Who is stronger? Comparison evaluation of four popular noise canceling headphones

[Zhongguancun Online Audio Channel Original] BOSE has been leading the noise reduction headset market after released the first civilian noise reduction headset in 1989. However, in recent years, there have been many strong opponents in the market. After nearly 30 years of development, how much external noise can noise -canceling headphones eliminate? What except for noise reduction their music performance? Today, we have collected four latest noise reduction headphones including BOSE and will tell you their comparative experience in the actual application environment.

Four competitors take photos on the plane

The four headphones participating in this experience are BOSE QC35II, SonyWh-1000XM2, HIVI AW-85, Panasonic HD605N. They are all large-scale closure headphones, using source noise reduction technology, and all support Bluetooth or wired connection.

A closed earmuffs can be isolated from part of the noise, but if you want to be completely quiet, the blessing of active noise reduction technology is necessary. The principle of active noise reduction is very intuitive: the noise signal collected by the microphone is processed, and the internal output of the earmuffs will not be heard by the two wavelengths to offset each other. However, in practice, calculating delay, the accuracy of anti -phase signals, noise reduction bands and strengths are all learned. Products with insufficient strength often perform poor performance, and may even add noise.

In recent years, the advancement of DSP chip technology has made BOSE no longer lead the noise reduction. Most of the mature audio manufacturers have launched noise -canceling headset products, and even some small manufacturers can join the team through public models. However, it is not easy to meet the noise elimination and wearing experience at the same time on a product at the same time. How to balance how to balance the characteristics of various conflicts is a test of product research and development.

As a product that costs around 2,000 yuan, these four headphones must have the tone of high -end headset products. For example, in terms of comfort and fine workmanship, they must be qualified. In addition to the basic noise reduction function, they also have their own characteristics and provide some additional functions.

Bose, Sony, and Hivi have their own mobile phone applications, which can control and adjust the headphones on mobile devices. Hywei’s APP can use a balancer to adjust his favorite sound style, and the adjustment of the noise reduction scene also needs to be completed by APP control.

BOSE headsets can achieve shared music and upgrade the headset firmware between the two BOSE headphones through the APP, which greatly improves the upgrade of the headset.

The Sony’s APP is the most powerful. Not only is the equalizer and sound field positioning adjustable, but also the real -time noise reduction optimization can be completed, achieving a more targeted noise reduction effect.

Panasonic’s noise -canceling headset is not equipped with an APP function, but it is not hurt: this headset and Sony are equipped with LDAC decoding chips. As Sony’s exclusive encoding algorithm, the LDAC encoding greatly enhances the information integrity of the sound and brings nearly CD -level non -destructive sound transmission.

Both Panasonic, Sony, and Havili headsets can be listened to the environmental sound with the palm of the headset. There is no need to frequently wear headphones to wear headphones. It is a very good gospel for friends who need to listen to the outside world. Hyeway added a distance sensor on the inside of the earmuffs, which can be automatically played/paused when taking off the headphones. At the same time, this headset is also equipped with wireless charging technology. Through the official charging stent, the mobile phone and the headset can perform wireless charging at the same time.

Panasonic headphones can adjust the three noise reduction modes through keys, which correspond to high, medium, and low noise reduction levels. There is a sliding rod -type volume control button on the side, which feels very good. There is a button on the left side of the Bose headset that can be selected in three noise reduction modes, and the right side is the volume, music start/pause button.

This evaluation will be carried out in three different environments (which are travel, streets, restaurants, and offices). Finally, the four noise reduction headphones are comprehensive according to the noise reduction hearing and sound quality hearing in various environments. score.

There is no harm without comparison. In the past, we had a small selection range of noise reduction headphones, and even there was an old saying: “There are two types of noise reduction headphones, one is BOSE and the other is other headphones.” However, this is also a few years ago. Next, I will give you the real sense of hearing of these four headphones in different environments.

The four noise reduction headphones can effectively inhibit the low frequency noise in the aircraft in the aircraft, and the annoying low frequency can basically be ignored. Specifically, BOSE and Hyaville can eliminate almost all low -frequency noise, and wearing no low frequencies. Sony did not completely remove the low frequency, leaving a trace overall, and may not notice it if you don’t pay attention. In contrast, Panasonic seems to have some low -frequency noise that failed to eliminate it, and you can hear a slight rumbling sound.

In high frequency bands, their noise reduction effects are the most obvious. Because the delay of circuit transmission and processing is not eliminated in physics, and it is unlikely to completely suppress high -frequency noise, so there are always some choices in practice. However, BOSE can eliminate the noise from high -frequency to high -frequency high -frequency. However, because the high -frequency signal of the negative position of noise reduction seems to be excessive, the white noise and sound pressure on high -frequency and ultra -high frequency are strong. It’s like a small white point on a clean glass.

Sony’s mid -to -high frequency elimination is relatively balanced, not to kill all noise, but to uniformly eliminate most of them. The overall noise is slightly available, but the sound source of noise seems much far. It’s like it’s not completely clean when rubbing the glass, but you can’t say where you are dirty. Overall, the flight experience is still good.

Hywei’s elimination of high -frequency bands was very strong, and the sharp noise was almost invisible, but at the same time, it was put in a little more and high -frequency. Pay attention to the words of the words. Just like when the glass is checked, it is found that the whole glass is clean and there are no spots, but if you look closely, there is one or two dirty marks.

Panasonic headphones can effectively eliminate the noise of higher frequencies. If you care about sharp hiss, it will not let you hear. However, the noise of the mid -to -high frequency almost means, and the sound of the aircraft engine can be suppressed to a certain extent, but there is a gap compared to the first three models. It’s like the glass was wiped seriously, but it didn’t seem to be clean.

Walking on the street, these four headphones basically wipe out environmental noise. But the only thing that strange me was that the Panasonic HD605N had a strong stethoscope effect. The vibration of walking will be passed to the ears. This is a problem that the other three headphones are not obvious. However, there is no harm. I get used to it for a while, and I can basically ignore it after playing music.


On the sound of the flute of the car, these four headphones have different levels of noise reduction. For example, BOSE and Hivi, these two headphones can greatly eliminate the sound of whistle (at least 3/4 of the volume), but they can still hear some. It is really a challenge.

The noise reduction effect of Sony’s whistle sound is slightly worse than the previous two. The whistle statement passed into the ear is a bit higher, but it will not stimulate the ears. And Panasonic’s noise reduction effect on the sound of whistle is the weakest. Although it is not as stimulating as the ear pressure and noise of noise, the sound of the whistle can be placed in half (but the out of the ears (but the out of the ears (but the out of the ears (but the out of the out of the ears (but the out of the ears (but the out of the out of the ears (but the out of the outlet (however In terms of security, the safety factor of Panasonic is the highest).

The sound of the music of the street shop

In terms of external music, the noise reduction effect of this headset of Sony is very amazing: it can almost weaken the sound of music to a very low level. When the sound is strong, it can still weaken the volume to a large extent, just like wearing a cotton with a cotton in the ears. The sound is very small, but if you listen carefully, the three frequencies will be retained. On the whole, it has a good noise reduction effect, and at the same time makes people feel very natural.

The noise reduction of the Havili noise reduction headset was almost all of the sound, but it retained a lot of human voices. However, the effect of only people’s voices is not natural. In general, the noise reduction ability of this headset is still worthy of recognition. The specific and weakness of Sony varies from personal taste.

BOSE’s noise -canceling headset can hardly hear the sound of low -frequency bands, but the level of human voice is relatively high. In addition, BOSE is relatively powerful, so I can only put it in the third place here in the third For position.

Panasonic’s noise reduction headphones are the most embarrassing headphones in these headphones. Its noise reduction performance cannot completely filter the sound of music even if it is opened to the highest. Except for a large degree of weakness in low frequencies, the sound of low, medium, and high -frequency bands can almost be heard. Although the sense of listening is much better than the passive noise reduction of ordinary headphones, the noise reduction performance in the environment is not considerable.

Super complicated environment+voice

In the noisy environment of the restaurant, these four headphones can be very effective in suppressing the noise of the combination of air conditioning, fan, and speaking sounds. But it sounds carefully, there are still a lot of gaps in these four headphones. Let’s take Hymy for example. This headset is the most “clean” headset I think in this environment. Its ear pressure is very small, and almost all of the noise can be shielded; however, some people speak too much. In the case of near, it can’t be filtered, and the overall experience is the best.

The most gap between BOSE noise -canceling headphones and Hywei’s “ear pressure”. In fact, the overall noise reduction is still higher, but in this environment, the sudden opening of noise reduction will give people a very violent sense of suffocation, and it needs to adapt to a little time to slow down.

The noise reduction of this headset of Sony always gives me a feeling of “not clean” under this strong noise, but the most powerful point is that it can weaken a lot of human voice. This is the other three headphones. Nothing can be done.

This environment is a bit difficult to cope with this environment. Although the low -frequency buzz can be filtered, many people’s sound and high -frequency environment sound cannot be effectively suppressed. It can only be said that it is relatively quieter than ordinary headphones. The sound source has weakened, but the noise reduction performance needs to be improved.

In fact, in the office environment, our demand for noise reduction headphones is still very high. Take the author himself, and you feel that these noise can still be acceptable before wearing noise -lower headphones in the office area, but because it is too quiet after wearing it, it will feel very noisy if you pick it again.

Generally speaking, because most of the noise in the office environment comes from the sound of air -conditioning sound and computer chassis, most of these noise come from low and medium frequency, so these four headphones are not much different in the office.

But in terms of details, when someone was talking around, Sony headset was the lowest headphones that reduced human sound volume. It can be said that they would hardly hear what they were talking about. The two headphones of Bose are a little worse. These two headphones are similar to the noise reduction performance of human voices. They can probably understand what they are talking about, but the volume is relatively small.

As for Panasonic HD605N, although it can cope with the environmental noise in the office area, the human voice is almost meaningful. The conversation of the people around him can even hear it clearly. So for friends who want to use noise -canceling headphones in the office area, if you mind the voice of others, this headset cannot meet your needs.

Of course, the most important thing for choosing headphones is the sound quality. After all, active noise reduction and passive noise reduction are served to improve the signal -to -noise ratio and better listening. The front end of this time we choose Fi Ao M9 supporting LDAC LDAC’s Panasonic HD605N and Sony WH-1000XM2 are the best.

First of all, talk about Panasonic, HD605N, although its noise reduction performance is only a chicken -like existence compared to the other three headphones, but its sound quality is to recover the overall situation for it: it has a very balanced three -frequency and ” The resolution and portrayal of the fever “is the headset in this price range, the sound details of the HD605N are full and the preservation is super high. The noise reduction function may be the feeling of buying sound quality ~

Secondly, the hearing of the Havili AW-85 is very good. Although the author has not been equipped with the LDAC module, its sound quality is still very balanced. Its three -frequency connection is very natural, highly analytical, extremely rich in details, and high reduction. It is impossible to imagine that this headset sound without the LDAC protocol is so high -fidelity. The sense of listening is relatively monitoring style, which is very suitable for listening to the orchestra, vocals, piano songs, etc. In addition, its unique APP can also adjust the balancer, which can get your favorite sound style by adjusting.

Besides, Sony is 1000XM2. As an old user who listened to Sony, the author is still very affectionate to this brand. However, feelings are affectionate. Although this headset is equipped with an LDAC chip, its resolution is generally compared to the previous two performances, high sound density, and low frequency. It is very suitable for listening to popular and electronic music.

Finally, talk about BOSE QC35II. As the strongest brand that once had noise reduction, its noise reduction performance is absolutely not said. Unfortunately, in terms of sound quality, its sound does not have three other headphones. Its three -frequency is quite balanced, but the details of the sound are relatively ordinary. Even though this headset can meet the daily needs of ordinary music enthusiasts, it is still remote on the road of HIFI.

HIVI AW-85 released a certain price of 1699 yuan, Panasonic HD605N JD.com official prices of 2248 yuan, BOSE QC35II Jingdong official price 2888 yuan, SonyWh -000XM2 JD.com official price of 2299 yuan. From this point of view, BOSE, the pioneer of the noise reduction headset, already has a lot of competitors with considerable strength. On the future, the ranks of noise -canceling headphones will inevitably move closer to HIFI high -fidelity. After all, in most cases, the noise reduction function is to improve the signal -to -noise ratio and to better listen to the service.

Written at the end:

Comprehensive price and functional considerations, we believe that for friends who often travel, if you want to get a quiet sleeping environment on the plane, BOSE will be your first choice.

SONY can bring a comprehensive balanced noise reduction and vocal filtration ability. Therefore, this headset should be the first choice for friends who are commuting or office workers.

The Havili headsets are very powerful. Although it is slightly less functional than Sony, after all, the price difference is a lot.Therefore, this earphones can not only be opened with BOSE in the noise reduction, nor does the sound quality lag behind Sony and Panasonic. It is definitely a cost -effective choice.However, since the release has not been listed, it may take a few days to start with this headset.

The situation of Panasonic headphones is more embarrassing. Although the sound quality has successfully reached the hearing of Sony headsets, the noise reduction ability is a little bit unsatisfactory, so this headset author can only recommend high sound quality requirements and noise reduction to noise reduction here.The demand is just a friend who improves the signal -to -noise ratio.(In the eyes of the author, it is a HiFi headset. The noise reduction function is just to improve the sound quality.)

PS: Due to the different degrees of hearing, everyone’s needs for noise reduction effects vary from person to person. In this article, the author only trials with personal listening and compares these four noise reduction headphones, which can only be used as a reference.If you want to buy a noise -canceling headset that is suitable for you, it is recommended that if you have the conditions to go to the physical store to listen to it ~

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