“Anti -Wind Flying” Chinese Furniture overseas

CCTV Beijing December 18 (Reporter Guan Xin Zhejiang Taiwan reporter Li Lubin) According to the Voice of China Voice of the Central Radio and Television “News”, Alibaba International Station data shows that as of the end of October 191%, the number of payment orders increased by 112%year -on -year. Furniture products such as sofas, beds, desks, tables and chairs, dining tables and chairs, children’s beds, etc. are most popular with overseas markets. According to data released by the State Administration of Customs on December 7, the cumulative export volume of furniture and its parts from January to November was 365.07 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2%over the same period last year.

Reporter: What kind of process are you now?

Workers: I am doing a net.

Reporter: How many can you do a day?

Workers: More than a hundred.

In the production workshop of Hongqiao Furniture in Longjiang Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, front -line workers are intensely catching orders. Deng Jianliang, the person in charge of the production department, was busy back and forth in the workshop to find a way to improve production capacity. Deng Jianliang said: “This is a installation workshop. In my workshop, the order of 45,000 per month in the past is 45,000. Now I am 80,000 orders this month. Equipment to replace and reduce the labor intensity of employees. “

Orders from home and abroad are surging, and existing people are limited. To purchase new equipment and increase production capacity, of course, it is a good way. However, in the view of Zuo Boliang, the general manager of Hongqiao Furniture, the office furniture they designed and manufactured is a fine work. Some procedures can only be artificially improved. He took the reporter into his tailor workshop. Zuo Boliang said: “In this workshop, there can be more than 5,000 chairs a day. The workshop of the cutting skin is dedicated to cutting the skin and making a chair more than 30 processes. This is one of them.”

Hongqiao Furniture is a large local office furniture manufacturer, with 50%of orders from overseas every year. Zuo Boliang told reporters that this year’s market situation changes are completely unexpected. He said: “Nian head feels that the time is pressed for a pause key. The entire factory can only be designed and developed, the business can be moved again, and production is almost stopped. By March and April, a restart key came out. The entire market recovered quickly. At present Adjusting a fast key, the entire production is not up to the supply and demand. This completely reflects the advantages of our Chinese system, including the unity of Chinese people. “

Zuo Boliang used the “roller coaster” to describe the 2020 years he and Hongqiao Furniture. In the early days of the epidemic, Zuo Boliang couldn’t sleep all night. What he was most worried about was that the dealer couldn’t be this cold winter.

However, as the domestic epidemic situation improved rapidly, Zuo Boliang’s worried problems were solved. In the second half of the year, the situation of foreign outbreaks became severe, and foreign white -collar home office became the norm. This brought greater market space to Hongqiao Furniture, such as Hongqiao Furniture. Zuo Boliang told the Voice of China that in the past few months, their export orders have been increasing. Zuo Boliang said: “Many other countries are produced half -stop or even pause. So they cannot produce only outsourcing, and we have a benefit of office furniture. Even during the epidemic, there is an extra family office business. So the size of the entire market has expanded rapidly. Our office chair department business has grown rapidly. “

In Zhejiang Anji, the hometown of China’s chair industry, production companies that do transfer chairs are basically in the state of surge in international orders.

The reporter saw that in most of Anji’s furniture factories, a row of container transport vehicles stopped every day to wait for the goods. The person in charge of a furniture factory said that his German customers put the products purchased from the factory on the e -commerce website for sale. At first, the unit price was 69.99 euros, and then rose to 99.99 euros. “Second” light, finally rose to 179.99 euros. Some German customers even said that he made all the money in the past five years. Li Weiyuan, general manager of Anji Kabelon Furniture Co., Ltd. said: “Our transferred orders have been ranked in March and April 2021. By the New Year, 130,000 chairs were not finished.”

Zhejiang is a large province of the furniture industry. The output ranks first in the country, and its output value and exports ranks second in the country. According to the calculation of the industry association, all economic indicators in Zhejiang furniture industry this year are better than expected.

There is a hilarious change in Chinese furniture, which is not only reflected in the production link, but also the logistics link can also be glimpsed. Lecong Town, Shunde District is one of the clusters of China’s home furnishing business industry. Wang Wenjun, head of the local furniture and logistics enterprise joint transportation, also told reporters that their orders and profits this year not only did not decrease, but their data growth was obvious. Wang Wenjun said: “The overall profit this year is much better than last year. It is mainly the national March and April highway free of charge, because the toll is quite large in us. Earn enough money in the first half of the year, and everyone has a lot of money in the second half of the year. “

Analysis report from the China Furniture Association shows that after the furniture companies have resumed work and re -production, the production capacity has caught up with the production level of last year by October and reached a new high. At the end of the previous year when production began to decline, this year showed a continuous growth trend. In terms of exports, in the second half of this year, foreign consumption rebounded, bringing the peak of exports in my country. Tu Qi, vice chairman and secretary -general of the China Furniture Association, believes: “The increase in Chinese furniture export orders is the result of multiple factors at home and abroad. In the deep level, it is due to the changes in the global furniture industry under the epidemic. Under the dual effects of the epidemic prevention and control measures, the export of Chinese furniture has risen rapidly under the dual effects of consumption and supply side, forming the current surge in orders. Enterprises with good export qualifications are particularly prominent. “

The production and logistics links in the furniture industry are relatively optimistic. In the furniture store, we are also trying to expand domestic demand and promote consumption.

In a large international furniture expo center in Lecong Town, Shunde District, the mall is attracting customers at home and abroad through the way of online celebrities. The staff said: “These big coffees have a lot of fans, and they have attracted some customers to consume from their channels. During the live broadcast, there are prizes or discounts. This is to help our merchants come. drainage.”

Vertical and horizontal comments:

As some furniture manufacturers feel, this year they have undergone market situation changes like “roller coaster”. Changes and unchanged are mutually influence and achieve each other. The market has changed its storm, and it is the institutional advantage and industrial competitiveness of China in response to the international environment. Behind these keywords, the keywords are the result of a close efficiency under the order of precision prevention and control, re -production and re -production, high -speed free, and export explosion orders.

The Chinese furniture industry has ushered in new opportunities for enterprise development in this result. This epidemic has made more entrepreneurs see what the advantages of Chinese companies and what are the shortcomings of international industry competitiveness. This is the growth brought by the epidemic. The Chinese furniture industry under the test of the epidemic, through cluster collaboration and upstream and downstream cooperation, will also be stable in the international industry competition pattern.

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