In the past ten years, the way we listened to music have also changed a lot: insisting on transcription, download, manually organize and classify music files and then use players and mobile phones to play less and less people. More and more people in streaming music services such as Spotify, Apple Music.

However, for various reasons, streaming music services are still difficult to replace the status of local music libraries in the hearts of music enthusiasts. After all, you don’t have to install multiple apps at the same time to listen to the works of different musicians and switch it back and forth, and you don’t have to hold your own song list if you suddenly “change” because of the copyright.

If you still adhere to the “ancient” listening method of playing local, you like to collect your favorite works to the local instead of the cloud, and choose the right local music player. ring. Fortunately, the Android platform never lacks excellent local music players. In 2021, what are the new options worth trying to try in Phonography that the value of Powramp has never been picked up in 2021?

This article is for you one by one.

Stellio: Comprehensively customize your listening style

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

On the surface, Stellio, which looks simple and refreshing, has a more complex and diverse interactive operation logic behind it, such as sliding the sidebar on the right side of the main interface, and continuously entered the “Play” page and the playlist page of the playback column from the bottom. Long press the network search and modify the album drawing, double -click any positioning and modification of lyrics, etc. on any position outside the “Play” page button, and the operations of any position.

Stellio certainly knows this problem, so when it is first used, it will display detailed operation guidelines in the form of floating windows in each interface, telling users what functions can be achieved on each interface and button Essence After a period of frequent use of formation habits, the operational efficiency is relatively high. If you have forgotten, you can re -view the operation guidance.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

The equilibrium is a heavy function of Stellio. It supports manual adjustment of 12 frequency bands and the built -in 16 preset sound mode, which can more refine the music audition style of the song. In addition, it also provides gain control functions, which can manually enhance the high, medium, and bass in the song, or control, change the sound, echo, and reverberation of music, which is very suitable for music enthusiasts.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

If you do n’t understand the complex parameters, you do n’t have to panic. Stellio also provides the operating guidance here, so that novices can also be fine -tuned or enhanced according to their own listening preferences of the bass, human voice, and background sound. For example, if you want the sound and musical sound of the music you listen to, you can manually adjust the number of sounds between 200Hz-4000Hz according to the prompt information.

The interface of Stellio is relatively simple and refreshing, but the overall interactive logic is a bit complicated and chaotic. If there is no operation guide for use, the learning cost is still a bit high, and the support for the Chinese -based Chinese -style support is not enough. found. However, its balancer function is very powerful, and it is valuable to provide support from Android Wear. In addition, the free version has Banner ads on the top of the main interface, which can be removed after buying internally.

NYX: The mood of the local mood

NYX rounded font and thick body icon combination, so that it does not look like an exquisite music player app at first glance. However, after a certain period of time trial, you will find that each of the button icons to the interface list to the setting interface are all. With fine dynamic design, with bold color block contrast and shadow design, the entire app looks very smart and lively.

NYX’s interface layout and interactive operation are very similar to the above Stellio but much logically very intuitive. Sliding left and right in the main interface can be categorized by the homepage, all songs, albums, artists, genres, playlists such as the music library information. Switch. In addition to these common classification categories, NYX also supports songs to classify songs with custom labels or moods themes. In daily use, we can use custom labels as an alternative method for the default genre (Genres), such as classification according to the document format, track style, song types of songs, to obtain more than default genre classification more Autonomous flexibility.

For the theme of mood, it can be used as an alternative method of a conventional playlist (PlayList). We can classify the songs according to factors such as the mood in different situations, the activities of the song, and the location of the song. When we perform fitness in the gym, we can play the mixture of “cheerful”, “exercise exercise” and “gym”. NYX also presets some cute, Emoji Moods example for us for our reference.

As a small feature corresponding to the theme of the mood, Looper is also quite distinctive. As the name suggests, it is different. Looper does not refer to a loop played a certain song/a list, but can save a certain paragraph in the track for circular playback. It can also be an impressive section. As long as it is a part of our favorite, we can cut it and save them one by one to listen and return arbitrarily.

In addition to the above characteristic custom label function, NYX’s rich playback sound effects are also a highlight. In addition to the traditional balanor adjustment sound effects, NYX has two customized items: 3D sound effects and natural sound effects. The 3D sound effect is to add the special effects of the playback environment to the song and simulate the effect of listening to music in the room or hall; the natural sound effect is to fine -tune the frequency of the playback track from 440Hz to 432Hz. More softer and clearer, you can relax your ears and body and mind. “As for the final effect and which one is better, it may be” benevolent and wise. ” In other playback details, NYX is also made in place. Double -speed playback, visual waveform, one -click display lyrics, sleep timer, and the sound of fading when switching tracks are faded.

S2: Simple and brisk music aggregation center

As the “successor” of the Shuttle player, the overall design of the S2 is more modern and the response is more rapid.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

In addition to adding music files from Android mobile phones, S2 supports reading and streaming music files from media servers such as EmbY, Jellyfin, Plex, etc., and can read the label of files while reading music files. So as to get a more accurate personal music library.

Compared with the layout of Stellio and NYX’s border column menu, S2 uses the bottombar to switch features on the homepage, music library, search, and settings. In the music library bar, it is used to view different classifications by sliding gestures.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

Different from the problems of the sorting of Chinese tracks that are not optimized in Chinese in the above two players, S2 supports sorting songs, artists or album names with the first letter of Chinese Pinyin, and focuses on them in English and in English and and in English and in English and in English. In front of the Japanese song purpose, this optimization seems insignificant, but in the case of a lot of Chinese tracks in the song list, it can still improve the experience of listening.

The lack is that S2 does not support playing some special formats, such as .m4A format. In addition, if you want to display the lyrics while playing the song, you need to download an additional plugin.

OTO: Balanced polygon warrior

OTO MUSIC can be said to be a colorful and worry -free local music player in all aspects. It itself has no advertisements. The UI design follows the Material Design specification. Effect design. OTO’s main interface is “horizontal and vertical”. The vertical sidebar is responsible for switching functions and settings. The horizontal bottom bar is only displayed in four types of tracks. It adds a newly added track, the recently played album and the aggregation of the artist. The type of homepage gives a feeling of guiding users to focus on listening to music.

Although OTO is the work of Indian developers, it also supports the first letter of Chinese Pinyin to sort songs, artists or album names, and provides a switching control button for sorting and view in the same position in the upper right corner at the upper right corner of each classification interface. Convenient to quickly replace the desired sorting methods and views. The shortcoming point is that the preview prompt displayed when the list of Chinese tracks is located by the right slider is to quickly slide the Chinese track, but the impact is not great. In addition, we can choose “Display the Album Artist” in the classification of the artist, or select “No Singles” in the album classification. It can be filtered out for easy search.

OTO’s design background color display is supported by the design background color display. Several visual effects are very good -looking. The row of functional icons at the bottom is more intuitive, supporting one -click display/hiding rolling lyrics, adding collection, sleep timer, opening the playlist, and the click has the corresponding movement. For tracks without lyrics, we can search, download lyrics that can be scrolled in real time, or paste the lyrics that are found elsewhere, and embed them into the track file. While the song is played, click on a single -line song text or sliding the lyrics to jump to the playback progress of the corresponding lyrics immediately.

For local music, it is common for the incomplete information of the track information, errors or garbleds. The music player is not handled well. This information is even more uncomfortable for friends who have the complete information of personal music library. Fortunately, OTO’s built -in label editor allows us to easily edit the basic label information of the tracks in the app, such as song names, album names, artists, genres, years, etc. The tracks are manually added with the cover picture. In addition to the track, the editing of the album information is also supported.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

As for some other auxiliary functions support, such as the vehicle Android Auto, Chromecast cast screen, pause/continue to play, plug in the headset/connect the Bluetooth headset automatic playback, etc., OTO has not fallen, and the details are done on the details. Compare. However, OTO also does not support the song files in the .m4a format.

FIIO: Professional omnipotent listening tool

In addition to the above foreign music players, the well -known domestic portable music equipment manufacturer Fei Ao also launched its own local music player Fi Ao Music (hereinafter referred to as FIIO). The update frequency is high and the value of the music player app.

As an APP developed by audio equipment manufacturers, FIIO is naturally very comprehensive in the support of music file formats. Except for almost all mainstream audio formats, including WAV, FLAC, APE, etc. on the market, the highest support to HI with a specification of 384K/24bit Hi -Res music, for high -quality files with higher bit rates, FIIO will marked “SQ” or “HR” on the song list to distinguish.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

When adding tracks to the music library, we may be accustomed to connecting the mobile phone data cable to the computer for transmission, and then the player app scan the directory. The transmission method, as long as the mobile phone and the computer are connected to the same WIFI network, enter the corresponding IP address on the computer browser, click uploaded track files to pass it into the mobile phone storage through the WIFI network, eliminating the inconvenience of the plug.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

If you are using NAS storage devices in your home, you can also add the NAS address through FIIO built -in multimedia services, so as to simulate the use of your own local music streaming services to use your own local music streaming services.

FIIO is from the hands of Chinese manufacturers, and naturally it is better than the support of Chinese than the aforementioned APP. In the list of songs and artists classification, FIIO supports sorting according to the first accent of Pinyin in Chinese. Although it is mixed with English tracks, when the sliding list is sliding, the alphabet of the long vertical strip will be displayed on the far right side of the interface. The list and the first letters preview of the current list of the list are for quick switching and finding tracks. After clicking on the small icon in the lower right corner, you can quickly jump to the list location where the tracks are currently being played. In addition, in the classification list of artists, FIIO, like Oto, provides options classified according to album artists (just hidden in the setting item, which is more hidden). This can filter out the singer page of only one or two songs. Design details have provided a lot of convenience for users with hundreds of thousands of songs in the music library.

When entering the played interface to enjoy the song, FIIO can automatically connect the lyrics or album cover for the track file that automatically does the information that is missing. , Download the embedded file directly. In the process of lyrics scroll, we can scaling the font size. If the scroll progress is different from the actual playback progress, we can fine the precision with 0.5 seconds.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

What is more grounded is that FIIO also built a minimalist “driving mode”, and placed a larger title of the song in the interface, retains the three commonly used operation buttons of large -sized size to remove other visual interference factors to remove other visual interference factors It is convenient for drivers who drove older models to quickly cut songs in driving scenarios to ensure driving safety.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

For enthusiasts who pursue extreme sound quality, FIIO has also presented some professional and geeks. FIIO built -in equilibrium covers support for manually adjusting the electrical signal from the super bass to the polarized 10 frequency band within the range of 31.5Hz to 16kHz. Choose, listeners can manually call out the sound quality that is best for them according to their own taste. As we all know, in addition to the front -end device, the audio output method also has a great impact on listening sound quality. FIIO supports the HWA (LHDC) protocol to enjoy higher sound music when connecting the corresponding Bluetooth headset and optimize the USB output. After the mobile phone or audio player connects the external USB decoder, it supports DSD hard solution to the track.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

In general, FIIO MUSIC, as a local music player APP, has complete functions, rich professional customization options, and good interface design. It is a very good choice for friends who are pursuing the ultimate listening experience.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

I personally think that if some details and icons in the interface are designed to be more exquisite and adding appropriate dynamic effects, I believe that the overall experience will go to the next level.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你


After watching the local music player on the above Android platform, you may feel a little dazzling, or you may have your own choice in your heart. The music player APP introduced in the article can be downloaded for free at the Google Play store.

这些好看又好用的播放器,送给 2021 年还坚持在本地听歌的你

Today, with the popularity of music streaming media, although the use of a local music player app to listen to songs, it seems that it is already a “minority” behavior of Old School, but it can indeed bring us different from the streaming music platform. Unique experience and different kindness. In a variety of local music player apps, what else do you think have a good user experience, or leave you a deep impression, welcome everyone to share and communicate in the comments.