As a domestic four -name king “China Cool Federation”, Lenovo seems to be going back to its peak next year. Its Motorola not only grabbed Xiaomi Mi 12 to win the start of the global Snapdragon 8 GEN1 processor, but also the high -match version It will also be equipped with a 60 -megapixel under -screen lens. This is not over, recently Lenovo has exposed another new Android gaming tablet new machine

Unlike the popular Android tablet on the market, the tabletop is the Apple’s iPad mini series with a screen size of only 8 inches. This is unique in the Android tablet camp. The Android game tablet on the market is slightly stronger, and the screen size is basically more than 10 inches.

不仅骁龙8 Gen1!8寸安卓游戏小平板也来了:性能给力

The benefits of large -size screens are self -evident. Playing games and watching videos can get far exceeding the mobile phone experience. But at the same time, the disadvantages are also obvious. The large -sized tablet will feel very tiring for a little longer. After all, the weight of about 11 inches should not be underestimated. And small -scale tablets will feel much better, which is why the Apple iPad mini series is popular.

And although it is a small -sized tablet, this is just a tablet with a screen of about 11 inches. Compared with the screen size of about 6.7 inches of mobile phones, 8 inches are large enough. In addition, small -sized tablets are more conducive to game control, and there will be greater heat dissipation space than mobile phones

不仅骁龙8 Gen1!8寸安卓游戏小平板也来了:性能给力

Lenovo’s 8 -inch tablet is not a Xiaoxin or YOGA brand that was previously released, but a well -known savior. This series has always been Lenovo’s main game brand on the PC. The design is also unique, so now the first savior tablet is coming, which is indeed expected. The currently known information

Lenovo Savior Tablet will be equipped with an 8.4 -inch LCD screen with 120Hz high brushes. The processor is the Snapdragon 870 tested by Lao Dangyi. 256G and other high -end versions are optional

However, the price and specific release time are not clear, but I believe it will not let us wait too long. After all, the real machine has been exposed. Xiaozhi speculates that it may be released in a short time after the release of the Edge X30 of Motorola. It’s hard to say this year, but in January next year, it will definitely meet us before the Spring Festival!