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Author: Sir, New Retail Business Reviews Special Commentator

“Behind the human loneliness and market game.”

“Relying on rationality and poor battles, nothing to buy, but giving the master for half a year, but did not escape the fate of the end of the house.” This friends circle comes from the netizen who has two cats. Xianshan, released during the 2020 Double 11.

I save money, but I will spend money for pets, which can be a vivid portrayal of contemporary young people.

At the end of the year, this phenomenon has more intensified: For a long time, parents bought new clothes for their children, is a habitual action; now, many young people buy new clothes for their love pets, they have become a boom.


According to “2021 Tmall Top Ten ‘New’ New ‘New’ New ‘New’ New Year, the first time to set up a new year’s main force, the pet new year service is the goal of their snapped up, the consumption growth rate is second only to semi-finished products, the second.

Fighting a lot of data also shows that cute pet costumes are one of the most popular “three sets of the New Year” after the platform of 90 consumers. During the New Year’s Day, the sales of many cute pet clothes in many platforms have skyrocketed 360%.

The media said that many pets said that when I gave home, I would like to buy new clothes to myself, I have to use my new clothes.

Pets have become a new year, but it is not a petty as “master”. It is the game of human loneliness and market.


Buy clothes to pets, first of all, for human needs.

With the rapid development of China’s economy, more and more young people are constantly improving, they are not willing to marry and have children, live a single life. Data show that in 2018, China’s single adult population has exceeded 200 million, and the number of adults lived alone over 77 million, and the fifth “single tide” is rolling.

In addition to single groups, elderly, Dink family, children’s family and other groups, all use of pets to accompany themselves, send loneliness needs.

Among this, the strongest demand is undoubtedly young. According to “2020 China Pet Industry White Paper”, it was the main force of the pet, and 80 reached 36.2%, the 80s increased by nearly 7 percentage points, and 90 reached 38.1%.

Whether it is feeding, or accompanying, or taking a self-sharing, you can relax these young pets, and even “feel very cured”.

For this reason, most of them treat pets as their children or relatives. A netizen who catches the cat speaks straightforward: “For me, pets are more like a child, I want to give them the best.”

To this end, young people buy imported food, intelligent equipment, beautiful clothes, let them live and exquisite life, but the controversy also produces: Does the pet really need to wear clothes?

To answer this question, you must first understand the role of pet clothes.

first of all

Keep warm

. For some pets, warmth has its necessity. The long-haired dog can adapt to the winter low temperature, but the short dog will feel cold in the low temperature climate, and wear thick clothes can really play a cold effect.

In 2020, it took a cold winter, and many consumers bought a down jacket for their pet dogs. Mr. Zhu, who lived in the north, revealed the media that he raised a short dog, worried about the dog, and bought 9 pieces of down jacket when I loved the pet. “The most expensive is PRADA new, 4,300 yuan”.

PRADA Pet Dog Down Vehicle, Graphical Network

Second, there are some


. For example, in the summer, the pet dog is covered with a cool dress. This kind of dress can evaporate the hot air on the pet through the water, “because there is no sweat gland on the dog, the cool clothes is to simulate a sweater to the dog.”


In the rainy season, the pet raincoat is a “artifact” that shoves the official, wearing raincoats, and you can go out. In July 2020, Kora sea purchase data shows that the growth rate of pet raincoat has doubled, and sales increased by 44% year-on-year.


Light value

Role. Pets put on apparel and looks more cool, more beautiful, or more beautiful.

For example, “Spring Breeze Size Joe”, Wu Qiqiao design, the pet Hanfu, who guarantees practicality, not only improves the color of the cat, but also a chic oriental aesthetics.

Fourth, the protective role in special periods. In the face of new crown pneumonia epidemics, people must strengthen prevention and control, love pets, and it is necessary to do protective measures.

In this respect, China’s original pet fashion brand Lazy Eazy has launched “hard pet protective clothing”, and minimizes pet’s skin care, returning home to disinfection, can be effectively protected to a certain extent.

People and pets have a variety of demands, forming a working force, directly promoting the pet costume transaction quota. In 2019, Taobao & Tmall pet clothing accessories transaction volume reached 725 million yuan, which was 5.7% from 2018.

Attack and defense

The pet demand has created a hundred billion market.

According to the “2020 China Pet Industry White Paper”, the number of dog cats in the country in 2020 increased by 1.7% compared with 2019, and the first breakthrough of 100 million mark, the scale of consumer market reached 206.5 billion yuan, an increase of 2% from 2019.

This is because young people are especially high education, and the middle and high income people have continued to rise for pet payment.

Data show that the proportion of the university undergraduate and above, a total of 68%, which has grown for three consecutive years. 77.7% of the pet main month incorporated in more than 4,000 yuan, of which the pet from more than 10,000 yuan accounted for 30.1%.

It is because the market is large, the target group is willing to pay strong, and the entrepreneurs have entered the way, rushing to the various sub-industries of pet food and clothing.

Each sub-division industry has its barriers, just like adult clothes, like adult clothes, is not low.

As Lazy Eazy founder Jennifer said, the original design is the most important part. “With a good design and independent original, it is to do a good job in pet clothing and walk long-term core competitiveness.”

Lazy EAZY Pet Dog Clothing, Tuyuan official website

The original design threshold is high, and the return is also higher. Huxi, who started to design the clothing in 2000, revealed that there is a creativity in pet clothing than children’s clothing.

Even so, a large number of entrepreneurs are weak or unintentionally crossing this “threshold”, plagiarism, and the cottage is endless. New retail business reviews visit a number of pet apparel designers who have encountered plagiarism.

Wu Qiqiao said, plagiarism, the cottage is “more common” in the industry; another pet apparel design also said that many of the pet clothing style, which is taken by other brands.

Plagiarism, cottage, let the original designer have a headache, not only safe, but it costs, energy and financial resources, and general enterprises can not eat.

For plagiarists, because of the province of high design costs, they dare to fight “price war”. A pet dress, original design price is 250 yuan, plagiarism directly sell 50 yuan, the result of doing this is, more people don’t want to spend money to do original design, operate the brand, but obsessed with low price to quickly, a lot guest.

Pet Products Brand “TouchDog It” founder Li Weibo refers to: “This is fatal to the industry, which is quite playing self-immolation.” In his view, “the only way to solve these problems is to develop a unified industry standard and Industry Evolution. “

From the original design “Attack and Defense”, go to the product “price war”, loop-ring, so that the pet clothing gradually fell into hormone vortex, which is not conducive to cultivating the target consumers, and it is difficult to provide strong power support for the development of the industry. .

Of course, many people’s eyes focus on income and will not think too far. A pet apparel designer was plagified but did not start with the rights. She said to the media: “It is hard to make a hard craftsmanship, but earned more than ordinary office workers.”



If you don’t pay attention to the original design and product quality, the most direct consequence is the weak brand.

According to media reports, from the feedback from the pet, the domestic pet apparel market has not yet formed a good brand effect. Most pets are searching in pet clothing that meets the needs of demand. “The brand is highlighted. not much”.

In contrast, benefited from two-digit penetration rate in the pet market, the European and American pet economics developed, cultivated CANINE STYLES, POLDO DOG COUTURE, RUBY RUFUS and other pet clothing brands, high reputation, clear positioning, and strong brand influence.

Jennifer Analysis said: “European and American main functionality, more outdoor sports; Japan and South Korea’s pet clothing is better, South Korea has a thinner, developing faster, and China’s aesthetics.”

At the same time, the European and American adult fashion giants also joined the War of Pets.

In 2017, the luxury down jacket brand is favored


Collaborate with Poldo Dog Couture to launch a down jacket and winter clothing capsule series for dog design.

Moncler and POLDO DOG COUTURE Cooperation Pet Jacket

In November 2018, H & M announced working with Italian clothing brand Moschino to create a pet clothing.


August 2019, luxury brand Bolelli


Introducing a defined dog t-shirt, the media calls, and the pet is one of the followers of the street trend fashion.

In addition, LV, Hermes




, Versace


Waiting for the fashion giants to launch pet-related jewelry, despite the price of money, it is still very sought after.

Adult fashion giants Incoming, not just to accumulate for many years, driving the world’s design capabilities, and promote its own brand to further “outline”, and achieve maximum impact. In other words, this is still a victory of branding.

Domestic pet apparel brand is weak, but after these years, there is also its advantage. When accepted, Jennifer believes that domestic is more biased towards urban sports, more fashionable and urbanization.

The most representative, it is a Chinese style pet clothing, which can be exported to overseas.

According to media reports, before the Spring Festival, overseas consumers sell more than 600,000 new clothes for pets in China online shopping website, pet lion dance clothes, Hanfu, and Chinese wind cloaks are most popular. Among them, Korean consumers have the largest number of purchases, and the United States has purchased China’s petty clothing in recent years, the growth rate is the fastest, and the growth rate is over 900%.

It is not difficult to see that for Chinese pet apparel companies, Chinese traditional culture is super big IP, which is a brand “rich mine”. This is excavated, innovative, or will help to win the favor of domestic pet, and accelerate market.

Today’s topic: buy clothes for pets, how much is your spending?