Pay attention to the main intention behind wheel acceleration

On the whole, after the market opened high yesterday, it fell in shock, released the selling pressure, and then bought in shock and rose by copying the chassis. At the end of the day, the index did not fluctuate, so it was OK. In terms of mood, it is still good. The limit of rise is 114 and the limit of fall is 14. The local earning effect is still hot.

In terms of market rhythm, the performance of A-shares in the past two days was stronger than expected, mainly because the time cycle of rebound had not been completed.

It is expected that this week’s market probability may show a structure of first holding down and then rising. In the first half of the week, the index will take the stage and individual stocks will play a role. Then in the second half of the week, the financial+consumption may continue to drive up the index. That is, by lifting the index, the final inducement stage of the market rebound from the low point of 2863 will be completed, while individual stocks will be fully differentiated and fall back. It is suggested that we should pay attention to this. For the Shanghai Composite Index, the resistance level is around 3180. Next, the closer the index is to this position, the greater the probability of phased adjustment, and the more we need to be careful.

Strategically, for the game of individual stocks, the probability will also enter the final fishtail stage in the next 2-3 days. Therefore, before this Thursday, it is suggested that you can gradually put your money in your pocket and retreat while fighting to slowly shrink your position.

The specific logic mainly includes three points:

1) According to the historical data of the second round, when the inflow of foreign capital exceeds 10 billion yuan in a single day, the index is likely to turn to a small high after that. If you are interested, you can go to the stock exchange on March 30, 2022

The trend of January 20, December 9, October 21, June 25, and April 19, 2021 is almost the same?

2) From the perspective of trend structure, the rebound of the Shanghai Stock Index from the low point of 2863 deduces a total of five small waves. According to the expected rhythm, it is expected that the probability will meet the adjustment of segment B from the end of May to the first ten days of June, and the final reversal will be the rebound of c, which is the 3650 rebound target highlighted in the previous article of Strategic Brother.

3) From the perspective of time cycle, around this Thursday, the market will usher in a new window of change, which itself has a greater possibility of change.

Based on these studies and judgments, we hope that you can have a general judgment on the market trend and formulate a proactive strategy in advance. Only in this way can we calmly deal with the rise and fall of the market and fluctuations.


Implementation plan for rural construction was issued to strengthen infrastructure construction for flood control and drought relief

Zhengping Shares (603843) has four Class I qualifications for general contracting of highway, municipal utilities, water conservancy and hydropower, and construction projects, as well as more than 60 qualifications for design, construction, and testing of urban, transportation, water conservancy, and power industries. It actively participates in the construction of new urbanization, county economic development, and rural revitalization. Dayu Water Saving (300021) has the first grade qualification for general contracting of water conservancy and hydropower projects and the second grade qualification for engineering design in the water conservancy industry. It has sufficient engineering construction capacity and rich project experience. Guangzhou Development (600098) plans to invest 7.5 billion yuan to build a 1.2 million kilowatts pumped storage project. Construction Research Design (301167) established a rural construction design institute to actively expand rural construction related businesses and provide technical support for rural infrastructure development and industrial revitalization.

The second lithium concentrate auction in Pilbara, Australia on Tuesday has reached consensus on the scarcity of lithium resources

Among A-shares, companies with high self-sufficiency rate of lithium resources and sustained growth of performance can be concerned, such as Rongjie Shares (002192), Shengxin Lithium Energy (002240), etc.

JD 618 Launches the “Green Plan” Green Consumption, Recyclable Packaging to Meet Opportunities

Jinsheng Xincai (300849) Co., Ltd. has improved its R&D and design capabilities by researching and developing the use of PCR in cosmetic packaging, developing full plastic vacuum bottles (reducing the use of metal and making it easy to recycle), designing replacement packages, etc., so that the company and its customers can jointly achieve a green and environmentally friendly economy. Tianyuan Co., Ltd. (003003) adheres to the concept of green packaging research and development, and actively produces and promotes new products with energy saving and environmental protection features such as degradable, multiple use, and recycling. It can provide customers with a full process comprehensive service integrating packaging scheme optimization, product design, production and distribution.

Reap Duck Toys topped the hot search list, and the game industry entered a period of rapid development

In terms of the company, Huali Technology (301011) launched a series of animation IP derivatives such as Altman Fusion Battle, Baoke Dream and My World Underground Arcade; The “Guard Love” pink package gift box of Yuanlong Yatu (002878) is one of the new products of Bing Dwen Dwen series recently launched, which has been sold well since its launch.

New graphite cathode materials come out, 60% charge in 6 minutes

Among A-share companies, China Bao’an (00000 9) holding subsidiary Betray has Jixi natural graphite industry chain, Shanxi/Tianjin artificial graphite industry chain, and a complete industry chain of lithium-ion battery cathode materials. It is a global leader in lithium-ion battery cathode materials. At present, Baichuan (002455) has put into operation the project of producing 5000 tons of graphite cathode materials (10000 tons of graphitization) annually.

Taobao Tmall added more efforts to help businesses cultivate more than 100 billion products

The A-share related concept stocks are mainly worth buying (300785), Zhejiang Internet (600986), etc.


From the perspective of the attention of the organization, what is most favored by the organization is


29 research papers gave the stock a positive rating. Followed by

Jerry, Longbai Group, Zhongke Electric, Shanshan

Etc. According to the consensus forecast of more than 5 institutions

, Keda Manufacturing, Zhongke Electric

Both institutions predicted that the growth rate of net profit would double in 2022. The latest closing price is compared with the target price consistently predicted by the institution,

Fangda Carbon, Shanshan Co., Ltd., Longbai Group, Beiteri

The rising space of these four stocks exceeded 50%.

The annual report shows that by the end of 2021, the company has formed an effective capacity of cathode materials with an annual output of more than 150000 tons, including 110000 tons of graphitization processing and 100000 tons of carbonization processing supporting capacity.

The company will add at least 100000 tons of integrated capacity of negative electrode in 2023.

Shanshan Shares

It is the first enterprise engaged in the research, development and production of artificial graphite anode materials for lithium ion batteries in China. By the end of 2021, the company has a capacity of 120000 tons of finished anode materials and 42000 tons of graphitization capacity.

Dow technology

On May 17, on the interactive platform, it was said that the Lanzhou base of the company planned to build 5000 tons of carbon nanotube powder, 30000 tons of carbon nanotube slurry, 150000 tons of silicon carbon, graphite cathode materials and graphitization processing and production projects. The first phase of the project plans to build 70000 tons of graphite cathode materials (including 100000 tons of graphitization processing), which is expected to start at the end of May 2022.

Zhongke Electric

On May 7, it was mentioned on the interactive platform that the production base project of Hunan Zhongke Xingcheng Graphite Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 50000 tons of lithium battery cathode materials has been completed and is now in the stage of equipment installation and commissioning.


The current products are mainly graphite cathode materials. By the end of 2021, the company has a capacity of 30000 tons of cathode materials, 30000 tons of projects are under construction, and 60000 tons of high-end artificial graphite cathode materials integrated production base is under preparation, totaling 120000 tons. The company has an annual capacity of 15000 tons of graphitization, of which 3000 tons have been fully produced, 12000 tons of graphitization are under construction, and some of them are put into use. It is expected to reach the capacity within this year.

Jerry Shares

The 2021 annual report shows that the company will implement the 100000 ton lithium ion battery graphite anode material integration project in Tianshui, Gansu Province, and the 18000 ton lithium ion battery silicon based composite anode material project in Xiamen, Fujian and other places in cooperation with the Zhao Jinbao team of the Jiageng Innovation Laboratory.

Yi Chengxinneng

Qinghai Tianlan Phase I 10000t negative electrode graphitization project has been put into operation, and the second phase negative electrode material project is stepping up the pre formalities.

List of stocks with high determination of main control

Main control refers to that the chips held by the main force are more and more concentrated, which has a great impact on the stock price trend. Relatively speaking, the strength of the main control panel is high, which is easier to promote the rise of individual stocks.

Several precursors of main control panel:

1. Impulse stretching market appeared in the session;

2. The big ticket was knocked out;

3. There are some non market large orders;

4. The market was stable, but individual stocks fell precipitously until the closing gradually stabilized

There are many common types of the main control panel, such as V-shaped reverse, pressure type washing and re stretching, large volume pushing up, low volume vibrating and re stretching, W bottom, and so on.

How can we know that individual stocks are highly controlled by the main force?

1. Look at the trend

The trend is relatively independent, because the chips are concentrated in the hands of the main players, and there is often a market crash, but individual stocks have a sideways or upward trend.

2. Based on the number of shareholders

For individual stocks with high control, the number of shareholders is generally less than 10000, or even less than 5000, as can be seen from the study of individual shareholders.

3. Look at the trading volume and K-line shape

It often occurs in the stage of raising funds and washing up the market. The main force has raised a lot of chips. The trading volume has shrunk, and the stock price has risen and fallen without breaking the support or pressure.

4. Sudden bad news, stock price rising

When the company has bad news, retail investors follow the trend, but the main force must be strong, often showing an independent stretch of the market or a significantly higher closing the next day.


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