How much is Swarovski Angel’s Kiss Necklace?

Swarovski Angel’s kiss necklace design is very simple. It is very upper -level on the neck, and the neck lines are particularly perfect. That

How much is Swarovski Angel’s Kiss Necklace?

What is the price of the kiss necklace of Angel Swarovski? Let’s take a look at it together.

Brand: Swarovski

Name: Swarovski Angel’s Kiss

Material: 925 silver, crystal

Place of Origin: Austria

Price: 1080 yuan

How does Swarovski Angel Kiss look good?

Swarovski Angel’s kiss crystal necklace pendant. This chain was not seen at the counter. The shopping guide said that it was out of stock. The new arrival of the goods had not had time to put it on that day. Then I picked a few. I didn’t look good to put it on, and she recommended this one to look good, so shiny, she took it down. If you go to work, you can match your professional clothes. It is elegant and belongs to the temperament. Finally, I was complained. This was really troublesome to wear. When I bought it, it was so shiny. After wearing it, it was a lot faint. There was a way to maintain it.

Swarovski Angel’s Kiss Crystal Necklace is very simple belonging to the temperament. BlingBling has no resistance. The texture is good. It feels that you can hold it. The size is 46cm, the classic silver three -claw single crystal necklace, the white gold -plated chain is inlaid with three artificial crystals. Article 3 The Swarovski necklace likes it.

Swarovski Angel’s kiss crystal pendant sent necklace, sparkling, as if the stars in the night sky were dotted in the middle of the collarbone.

Swarovski Angel’s kiss crystal necklace, pendant like a round diamond, is shiny, simple and generous, and not exaggerated. I have always wanted to find some necklaces, generous, and good clothes, and do not want to wear them often. A shining gem is really beautiful. And the necklace length is also well designed, all on the collarbone, which is more beautiful. However, when buying, there are reminders that they cannot take a bath, otherwise the gloss will decline. This is indeed revealed, the disadvantages of crystal. Lazy people like me still did not follow the requirements, and I felt that it was not so shining.

Swarovski brand introduction

Swarovski is the world’s leading crystal manufacturer. It provides a large number of high -quality cutting crystal stones for industries such as fashion, jewelry and crystal lamps each year. At the same time, Swarovski (Swarovski) is also known for its high -quality, dazzling and highly accurate crystal and related products.

The most moving part of Swarovski products is not just how cleverly they are polished into dozens of cuts, so that they have excellent refraction capabilities for light. Swarovski has been instilling a delicate culture to people through its products. The charm of Swarovski comes from the quality of materials and the manufacturing method adopted. As for the detailed situation of the unique law, it will not disclose to outsiders. Swarovski AG, an ancient and mysterious company, still maintains the family operation method, and regards the crystal production process as a business secret for generations, and the patent and wealth related to crystal cutting.

How much is Swarovski Angel’s Kiss Necklace?

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