Police Shu Pu accompanies you the college entrance examination

The college entrance examination, for countless candidates and parents, is a very important moment to determine life. Candidates are not only “big babies” for parents, but also the “key protection objects” of the police. In order to complete the life of life with peace of mind, the policemen of the Beijing policemen started in advance and started it.

High! Wait! Level!

Prevention and control plan! Below, follow the editor to find out those policemen who are busy for the college entrance examination ~


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In fact, the work of the policemen has begun since May

A month ago, the policemen of the police, education, industry and commerce, urban management, health and other related units conducted a network security inspection and carpet cleaning around 96 test sites in the city. The construction site noise that affects the study environment and the hidden dangers of the order of the surrounding and security of the test sites.

Before the college entrance examination, the police inspected the construction site around the examination room. (Photography: Zhao Tingchao)

This year’s college entrance examination is called “the strictest college entrance examination in history”. It is the first college entrance examination after cheating. In order to ensure the fairness of the college entrance examination, the policemen have begun to achieve the crackdown on cheating equipment from early May. In the cold and hot weather in Beijing, they ran all over the city’s factory, stores, and markets to sell electronic products in the city to investigate, and strictly investigated and sold cheating equipment in accordance with the law and illegal publicity such as false publicity.

Police Shu Shu’s prompts here:

Regarding the suspected leakage of test questions online, using wireless launch, and receiving device cheating, once we find it, we will be held accountable in the end ~

Many police officers enter the preparation status in advance, and conduct drills and school security skills training for various emergencies during the college entrance examination, and make a comprehensive plan.

The Shuistan of the Xicheng Branch organized a dendritic drill.

Wei Hongguang, the police of the Haidian Branch Community, is training the school security personnel for the school security personnel.

Before the exam, the policemen must check the relevant places of the college entrance examination

examination centre

The police of the Haidian Branch conducted a field inspection on the examination center to make a comprehensive preparation for the test papers to enter the cabinet into the cabinet. (Photography: Jiang Mengyang)

1800 test rooms

96 test sites of 1,800 test sites have to be tightly inspected.

The police officer of the Dongcheng Branch is inspecting the confidentiality facilities.

The Shudian Branch’s Shuistan checked the school environment. Do you know what these colorful tires are doing? It is not a tire display rack, it is called: anti -rushing hindrance vehicle equipment.

The police officer of the Chaoyang Branch inspected the camera of the examination room. (Photography: Zhen Yan)

Police of Shunyi Branch conducted inspections on monitoring facilities and fire protection facilities around the examination room. (Photography: Zhao Tingchao)

do you know? The 2016 College Examination Paper for the first time was completed by the special policemen.

The special policeman Shu Shu is handsome ~

On June 6, the traffic policemen began to prepare for the next day ~

Do not let the illegal parking stop the candidates’ way.

Set up temporary parking spaces.

Place the prompt sign.

Check the test site traffic facilities.

On the first day of college entrance examination on June 7

Early in the morning, students and parents waiting to enter the examination room gathered at the entrance door, and their mood must be very nervous at this time.

At this moment, the policemen have already been in place. During the delivery papers,

On the way to the test room

Candidates with 96 test sites!

Delivery test paper

At 5 o’clock in the morning, the police officers responsible for transporting the test papers began to be busy ~

On the way to the test room

Police at the bus subway station were prepared early in the morning, set up service posts and “green channels for college entrance examinations” to pave the way for candidates.

Around the test site

During the college entrance examination, the traffic policemen set up 99 emergency guarantee posts at the main traffic nodes of 96 test sites. Once there were candidates and parents for help, the traffic policemen would escort candidates to the college entrance examination site in time.

The 44 motorcycle posts are equipped with double helmets, always ready to serve candidates and parents!

As of 9 am on June 7, the uncle of the traffic police received a total of 21 candidates for help. For these help, the uncle of the traffic police provided timely and effective help through telephone guidance, care and release, and strengthening guidance.

96 test sites door

At the door of the 96 test sites, there were police officers and aunts.

Beijing No. 2 Middle School

Affiliated to the People’s Congress

At the door of Lize Middle School Affiliated to the First Normal University

Nine middle entrance

Changping No. 2 Middle School

The police officers of the Huairou Branch also set up water stations and service points at the door of the test site to cheer for candidates.

Police Shuo accompany you to spend important moments in life

For the successful exam of 60,000 candidates, so many policemen have been running for busy; at the most important moment in life, there are so many policemen who are accompanied by you. Do you feel particularly practical and special? There is another day in the college entrance examination.

Material provision: News Center, Traffic Management Bureau, Bus Corps, Xicheng Branch, Dongcheng Branch, Haidian Branch, Fengtai Branch, Shijingshan Branch, Changping Branch, Huairou Branch

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