harms the environment.


Natural coffee slag is safer for coloring ceramics in the ancient fire pit.

Graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, Zhekai Zhang


Using a gas kiln instead of a traditional sand pit, it is possible to produce these lights in large-scale.

at the same time

Avoid high waste rates brought by the Sandy shooting


This is known for the oldest pottery firing method.

During the low temperature firing process of 700-1000 ° C,

The surface of the coffee slag released biodiesel and sugar, and the pink random texture was shown after interaction.

Wonderful is like marble.

Random surface textures and patterns are results such as variable interactions such as temperature, humidity and coffee slag density. Due to the gas kiln does not contain trace elements, the color saturation of the finished product will be higher.


Zhekai Zhang said: “Due to the use of innovative coloring technology,

The Coffire lamp has a pink marble surface texture, which is the effect of other glazes that cannot be achieved.


The texture and colors produced by this firing technique are different, so that each lamp is unique. “

Zhekai Zhang set up a studio called KAE with other RCA alumni, hoping to commercialize this idea.

Another designer for testing waste as a ceramic glaze is Agne Kucerenkaite, and its Ignorance is a BLISS project transformation industrial metal waste, which turns a powdered dye for color porcelain tableware and tiles.