What are the common fabrics in the darling of winter clothing?

With the arrival of winter, the clothes on your body have gradually been replaced with warm and comfortable winter fabrics, so do you know these fabrics?

Today, Belo Rabbit will talk to you. What are the common fabrics in winter?

Wool fabric

The most common commonly used in winter clothing is wool fabrics, mostly the common name of fibrous fabrics made of cotton, camels, goats, pommels, or other mammals. The important feature is to keep warm, so it is often used in the production of winter clothing.

The clothing made of wool fabric should try to avoid all immersion in water, and be cleaned immediately when you get stains. If the stain stays on the surface of the clothing fabric for a long time, it is almost impossible to remove after penetrating the fiber. After the stain is cleaned, rinse the detergent.

Cashmere fabric

Although there is only a word difference in cashmere and wool, there is a big difference. Cashmere uses a thin layer of fine velvet that grows on the outer epidermal layer of the goat, covering the roots of the rough hair of the goat, and it grows in the cold winter. It is used to resist the cold of the wind. After warming, it adapts to the climate and fall off. It is a rare special animal fiber.

The clothing made with cashmere fabric has the characteristics of light, soft, warm, and waxy. The coats, sweater, scarves, etc. made have good cold quality. However, because cashmere itself belongs to protein fiber, it is prone to insects or mold. All cashmere fabrics and clothing need to be treated carefully.

Down fabric

The down is a mixture of “feather” and “velvet”. The feathers play a supporting effect in the down, allowing the down to rebound quickly; and the velvet is a velvet, the velvet is a three -dimensional spherical, and a vaginalized structure, between the velvet and the velvet, the velvet and the velvet There will also be a large amount of air between the flowers. Compared with cotton, silk, chemical fiber, wool and other fibers, they are all linear. Not only are there a fixed amount of air, but it will appear on the plate for a long time. There will be a problem of plate knots, and long -term use is still fluffy, which is the secret of why down the down.

So far, down has always been the best natural material used by humans to keep warm. After the processing of washing, drying, and grading, it was used as down jackets in the cold winter.

Of course, the fabrics often used in winter are more than these. Various warm fabrics such as cotton, corduroy, leather and other warm fabrics are darlings of winter clothing, which brings comfortable warmth to people in low temperature weather. Of course, it is not just clothing fabrics. Any details, as long as you care, will exude a bright charm!

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