New fabric, about to master the right to speak

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In the fashion industry, innovative technology is applied to fabrics, and opened the trend with a new look and attitude.

One chapter provides inexhaustible motivation for the sustainable development of fashion. The designers are still innovating, still

He did not forget to trace tradition in the change, and lead the new trend of innovation, creativity, technology, and fashion with innovative technology and functional fabrics.

Based on biological natural technology, inject vitality into new fabrics.

The appearance they present brings us surprise with unexpected style and texture. On the high -end customized runway of Paris in the autumn and winter 2018, Iris Van Herpen released the 2018 autumn and winter high -definition series “Syntopia” at the LE Trianon Theater in Paris, full of science fiction and future.

Iris van Herpen 2018 autumn and winter high -definition series

The designer still uses 3D printing technology to perfectly combine the complicated craftsmanship and light gauze material, and boldly explores a new field of synthetic biology and organic and inorganic substances. Weaving laser tailored wool into the leather; silk European root veil wrinkle effect and liquid coating treatment, folded in different directions, slowed down dynamic, complement the glass lines of the power device; Bird’s sound wave pattern is presented, with polycardia film, black cotton, red European roots and transparent black acryl chips, etc., and layers of silk and acrylic layers of feathers.

The use of new fabric wave light glazed makes a whole series written romance and avant -garde in the water ripple.

It is the initiative of the application of architectural materials to fashion production, which reflects future sense aesthetics. It also shows the forward -looking of fashion fabric production and application.

From the high -definition show to the fast -moving consumer goods, the new fabric has always occupied a place.

Inspired by inspiration from the loss of the loss of ancient wall blankets, the H & M autumn and winter environmental protection conscious action limited series combines the life course of historical art with the latest sustainable fabric innovation technology. Regenerative wool and velvet made of recycled polyester fibers debuted in this season series. Almost all items are made of sustainable materials: flower jackets made of sequin inlaid with whole body made of recycling PET bottle, and recycled plastic The sculpture earrings, black socks and boots made of regenerative polyester fiber, dew heel high heels made of regenerative polyester fibers and teel tin silk blend … the dramatic and romantic color, the dramatic design, in dramatic A clever balance between exquisite and exquisite and exquisite.

H & M Creative Consultant Anne-Sofie Johansson said, “Blending the history of historical art with modern design makes our ideas a series of more substantial design.”

It can be seen that the stunning design and ingenious fabrics on the stretching platform not only need the creativity of the light, but also the beauty contained in other industrial disciplines in other industrial disciplines in life.

Tracing the traditional life skills to make traditional materials renewed.

Biological nature is the same as science and technology, and at the same time enlighten the research and development of new fabrics. Charlie Black, designer from the Norwegian capital Oslo, founded its own brand of the same name in 2014. Most of its fabrics have been carefully experimented in the laboratory in the laboratory. Completed, regenerate in woody cellulose, with unexpected softness and comfort … Spanish leather designer Kamen Hygsa, concentrated on five years, harvested the fruit of pineapple trees after harvesting the pile of leaves, processing Later, it became a strong and durable “pineapple leather” material to present leather texture, which is used to make leather, leather bags, leather shoes, leather, etc. Slightly different -compared to “open source”, it focuses more on “throttling”.

The development of new fabrics and the use of traditional raw materials is inseparable from the innovation and inheritance of concepts.

Ecuador’s renewable Toquilla’s Toquilla Tukura grass is an excellent raw material for weaving Panama straw hat. It is lightweight, highly flexible, and good breathability. As early as 2012, it was included in the world’s non -heritage list due to sustainable elements. Ecuador’s pure handmade caps can only be produced at a certain time to adapt to the right sunlight, temperature and humidity. The technical technique of the inch 600 ~ 1800 stitches comes out a hat like a soft silk satin.

The fundamental to sustainable and fashionable is the original design capabilities of products and clothing brands. The development and use of new fabrics.

Not only can the fashionable posture and expression be given to the fashion, but also the next chapter of the trend with unique outline and posture.

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